The Brand New Way to Increase Sales for your Amazon Products

by admin on October 16, 2014

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If you have watched the other two previous videos, you now know how to choose a product to sell, how to find a supplier and create your own brand of the product and how to use Amazon’s own resource to automate your business and get the convenience of not having to deal with the inventory. After you have mastered all that, it is time to start ramping up sales.

Understanding Profit

Without profit, there is no logical reason to be in this business. With Amazing Selling Machine, this is how you can easily make money selling physical products on Amazon.

  1. List your product on Amazon: this works for any other Amazon property, whether it’s in Australia, UK or Germany.
  2. Keyword rankings: once you start your product on Amazon, you start ranking for keywords related to your product. People can now find you by searching on Amazon for keywords.
  3. Best seller rank: if you rank at the top of your category, you have many more chances to get traffic.
  4. Other methods: these can be anything, from Facebook ads and YouTube videos to Twitter and affiliate marketing.

Out of the final profit, you have to subtract Amazon fees, FBA fees and additional costs. At the end of the day, you end up making up to 50% of the total products’ cost. For instance, if you make around $100,000 at the end of the month selling products on Amazon, you get a total of $50k in your pocket.

What to do Next

In order to start ramping up your sales on Amazon, you need to ensure that your product listing is properly optimized for the right keywords. When you add a new product on Amazon, there are a few key components on the product page that affect your potential customers’ first impression on the product. These factors are title, images, description and reviews. You should know that most Amazon affiliates do a pretty bad job atomizing these 4 criteria, which makes them fall behind and get outpaced by the big sharks in the industry.

Understanding Keyword Ranking

The keywords you use in your product title are huge indicators to Amazon, as it shows them which keywords they should use to show your products when people search on their website. Hence, include as many relevant keywords as possible in your title, but also make sure it is readable. When it comes to product features, you have over 3,000 characters to describe the benefits and features of your product. Do not waste the space but use it wisely.

The Huge Importance of Reviews

Reviews are probably the most important part of your entire product listing page. Speaking bluntly, we are all influenced by what others think of a certain product before buying it. Amazon has pioneered online review technology, with over 10 million reviews on the products listed on the site. For instance, if you are looking at a product with 300 5-star review and at one with 30 5-star review, which one would you buy?

When talking about reviews, you need to remember that each purchase you make is a potential 5-star review. However, most Amazon affiliates fail horribly when it comes to getting their customers to actually give reviews. This is why the creators of Amazon Selling Machine have invented a few extremely useful tools that can help you get those precious reviews without wasting your precious time and energy. You will learn more about these tools in the next video series, so stay tuned.

$100B Opportunity

Once your listing is properly optimized with high-quality images, a good title, compelling description and great product reviews, it is time to make money. This is a huge opportunity, especially as Amazon is growing at an astounding rate. It is predicted that Amazon will reach an annual revenue of $107 billion (last year it was $74 and 4 years ago it was only $34 billion).

With Amazing Selling Machine, you can focus on building your Amazon business from the scratch and enjoy an automated marketing process in order to have more time to build your new product brand. Amazing Selling Machine offers you the time, financial and location freedom you have always dreamed of. Leverage this huge opportunity and change your life today with a better version of it! Amazing Selling Machine is the new groundbreaking business created to make you successful.




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