The 90 Day Year Playbook: Self Study Program

by admin on June 27, 2016

90 day year playbook

Options. Options. Options.

You can check out his great offer for you here

If you’re in the market to change up your wardrobe, but you don’t really like your style there are lots of options to make that happen…

1) You can hire a stylist to take you shopping and build a custom wardrobe that ends up saving you tons of time…but it’s a bigger investment…

2) You could use one of those cool services like Trunk Club or Stitch Fix, where they send you a curated box of clothes every month based on your style tastes and you send back whatever doesn’t work for you,

3) You can go out and do it on your own, trusting you already know what your style is and what you want…

Or, how about building a business?

There are tons of options there too…

1) You could go and tuck yourself under the wing of a mentor and learn the ins and outs of the industry. Essentially being an Apprentice…

2) You can go through trial and error, and go through the ‘University of Hard Knocks’ (that’s me!),

3) You can leverage other people’s experience and accelerate the path, by buying their books, watching their training etc.

Why does all this matter?

Well, the point…

There are a lot of different pathways to the center of town. Some are faster, some are greater investments of money and some take more grit.

Over the past few weeks, I shared with you the 90 Day Year Implementation Program, which is Todd Herman’s ’Summer Immersion Session’ on getting the 90 Day Year Implemented and get Group Coaching from Todd.

And based on a lot of support emails and the knowledge that not everyone wants or needs support, Todd is releasing:

The 90 Day Year Playbook: Self Study Program

You get access to the same great training on how to truly execute and perform to your peak levels, so that your months, weeks and days are filled with positive progress and not wasted time or wheel-spinning.

Here’s what you’re getting:

  • Access to the 90 Day Year Training System including, The Getting Started Module & 7 Core Training Modules of the program,
  • Private Facebook Community for group support, (Todd, won’t be in this group coaching people, like the Immersion & Implementation Group, but there will be weekly activities to continue getting results and momentum. Plus, another group of awesome people),
  • Bonus: 1-year access to the 90 Day Accelerator Software,
  • Bonus: ”Find, Focus, Finish: How To Get Your Business Idea Off The Sidelines & Onto The Field Of Play” – Private Live Webinar Training in early July.

Here’s what you don’t get from the Implementation Version:

  • 8 Live Coaching & Support Sessions with Todd Herman,
  • Access to the Facebook Coaching Group with Todd Herman,
  • Live Event Ticket,
  • 10 Action Classes with Experts,
  • Other Bonuses that came out during the launch,

You can check out his great offer for you here

Just like there are a lot of options to get any problem solved… Todd has put together another great option to serve people, and help them truly get maximum results in the short amount of time we ALL have in achieving our business, life and family goals.



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