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by admin on December 15, 2015

The Positive Effects of the 90 Day Year

Also known as one of the most respected business training of the decade, the 90 Day Year has managed to spike the interest of thousands of entrepreneurs and business people from all over the world. One outside research company even decided to study the positive effects this program has on regular people just like you and me. Here is what they’ve discovered:

The 90 Day Year Results Reported

  1. 50% of all students experienced positive shifts in new customers, new leads, and increases in revenue. When you consider that less than 5% of people who use an online program enjoy proven results, you will realize that the 90 Day Year is the real deal.
  2. 90% of all students reported growing as a proven leader.
  3. 90% of students said that the 90 Day Year is highly relevant for entrepreneurs.

All of this data was validated by the ROI Institute, which is the leading world organization on impact studies. This means that this program is genuine and can only deliver increasingly better results as more and more people learn how to maximize it.

The 90 Day Year Videos

The 90 Day Year was presented over several videos. While in the first video you have been introduced to the
importance of goal setting, in the second video you found out which engine thrives with the 90 Day Year system. You also discovered how the author used this program to help Olympic athletes improve their performance in just 90 days.

In the third video, the creator of the 90 Day Year (Todd Herman) showed you the entire program canvas, revealing the extraordinary benefits you can get by using a unique method developed by Todd and the creative team behind this program.

The Importance of Setting Goals

Some people just prefer to stay away from setting goals, because they remind them of all their previous failed attempts to succeed. Goals are definitely of paramount importance in achieving success. Goals are also the force that drives people who use the 90 Day Year program to achieve success.

Who is this Program for?

  • For people who are not average and who have the desire to change their lives.
  • For people who prefer to live by the EFFORT mindset: Execution, Focus, Feedback loops, Optimized strategies, Routines and Toughness.
  • For people who realize they need others in order to succeed.

What the 90 Day Year is NOT About

This program is not about:

  • Just hours and hours of video content
  • Unproven marketing tips and tricks from a century ago.
  • Un-tested theories that make you get stuck more often that you’re stuck in traffic.
  • Stories that are not true and can’t be proven.

Instead, Todd’s 90 Day Year program is about:

– A proven framework for achieving your wildest personal goals and enjoying quick results.

  • Stacking win after win on top of each other to feel that momentum has shifted back in your favor.
  • Building a rich set of skills that make you a far more valuable entrepreneur than you’ve ever thought to be.
  • People who want to rise above the pack and reach new levels of performance.
  • Those who want to reach their major goals they’ve set, gain a sense of control, and enjoy daily momentum to help them to keep going.
  • Feeling in control again, without wasting hours and hours of your precious time.

Ground rules for 90 Day Year Program

  • Registration is open for a limited time.
  • Limited number of slots available.
  • You have to be totally committed to change and to succeed.

The 90 Day Year Program includes:

Module 1

This first module includes the complete 90 Day Year system with a workbook, video lessons, and a strategic action plan. In this module, you will learn:

  • How to select the right goals for your business.
  • A wide spectrum of important aspects of your business, including but not limited to lead generation, automation, sales, financial systems, and research.
  • How to stay away from repeating the mistakes you’ve made in the past.
  • Discover the true source of mental confidence and learn how to tap into it in order to create major impacts.
  • Discover the OPP Goal Achievement framework and you learn how to achieve all the goals you set in order to have maximum profitability hitting your targets.

By the end of Module 1, you will have already created a powerful and motivating vision for 2016 with clear goals that you will have a clean impact on your business.

Module 2

This module, which will be released on December 30, is the Entrepreneur Scorecard system. This is the ultimate model to manage your activities and save valuable time while increasing your efficiency. According to the studies, the average entrepreneur will likely double his revenue with ease, simply by following the tips and techniques listed in this module.

In this module, you will learn how to track, measure, and grow your personal Return On Effort (or ROE). Additionally, you will also learn how to discover which activities you need to outsource or delegate in order to increase your profits.

Module 3

Work in a solid system and the system will take care of the results. This is the quote promoted by Todd in his business called the 90 Day Year. You can see this quote put into practice in “The Prada Protocol”. This third module is released in January 2016, and will teach you the following:

  • How to subtract all the nonsense that keeps you from working at your highest potential.
  • Everything you need to know about the “Dr. Seuss Effect” and how you can use it successfully to create a simple shift in your thinking pattern in order to enable you to turn a perceived weakness into a powerful strength.
  • How many people from various industries use the Dr. Seuss Effect every single day in order to cultivate a keen sense of self-control and enjoy peace of mind.
  • Learn how to free yourself from all those wearing demands other people are constantly placing on you.

Module 4

This is the ROAR of high performance modules, which makes the difference between amateurs and professionals. In the ROAR module, you will learn how to “roar” your way through your business and become an example of success to others. You will also discover:

  • The 4E framework you need to use in order to master a winning routine.
  • How to use powerful mental cues together with success triggers in order to stay focused on the task at hand.
  • How to protect yourself from the dangerous effects of entrepreneurial whiplash.

These are just the four basic training modules you will get in the 90 Day Year package. Additionally, you will have access to a ton of other amazing features. Here are some of them:

  1. 8 Live Mastery Support Sessions: This is where you learn new information about this business and  get in touch with other entrepreneurs just like you.
  2. 90 Day Year Coaching Community: This is more than just a community or a Facebook group, but a place where Todd is actively connecting with each one of his entrepreneurs, helping them with practical advice on how to succeed.
  3. Accountability Partner Program:  This program enables people to be matched with business partners who can meet their needs and exceed their expectations, while offering them constant support.

Extra Bonuses

Todd wishes to help you enjoy a good start in your business and capitalize on the best tools and programs he and his team have developed over time. Thus, he is offering 3 amazing bonuses that can literally speed up your business and give you an unfair advantage over your competition.

Bonus 1 – 90 Day Year Accelerator Software

Todd and his team behind the 90 Day Year have spent over $125K on building a software program and mobile app that works similarly to a personal coach. With this app, you can plug in your goals and maintain a clear, 360-degree view on your personal and business growth.

Featuring advanced tracking systems measuring and guiding you step by step in your business, achieving your financial outcomes and business goals becomes easy as pie. The 90 Day Year Accelerator Software also features mobile-optimized and built-in reminders to ensure you never lose sight of your goals.

Bonus 2 – 9 Action Classes with Experts

This bonus is specially designed for bold entrepreneurs who want to take their businesses to a whole new level and enjoy highly-refined strategies that can be used in all niches and industries. Some of the courses you will get include:

  • The Social Soup Strategy – with Gary Nealon
  • The Financial Intelligence Formula – with Valeria Herman
  • 6 Figure Marketing Campaigns – with Todd Brown
  • Facebook Ads & Customer Acquisition Formula – with Nicholas Kusmich
  • Systems to Scale your Business & Thinking Strategies – with Jeremie Rodger
  • The 5-step Brand Partnership Formula – Kim Fuller

Bonus 3 – Live Event in Las Vegas in April 2016

Stay tuned for the live event.

Take advantage of the 90 Day Year Program at an amazing price now. You have nothing to lose because they have a generous “triple money back guarantee” and your satisfaction is their top priority. The positive effects of the 90 Day Year Program can be seen everywhere and will certainly get to be noticed in your life.
the 90 day year bonus

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