The 90 Day Year – How To Reach Your Business Goals Like Never Before

by admin on June 13, 2016

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Many business owners struggle with the mountain of responsibilities they have to tackle on a daily basis. Things have never been tougher for company owners, who are literally forced to take huge chunks of their precious time and spend it on creating goals, maximizing revenue, managing their employees, and ensuring everything run well in their companies.

If you are frustrated with the lack of progress you are making towards your goals, if you struggle to achieve consistent sales, if you are overwhelmed with all the responsibilities you confront daily in running your company; then you have come to the right place. Todd Herman, the creator of the amazing 90 Day Year program, teaches you how to make a simple shift in your mentality so you are able to move your business up to the next level.

Let’s start by talking about two distinct concepts.

The WOW Mentality or the OWW Mentality

These are two opposite mentalities. Two managers with the same skills and the same amount of experience, and who benefit from the same resources, can experience different levels of success by simply having one of these two different mentalities. These opposite mindsets have been identified as a result of several studies and research conducted on thousands of athletes over the years.

When someone is engaged in OWW brain thinking, they focus on where they are now, and how big the gap is between them and their goals, or vision of the future. That perceived gap only generates a continuous cycle of worry about the future and an endless round of comparing themselves with other competitors. As a result, people with the OWW mentality are demotivated and effectively preventing themselves from taking action. Then they react by working even harder, because they feel bad about giving up, only to immediately fall, once more, into the trap of looking where they are at the moment, and where they could have been.

In contrast, WOW brain thinking focuses on the idea of constant improvement. In this mindset, you measure every single day and compare actual progress to standards established in previous days. This sets you up for instant success. Once you can clearly see what you’ve achieved, you will have the motivation to keep going and thrive. It’s a dynamic cycle that drives you to even more action that continues to provide better results.

When your mind is switched on to the WOW mindset, you begin to love challenges. You see them as a force that acts upon you to make you better. Conversely, when your mind is focused on the OWW mindset, you are prone to failure.

Because our minds aren’t wired to think only one way or the other, it is important to remember that choosing between WOW and OWW is a decision you will have to make on a regular basis, in various aspects of your life, in both business and career development.

Why 90 Days?

The world in which we live is moving at a rate of change never experienced before. Yes, change always occurs, but not at the current rate that often distracts and lures us into wasting precious time. There’s television, radio, podcasts, social media, blogs, online videos, music streaming, smartphone alerts; the list goes on.

Based on several studies conducted over the years, it has been suggested that any goal business people set, that extends beyond a 90-day period, is a waste of time. Now this doesn’t mean that business people should not have a vision for the future, however, a vision and a goal are two different things.

In addition to the studies that prove the necessity of establishing goals shorter than 90 days, it has also been found that setting goals beyond 90 days increases the level of procrastination and causes motivation to drop off very quickly. If you are taking more than 90 days to get your product launched, or to see your marketing efforts fall into place, you might be too disappointed to keep going.

Juggling Multiple Tasks

Most of us have to deal with multiple tasks during a workday. Let’s imagine you have a box which represents an hour of the day. You put several tasks into that box. You start working on a project, and then you receive an email that urges you to quickly find a document and email it. Of course, you also decide to check your email and find out if something else important has popped up.

Even though you don’t find an important email, you discover a very appealing one and you decide to follow it. This ends up with you watching a ten-minute presentation on YouTube, which obviously distracts your attention from what you were doing. You open up Facebook to check on your status, then go on Twitter and LinkedIn to see what new things others have posted.

This is just an example of a common problem during a normal workday. Most of us have to deal with all these distractions, and more, on a regular basis. The cost of working like this is tragic for many of us. The percentage of time wasted by switching between numerous targets amounts to up to 60%. You lose up to 20% of your precious time for every new task you are adding to the equation. For four tasks, you lose 60% of your time, and for five tasks you end up losing almost 80% of your time. Of course, juggling time and concentration between five tasks is an impossibility for most of us, and should stay like that.

What this all means is that, if you work eight hours a day, you are actually generating only two productive hours when you juggle up to four tasks at once.

Making the Most out of the 90 Day Year Program

The 90 Day Year is an optimized system that helps you focus on a single task at once, and enables you to establish short-term, achievable goals. If you are like most other people, and you are struggling to stay in control of your time, take your business to the next level and enjoy a more productive workday. The 90 Day Year system is definitely something you need to try.

Todd Herman continues to offer precious advice on how to use his unique system for the better. Sign up here for Todd’s FREE video series to discover how to execute things right from the start and how to take your business to the next level.






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