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I’ve been working with my team to put together the absolute BEST *Mega* bonus package for you to join the 90 Day Year program.

You will get the following 90 Day Year Bonuses at NO additional cost. I have carefully chosen those bonuses so you can really knock it out of the park, as they say.

90 Day Year Bonus #1 – Your Own Customized Business Funnels

todd herman 90 day year bonus

No matter what you sell, what you absolutely need is very smart, well planned, powerful funnels that draw in more profits for your business. The power of up-selling and down-selling is so crucial for you business, that it really makes the difference between a business that’s thrives or fails.  Just like adding fries and a drink has been doing well for McDonalds, it can turn your funnels into successful profit multipliers! You absolutely need these powerful funnels for your product or services. We put our creative genius team to work for your PERFECT funnels.

90 Day Year Bonus #2 – Facebook Intelligence Ads Mastery PDF

facebook ad mastery book bonus

Not many people know how to use Facebook to create a powerful brand.  As a matter of fact, many people give up advertising with FB because it’s not easy to create a campaign that converts well.  Well, with this small PDF, you will have complete mastery of Facebook Advertising. Once you know how to use it, the cost of FB advertising dramatically goes down and the conversion rates instantly sky up!  You will learn how to create custom audiences, and look-like audiences correctly for the first time.  Facebook Intelligence can match up the customers you already have and give you millions of similar customers.  When you get “matured pixels”, you no longer need any targeting at all and that’s when Facebook intelligence kicks in.  It automatically chooses an audience that converts like CRAZY.  This secret, goldmine information is only given to those who purchase the 90 Day Year through my link.

90 Day Year Bonus #3 – Your Personal “Rock Star” Project Manager

90 day year bonuses - project manager

You have many things to achieve in the next 90 days, after going through this course. It’s time for some serious ACTION! Great ideas or goals don’t mean much if you cannot execute them. To achieve all of your goals, you need a great project manager who can work with you. Your projects have to be on time and have to stay within budget. You need to plan what needs to be done, when, and who’s going to do it.

You will have access to one of my awesome project managers for the next 30 days. Here, you can just delegate projects to your project manager and free up your time for more important things to ramp up and scale your business.

90 Day Year Bonus #4 – Your FB Fan Page

Ready to promote your product and services to the world? You get a brand new FB Fan page that’s ready to engage your audience. Your FB Fan Page looks like a seasoned FB page with a lot of audience engagement and we’ll have 1000 likes within a few weeks. It comes with a beautifully designed, professional cover. If you don’t have a logo already, then my team can design a logo that you’ll absolutely LOVE!

Register The 90 Day Year


You must ACT really fast in order to claim our 90 Day Year Bonus packages. To claim your bonuses, please follow these simple instructions:

STEP 1: Clear Your Cookies.

STEP 2: Order Amazing Selling Machines through this link :http://nicksasaki.com/90-day-year-sale

STEP 3: Email your receipt to nicksasakibonus @ gmail.com with the SUBJECT LINE: 90 Day Year Bonuses. You will be receiving a confirmation within 24 hours of your email.

A Note From Nick:
All of these bonuses from me (Nick Sasaki) will be available only after the 30 day refund period has expired on your purchase of the “90 Day Year” program. I’m making these free bonuses available only to people who are committed to following through on Todd’s course, and actually working on it!


Nick Sasaki
Samurai Marketing LLC