Sourcing Profits Bonus

by admin on June 27, 2015

Sourcing Profits Bonus

Just wanted to remind you today that Sourcing Profits will be closing tonight.

I joined the course just a few days ago to see what’s being taught on the program.

I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised about the quality of the content.

I know Paul had taught at an ASM event before and many people LOVED his presentation, but what I didn’t know was that he has tons of secrets to share that no one else is talking about online.

If you’re an ASM member, then you see a lot of success stories on the FB page, like “I did 50k this month” or “I did 500k this month.”

Well, Paul Sinclair is BEYOND that level!

He makes 10 million dollars a year.

When was the last time you talked with ASMers that are doing 10 million?

Probably never, because he is the ONLY ONE that does that sort of number.

You would need to do some SERIOUS bribing to get some secrets out of “less successful” ASMers.

Paul Sinclair, on the other hand, shares EVERYTHING he knows and has an amazing talent to teach in a step-by-step, easy-to-understand fashion.

You will learn not only how to source products, thanks to Paul’s twenty-some years of experience, but also learn how to market the products as well. That’s because his partner, Gauher Chaudhry, is a marketing genius who also has taught about marketing as a special guest in ASM events a few times.

You get the best of both worlds!

The best thing about this course in my opinion is that you get the full course for less than 1/3 of ASM!

If you’re interested in finding how to source products from China and want to learn about premium packaging with the cheapest suppliers from China, don’t think twice because your product will sell 10x more with this information.

Many people know how to find a good product through Alibaba, but not many know how to package well in order to sell more.

Here’s your chance.

To sweeten this deal, I have decided to give away my Amazing Product Finder 2.0 which sells for $497. Already many of you took advantage of this deal to find your most profitable products in a matter of minutes BUT I have something special for today only.

I have decided to give away one more new software called Amazing Product Validator.

This is the most sought-after Amazon software that many people have only dreamed about.

With one click of a mouse, you can find whether your product will actually make money or not. Also, it spits out the most profitable keywords for the product. It also detects the competition from other ASMers or brand driven products to avoid. You absolutely need this software to validate your product before selling on Amazon.

You get these TWO software that are worth $994 for absolutely FREE when you order the Sourcing Profits today.

The #1 Sourcing Profits Bonus Package Ever Created!

With these bonuses, you CAN have your own highly profitable Amazon business…and you can start the process as soon as TODAY. Here’s what you’ll be getting:

Module 1: Finding the PERFECT Products…Your 2 Essential Software Tools to Find Red-Hot Products & Niches LONG Before Your Competitors (Could easily make you thousands more per product)

Sourcing Profits Bonus #1 – Amazon Profit Finder ($497 Value)

Find products that won’t cost you a fortune to start out with, aren’t already saturated with competitors, and can quickly rank on Amazon and get sales coming in immediately.

  • Pick the right products that can get launched to page 1 after just a few days and a few sales from your family or friends.
  • Weed out the products that aren’t highly profitable and spend your time/energy on the ones that will have huge profit margins.
  • See the estimated sale amount you’ll be making, find your suppliers in one click, and even forecast exactly what your costs will be instantly. NO other software does this for you as accurately! You won’t find this bonus anywhere else.
  • Don’t settle for making just 5-6 figures per year…make 7+ with this powerful, untapped software that is exclusive to YOU as a buyer of my bonus.

The process of finding the correct product to promote is critical.  So how do you find the right product? You use the Amazing Profit Finder. Here’s what it does:

Sourcing Profits Bonus #2 – Amazing Product Validator ($497)

  • NOT your typical conventional ‘Amazon product finder’ software…this automatically checks Amazon’s search volumes, analyzes supply and demand, and even compares this against your potential competition.
  • Take the guessing out of finding niches, don’t waste money on blind guessing, and limit your risk –this keeps more of your money where it belongs, in your pocket!
  • Allow this powerful software to automatically calculate the most profitable products that you can confidently sell on Amazon. You’ll even be given a suggested price to sell at to maximize your profits.
  • There’s truly nothing like this anywhere else; don’t miss it!

Sourcing Profits Bonus #3 – A Copy of Perry Belcher’s “How to Import from China Using O.P.M. -Other People’s Money” (Priceless!)

importing exporting book

  • Discover the secrets and strategies of the famous import-export expert Perry Belcher
  • Master the unique, proven trick that allows you to get your product from.
  • China using other people’s money –I’m not kidding it actually works!
  • Not able to buy tons of inventory in high volumes? Build your Amazon business quickly and efficiently with Perry’s secret methods…and don’t put a dime of your own money on the line.
  • Perry isn’t some ‘Teacher but not doer’, his business is going to hit $100 million this year following this simple formula…don’t miss it!

ASM Bonus #4 – My Proven Supplier Negotiation Tactics That’ll Increase Your Profits Up To 30% ($97 Value)

supplier negotiation

  • Take out the fear, guessing, and uncertainty when dealing with Chinese suppliers. It’s SUPER simple to work with them, I’ll show you.
  • Want to secure a 10, 20, or even 30% discount on your product without offending them or blowing the deal? I’ve got the secret trick that I use that works EVERY time…and you’ll be able to master it in 15 minutes or less.
  • Save thousands of dollars over time by negotiating like a pro; this will pay for itself many times over.

ASM Bonus #5 – How to Write Your Own ‘Killer’, Sales-Maximized Product Listing from Top to Bottom (Priceless)

Amzon Product Description

  • I KNOW this is the best book on writing your Amazon listings ever created.
  • You’ll become an expert writer (even if you hate writing) and will pump out the most sales-maximized title, bullet points, and description possible.
  • Attract more organic traffic, max out your conversion rate, and maximize your sales –this will easily pay for the whole bonus and then some.
  • This is likely the most important aspect to separate you from the other sellers and will be the difference between making just $100 per day and $1,000 per day.

I wish I would have known about her long ago! You’ll find out who after you’ve completed your purchase.

ASM Bonus #6 – Proven, Sales-Boosting 5-Star Review Script ($97 Value)

5 stars review

  • Instantly double, triple, or even quadruple your organic 5-star reviews with this proven script! Best of all, it does the work for you!
  • I twisted the arms of many ASM sellers to find out exactly what they were writing in their email follow-ups and discovered the ‘secret’ formula and am passing it along to you…don’t tell them I’m giving you this!


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You must ACT really fast in order to claim our Sourcing Profits Bonus packages. There are only 5 spots left and we may pull this bonus at anytime.  To claim your bonuses, please follow these simple instructions:

STEP 1: Clear Your Cookies.

STEP 2: Order the Sourcing Profits through this link :

STEP 3: Email your receipt to nicksasakibonus @ with the SUBJECT LINE: Sourcing Profits Bonuses. You will be receiving a conformation within 24 hours of your email.

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