Real Estate Mogul

by admin on December 7, 2012

Real Estate Mogul

More and more realtors and investors from all over the world are coming to realize that real estate investing is dying. As a matter of fact, the 3 cataclysmic shifts that will be described in the following webinar will make over 97 percent of today’s real estate investors powerless. This is why it is extremely important for you to register Presnton Ely’s FREE webinar and know what is going on behind closed doors, especially if you’re thinking about investing in real estate.

Everything is Changing

The truth is that everything you once knew about real estate is changing fast. In the United States, real estate is rapidly evolving into a new phase. The wealth transfer that is taking place right at this moment is truly history in the making, therefore you need to discover how to stay on top of these trends in order to make some profit out of it. Investors who haven’t learned out of their mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them, especially since this new trend in real estate involves many changes. However, the good news is that if you want to take advantage of these changes, the next 12 months could become your golden age.

Short Real Estate History Facts

Last year, after the biggest real estate crash in history, home loans were almost impossible to get by the average american and banks were requiring 20 percent down from those who wanted to get a mortgage. The things were quite crazy back then. According to the Wall Street Journal, the era of mom-and-pop real estate investors was coming to an end. If until recently buying foreclosed homes was dominated by mom-and-pop investors, today more and more hedge funds, pension funds, private-equity firms and university endowments are leveraging this market.

Things are also rapidly changing in the commercial real estate area. Until recently, private equity funds and large real estate investment trusts were focusing on commercial real estate and apartment buildings, such as malls and office buildings. If you’ve never heard of Blackstone Group before, you should know that it became the biggest U.S. investor in single family homes, since it spent over $1 billion to acquire over 6,500 foreclosed homes in 8 large metropolitan areas.

Trends and Statistics

In many markets out there, large firms are fighting those small investors at foreclosure auctions right on the courthouse steps, trying to wipe them out by buying their properties. As a matter of fact, the arrival of hedge funds and private-equity firms is crippling smaller investors. There are tens of articles in the news showcasing why small-scale real estate investing is dying.

Blackstone, the Wall Street behemoth, is planning to spend over $1 billion on the real estate market in Tampa Bay, targeting to buy over 15,000 houses over the next 3 years. The bad news is that this real estate giant plans to wipe out his competition. Therefore, you have two choices left: either you drown, or you learn to swim.

In this free online presentation, you will learn about the three cataclysmic shifts that will actually render over 97% of all real estate agents and investors impotent. Moreover, you will discover the most important 5 phases of a real estate cycle and you will learn how to keep you head above water by implementing 4 unique strategies that will help you reposition your real estate and internet businesses.



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