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by admin on September 21, 2017

Zipify Pages Tour

Hey there!

I’m SUPER excited today because Ezra Firestone has just released his brand new product called Zipify Pages!

What is Zipify Pages, you ask?

Well, it is a Shopify app that will instantly turn your website into a smart, professional million dollar business.

You’ve been watching how Ezra turned his site into a whopping 11 million dollar a year business – and it’s growing every month!

He has been testing and tweaking his ecommerce business to perfection. Now he has created this amazing app that puts all other Shopify apps to shame.  It’s called Zipify Pages.

What can you do with it?

With this incredibly smart app, you can basically STEAL all the web properties from his very successful multi-million dollar ecommerce site and create you own web store, but with Ezra’s permission!

Believe me, there’s nobody, I mean NOBODY, crushing it like Ezra Firestone right now, and he himself uses this app every day. It’s not some app that some software programmer with no experience in marketing created, this is an app that’s already been proven to be wildly successful.

You have a unique opportunity to create your OWN successful ecommerce business today!
Seize the day!

Ezra Firestone is not afraid of sharing all of his marketing secrets that are working right now, because he can create more smart apps in the coming months and years.  You will get all the benefits because Zipify Pages will be constantly updating.

He’s committed to making Zipify Pages the best ecommerce marketing app ever created!

This is it.

Get your hands on Zipify Pages today.  They’re having a special deal this week.  Ezra has created amazing bonuses for you.  He’ll be hosting a live 4 week webinar in the coming weeks.  You can ask any of your questions to Ezra directly.  In addition, they have dedicated team members who can answer all of your specific questions during their office hours too.

Click here to find out more bonus information.

If you’ve been wanting to create your own successful eccomerce store, there’s no better time than right now.

If you’ve been feeling too restricted with the marketing capabilities of your Amazon business, now is the time to expand your business and do WHATEVER you want with your own ecommerce store.  You simply cannot depend only on Amazon any longer.

It’s time to get proactive.

Click here to get all the details and take action!






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