The 90 Day Year Review – The Psychology of High Performance in Business

by admin on June 12, 2016

todd herman
In the first video of this series, Todd Herman revealed some powerful examples of the challenges you will experience in chasing down your business goals. He also revealed the opportunity you have if you incorporate the 90 Day Year program into your business. Additionally, Todd presented three common flaws that have tripped people up for decades.

One of these flaws is quite common nowadays. Two people, with the same chance for success, but with different mindsets, and two different approaches to making change happen, enjoy varying degrees of business success. If you haven’t watched that video, I strongly encourage you to do so. You will find some very precious nuggets for your business.

O.P.P. – A Powerful and Highly Successful Framework

Now, in this article, I want to highlight the main features of the engine that drives the success of the 90 Day Year program. Todd Herman also refers to this, “engine,” as O.P.P. This powerful force enables you to build an unshakeable business with the 90 Day Year program. Moreover, this framework enables you to pour your ambitions, skills and plans into it.

Want to increase your sales? Want to boost your brand so that people are continually talking about your company and ultimately engage with it? Want to scale your operations and build a stronger system? Or maybe you want to hire top-quality people who are trustworthy enough to run parts of your company? With the O.P.P. framework all of these are a breeze.

This entire framework of the 90 Day Year program is what holds everything together. The reason this framework is so stable and secure is because it was developed from scratch by a marketer with a lot of first-hand experience.

The Story of Todd

Todd Herman, the mastermind behind the 90 Day Year, started as a trainer of amateur and professional athletes. His skills saw him become one of the top mental trainers in the country, and because he was so good at helping athletes reach their true potential and reap the benefits of attaining a high level of self-confidence, Todd’s reputation skyrocketed. People from all over the country came to him asking for help. Corporations and famous people followed close behind.

Todd accidentally met Jim Rohn, famous motivational speaker and author, who initiated Todd into the business world and enabled him to create this successful framework. Todd’s team continued to improve this framework, transforming it into a solid system that anyone could use.

At this point, you are probably eager to find out what this framework is all about. Here’s what you need to know about the framework behind the 90 Day Year program.

The Framework

Any goal always starts with deciding on a proper outcome or objective. The aim of the 90 Day Year system is to help you achieve the outcome you want in less than 90 days. Your objective could be to increase sales or profit, to cater to your audience’s needs, launch a successful book, build a marketing team, or to extend your visibility in the city where you live. The list goes on. The outcomes for your company are practically limitless.

For example, Todd’s initial objective before starting the 90 Day Year program, was to validate that there was a market need for this type of tool. He successfully accomplished this goal and moved forward to the next. Just like him, you need to select a tangible goal.

Creating a Winning Strategy

After you’ve set your goal, it is time to create a strategy whose finality lies in the outcome you want. When it comes to strategies, it is imperative to remember this: “Strategies are always translated in your day to day working projects.”

In order to validate your business, you need to use the right types of strategies. For example, one of Todd’s, when he started his own coaching and mentoring business, was to offer free speeches and workshops to teams and sports associations. Thus, creating workshops and free speeches became his initial goal. Then, in order to turn these workshops and speeches into performance-based projects, he chose a some of them to perform live over the following few weeks.

Creating a winning strategy means that goals you set are simple and can be achieved using plain, well-defined strategies. To be successful in your business, and to leverage the power of the 90 Day Year tool, you need to develop an ability to think strategically and to make successful decisions. This is what separates winners from losers. In sports, this is what separates professionals from amateurs.

Amateurs do a lot of stuff, but they do not have a clear strategy in mind, and no well-laid goals that can be accomplished using what strategies they do have. Conversely, professionals have tightly aligned outcome strategies.

The last thing you need to know to be able to create a winning strategy is to use the right processes and tasks. You have to determine WHEN you need to do certain processes, and WHERE to do them. These are, essentially, the tasks that will make your projects happen.

For example, here are some of the activities or processes Todd needed to perform in order to reach his target outcome:

  • He made a list of all the people he knew that were coaches or who had contact    with sports associations
  • He contacted each one of these people with a powerful offer to allow him to come and give a free speech
  • He wrote a benefit-laden overview of how this speech would benefit them
  • He acquired testimonials from people who had already heard him speak at one of his conferences and been at one of his workshops

Todd experienced huge success using these processes. Inside the 90 Day Year, you will learn how to create similar processes that cater to the needs of your clients. The 90 Day Year is the right choice for entrepreneurs who want to radically transform their businesses and take them to the next level.



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