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Bonus #1 - Dan Hollings' Current Coin Pairs

When it comes to pick your coin pairs, a lot of people get stuck or worse, make costly mistakes...

Of course, you can sign up for the CPR (Coin Pair Research) service for $299 per month but, my bonus can give you something that's better and has already been proven to be a winner!

That's Dan Hollings's own coin pairs.

I understand that many affiliates are already sharing their own unique coin pairs, but sometimes, it's disappointing. 

What's better than Dan's own coin pairs?

I know Dan's pairs make significantly more than others as far as I know.

So, here's my bonus.

You will have complete and current coin pairs that Dan's betting his own cryptos.

Don't pick your own, pick the winners that have already been making millions!


Bonus #2 - How I Made $2,714 in 5 Hours  ($2,997 Value)


Can you imagine making $2,793 in the morning, only after like 5 hours of setting the bot?

Honestly speaking, I had to pinch myself when I saw this…

But it was as real as the chicken wings I ate last night.

Though I won’t and I can’t guarantee the same result, I’ll be very happy to share the exact, same bot setting I used in detail with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions.

Crypto is still volatile, chaotic, and 99.9% of people will lose money if they try to trade it or hold it.

Which is why this bonus is so valuable.

Also, this bonus comes with your bragging rights and you can brag all you want to your family and friends!

Bonus #3 - Private Facebook Group.  ($297 Value)

Our brand new private FB group.

You don't have to go it alone!

You can now interact with other active members who are following The Plan alongside you.

I decided to include this bonus because I realized that having a private FB group would be very beneficial for many people.

If you have questions to ask your peers, or simply if you want to share your success story, you can use this group.

You can also use the same coin pairs if other members are having great success with them too.

Use this Facebook community as a source of inspiration!

Bonus #4 - Email/Messenger support for the first 30 days.  ($497 Value)

If you're new to the whole cryptocurrency thing and need some extra help, I can help you. I know it might be a little scary to send your first Bitcoin or set up the trading software....

You probably already heard that a large number of people have lost some or, God forbid, their entire savings by sending crypto to the wrong address. (Ouch!)

You can rest assured that this won't happen to you because I will help you with it. I've been dabbling in cryptocurrency for over 5 years now, so I know a thing or two.

If you think you can use a little extra help, make sure to join The Plan through my link, so I can help you.

Bonus #5 - FREE 1st Month Software Access ($69 Value)

You read it right. When you join The Plan through my link, the very first month of Dan Holling's  crypto software service is on us. The first 300 people only.

WARNING: The special version of the software The Plan members are using is different from the public version.  Make sure to get the official link from Dan Hollings himself.

Bonus #6 - 24K Gold Plated Bitcoin Limited Edition Collectible Coin

No, this is not the real Bitcoin that costs over $30k. It’s only $4.29 from Amazon.

But, you can HODL it in the nice protective case that comes with it. You can display it on your desk or show it off to your friends. You can even drive by Starbucks and ask “Do you take this?” It can be a nice conversation starter when you get bored.

But most importantly, since Bitcoin is invisible, it’s nice to be able to see it and HODL it in your hand. It’s cool, beautiful, and inspiring to look at.

I don’t recommend taking Bitcoin out of the cover for fingerprints though. You just want to HODL it, imagine that someday Bitcoin will reach $1 Million and what you are going to do with it. (Shipping fee not included for people outside of the US)

Bonus #7 - A Must-Have Bonus!  Tax Software Secrets (Priceless!)

Don't even attempt to use the grid trading software without knowing exactly how to do your taxes because it can become your worst nightmare! Wiggle profits are nice, but when it's time to account for 984,742 transactions, you might stop smiling.

Until you discover this software, that is.

Make sure to claim this bonus, so all you have to do is just click a few buttons.

Not only you do you get this secret for free, but enjoy a 25% discount for this software.

Plus, you get access to the training to use this software and more!​​​​​​​

Bonus #8 - The Plan Swag! The Official Merchandise ($20 Value)

Dan the man said, "If You're Gonna Do It, Do It In Style! That's The Plan!"

You can pick your own special item up to $20 from hundreds of high-quality product choices from the official Wiggle Works website.

Here are some feedback so far: "I'm all in on The Plan and Wiggle Works is my new favorite shopping spot." - Deborah

"I spent over $200 here on my first visit. It was like a free shopping spree paid for by my bot wiggle profits." - Tinsley

"The quality is top-notch and the selection is over-the-top. What's not to like?" - Mike

How To Claim The Bonuses

Here's how to claim your bonuses, as well as everything else The Plan has to offer.

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If you want to pay with your credit card instead of PayPal, read this PDF.

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Step 3: Send An Email To Nick

To request The Plan bonuses, send an email to nicksasakibonus @ gmail.com. Please use the subject line "Nick, please send me the bonuses" with a screenshot of your receipt & the NDA, as well as your PayPal email address.

Please double-check your PayPal email address if you have not received your NDA. If you haven't received it within two hours of your purchase, please contact support@rapidcrush.com for assistance.

You'll be receiving your bonus information within 24 hours.