Social Secrets 3.0 by Matt Clark and Justin Aquilla

by admin on September 8, 2014

Social Secrets 3.0 – An Opportunity You Should Not Miss

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The single most important thing in a business is how to get customers & how to generate sales. It all comes down to finding new ways to generate sales and promoting your business, increasing your reach among new customers. One of the most profitable and efficient ways to accomplish all these is by using Facebook advertising.

A Window you Don’t Want to Miss

There have only been a handful of times in the history of online businesses that everyone now refers to as “easy”. Years ago it was Google’s advertising platform, Google Adwords, when you could advertise your business with just a few cents. A long, long time ago, even direct mail was cheap enough to make millions of dollars for advertisers. Today, there is a window similar to these two presented, a window you don’t want to miss. This is one of those one-in-a-lifetime opportunities that people will talk about in the future, saying: “Hey, remember those days when…”.

Right now, this amazing opportunity exists on a website with over 1 billion members. This platform, as you have probably guessed, it’s called Facebook. Over 5 new profiles are created every new second on Facebook, meaning that the audience you can reach on the world’s largest social network is growing exponentially right this very moment.

You can now leverage the huge advertising benefits offered by Facebook without necessarily being an expert. However, you do need a strategy. This is where Social Secrets comes in, teaching you how to systematically tap into an opportunity that is like nothing ever before. With this tool, you can go from being a complete marketing beginner to possessing the ultimate certainty that you can generate sales for your business anytime you want. On the other hand, if you are already running your own highly successful business, you can use Social Secrets to take your business to the next level and scale it faster than you’ve been able to in the past.

Social Secrets – A Huge Investment of Time & Money

The team behind Social Secrets 3.0 has spent a whooping $8 million on Facebook advertising. They have advertised their own products with their money, making a huge profit along the way. Social Secrets was a huge investment of time & money from the team led by Matt Clark and Ezra Firestone.

With this tool, you can:

  • Build a list of customers quickly for any product in any market.
  • Learn the fastest way to grow a business.
  • Gain certainty that you business will succeed.
  • Gain confidence that you are no longer dependent on Amazon, Google or anyone else to build your business.
  • Discover a reliable, step-by-step process for getting sales and 5-star reviews for any product.

Here is what is included with Social Secrets:

1. 8-Week Online Class: you have access to 72 videos that will guide you step by step to start your own business. This online class is comprised of 8 unique modules:

  • Module 1: here you will learn the tools & strategies you will be using with Social Secrets, discovering the different Facebook ad units and learning how to set up your Facebook account.
  • Module 2: in this module you will learn more about the campaign you’ll be running in order to start generating sales and you will discover how to properly set up your first ads.
  • Module 3: discover the “Tennessee Top Hat” sales funnel and learn how to properly craft a pre-sell page for any of your products.
  • Module 4: learn how to write a top-converting sales page that turns your visitors into instant buyers.
  • Module 5: in this module, you will be taught how to build a targeted list of thousands of potential buyers with Facebook. Additionally, you will learn how to setup and integrate an autoresponder and an email capture system.
  • Module 6: learn how to optimize your campaigns for maximum performance.
  • Module 7: discover the differences between long form sales letter and video sales letter.
  • Module 8: lastly, in this module you will learn how to go beyond Facebook with other social advertising platforms, including YouTube, Twitter or Reddit.

2. Suite of proprietary software tools: there are 4 tools you get as a member of Social Secrets: Banner Machine Elite, Landing Page Generator, Super URL Tool and Timeline Cover Creator.

3. Lifetime access to the Social Secrets Ad Masters Group

4. 8 weekly coaching calls.

5. Personalized support.

6. Four quarterly training updates.

7. Bonus: recording of the 3-day Facebook Ads Workshop.

Best of all, you have nothing to lose, because you have 30 days to decide if you want to keep using Social Secrets. However, the bad news is that this amazing opportunity is limited. Claim your spot right now before the doors completely shut down.


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