The Process of Finding Suppliers for your Amazon Business

by admin on April 16, 2017

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Matt and Jason are once again eager to show you how to take advantage of a massive opportunity to capitalize on one of the world’s largest online retailers in order to quickly build a $100,000 a month business. That’s right! They are showing you how to build a real business by quickly grabbing your piece of Amazon’s $135 billion in revenue.

In the first part of this series, you discovered a simple process for finding red-hot product opportunities on Amazon. You learned the right way to do thorough research and find a gold-mine of product opportunities on this massive platform to build your business right from scratch. You even received  a list of handpicked product opportunities from Matt and Jason to get you started. If you haven’t read the article, read it now.

Each of the articles in this series builds upon the other, so you don’t want to miss one. The article below will walk you through the process of finding great suppliers for any product opportunity.

Finding a Supplier for your Products

One of the biggest misconceptions when selling physical products is that you have to spend a bunch of time managing inventory. What you are going to learn today is how simple and nearly fully automated it is to sell real physical products on Amazon. You never have to touch any products. This means you can run your business from anywhere in the world, including a beach in Thailand or a skyscraper in Montreal. Your business produces money for you even while you’re sleeping.

Sarah Douglas, a mother of three from Redmond, Washington, has sold over $1 million on Amazon in the last four months. Sarah and her husband run their business from their home while raising their kids, they don’t have a warehouse and they never manage any of their inventory. Amazon does all of this for them.

When they started right where you are, reading an article about Amazing Selling Machine, they didn’t know anything about selling on Amazon. They picked out some red-hot products and simply moved on to the next level, which is to find a high-quality supplier. After just a few months, they landed their first sale,  and things started rolling.

Depending on what kind of product you sell, your supplier might be located in the US, China or somewhere else. The location of a supplier doesn’t really matter to how you do this business. The steps are nearly identical. This means that once you know this process, you can sell any product you want, anywhere in the world.

If you sell a nutritional supplement, beauty cream, or any other product that goes in or on your body, your supplier is likely to be located in the US. If you sell just about anything else, from electronics to iPad cases and household items, your supplier is likely located in China or in another country outside of the US.

Finding a Supplier – A Closer Look into it

To find a supplier for a health & beauty product, you need to go on Google and type in the product name and the manufacturer. Here is a quick example. You want to find a supplier for Vitamin B12 Sublingual Liquid Drops. To find this kind of product, just type in ‘vitamin b12 sublingual drops manufacturer’, ‘vitamin b12 sublingual drops private label’ or ‘vitamin b12 sublingual drops manufacturers ‘. If you scroll down, you will come across ‘’ and ‘’. Enter their sites, look at the contact information and contact them for a personalized offer. Of course, inside ASM you will get constant help and support on how to find the right supplier for your product, so things become even easier.

Inside ASM, you will find a supplier contact template that will be very helpful and easy to use. The same process works for finding a supplier outside of the US market. In fact, the process is even simpler.

You’ve probably already heard of Alibaba. One of Alibaba’s main websites allows you to easily find suppliers for basically any type of product. You need zero experience to use this website to find suppliers for any product you want.

Once you go to, go to the search bar and start searching for your products. For example, let’s say that you have discovered the following two red-hot products that sell extremely well. You start by searching for ‘wireless security camera’ and then for ‘essential oil diffuser’.

1. Wireless security camera: as soon as you type in this keyword on Alibaba, the site is going to display hundreds, if not thousands, of products you are looking for. The good news is that you can easily filter out and pick the best supplier out of the hundreds of suppliers that offer these wireless security cameras. Simply go to the left side of the page and select ‘ip camera’, ‘dome camera’ and ‘infrared’. You are left with around 100 results out of over 40,000 in total. You can also select your supplier based on China, United States, Mexico, Hong Kong, Taiwan or Japan.

To get peace of mind that the supplier you will contact is legit, you can go to the ‘Supplier types’ section and check “onsite checked” or “assessed supplier”. “Onsite checked” means that someone from Alibaba went to the physical location to ensure that the supplier is legit. “Assessed supplier” means that the supplier was certified by a third party.

Once you have checked the boxes you are interested in and you have narrowed down your choice to a few select or a few dozen products, open the page in a new tab and scan through the details of the supplier. Once you’ve read through the product details, go to the very bottom and use the pre-built message box to easily contact your potential supplier. Expect a reply within 12 to 24 hours.

This is the easiest way to find a supplier available nowadays. Just a few select people, mainly from ASM, know how to use this secret technique to search for suppliers.

2. Essential oil diffuser: you can use the same technique to find a good product that you like and then an even better supplier interested in working with you. A great thing you can do is to check “Recommend matching suppliers if this supplier doesn’t contact me on Message Center within 24 hours”. This ensures that your message goes through to similar suppliers. Use this trick to save time and make the most out of your products.

You are the Expert Now

With what you have just learned, you can build a real business by leveraging the power of Amazon, selling real, tangible products right from the comfort of your home. You are the expert now. With ASM, your success is guaranteed.

Once you find a supplier, the next step is to use Amazon’s massive resource pool to nearly fully automate your entire business. Years ago, Amazon started building a network of hundreds of warehouses all around the world to store products. According to, about half of all paid units sold on Amazon in Q4 in 2016 came from people just like you who want to partner up with Amazon. This means that the vast majority of those warehouses are storing products that people like you and other members of ASM sell.

This network of warehouses is called Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). With this incredible system, unlike anything before, you can sit at your home or at the beach and have your supplier send inventory to Amazon. In other words, you produce sales on Amazon without doing any physical effort. Once your supplier sends products to Amazon, whenever someone buys those products, the inventory is automatically deducted from your stock. Right after that Amazon credits you with the sale and in two weeks they deposit the money right in your bank account.

Amazon also handles all of the customer care issues, as they are handling all the inventory storage, shipping, packaging and fulfillment. Your entire job ends up being watching sales roll in on Amazon, checking when your inventory is getting low and emailing your supplier to send in more inventory. It’s absolutely incredible how powerful and simple this whole system is.

Another incredible benefit of using FBA is something that Amazon introduced not long ago. Have you noticed the Prime feature of Amazon? This is an annual membership that now has over 66 million paying members. When you sell on Amazon the right way and use FBA, all Prime members get free 2-day shipping on your products. What is amazing is that this doesn’t cost you anything as a seller of those products. By leveraging this powerful system, you are basically able to offer to most of your customers free shipping on your products without spending anything. This is just one more reason why selling on Amazon has become essential to owning a business.

With this full system, you can tap into the power of one of the largest retailers in the world and automate nearly your entire business. Now that you know how this business works, you need to understand how to create a reliable system for producing sales every single day on this huge platform.

Matt and Jason, the creators of ASM, have spent many years working on Amazon, uncovering how it works and why it works. They have sold tens of millions of dollars on it and taught thousands of people to sell almost $10 billion worth of physical products. It is safe to say that these guys are at the center of what is working right now on Amazon.

In the next article, you will discover an incredibly powerful system that will show you step by step how to take a new product you have just launched and turn it into a constantly-growing cash-producing asset for your business. You will learn how to turn a good product into a consistent stream of income and discover ways to double, triple or even quadruple your sales.

This exact system has been used by thousands of people worldwide to go from zero sales to hundreds of thousands of dollars per month in a very short amount of time. For now, click the link below and grab your free copy of the Amazon Sourcing and Automation Blueprint. As a bonus, you will also get a proven and tested Initial Supplier Contact Template. Use this pre-written email template to immediately get the attention of potential suppliers and be treated like a professional.

Click the link and stay tuned for the amazing insights you will discover soon.


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