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by admin on September 22, 2017

Zipify Pages ReviewIn the past, if you were an eCommerce brand on Shopify and you wanted a sophisticated landing page like the ones created by Ezra Firestone and his crew, you had to hire a designer and build it from scratch. The whole process would cost quite a lot and would involve a lot of resources, including time and team meetings. However, after having the page go live, you needed to find a developer to code it for you, which required additional time, energy and money.

For Ezra, even with a team of 6 web developers and coders, the whole process was still taking up to 30 days. Fortunately, the rules of the game have changed. Now creating your own highly-converting pages is a breeze. All thanks to Ezra and his team, who have designed a powerful tool called Zipify Pages.

What Actually is Zipify Pages?

This killer tool has been designed over a period of 2 years. After a huge investment of time and money, Ezra Firestone has managed to create one of the most powerful tools a Shopify store owner can have at your disposal. So far, Ezra has created over 1,000 online stores using this app. This year alone, he enjoyed a whopping 150% increase in customers and has made over $1 million in direct profits.

In simple terms, Zipify Pages is the glue that binds together all of Ezra’s online selling efforts. Let’s dive into how you can use this tool to create your own high-converting shop online.

Let’s Get Started with Zipify Pages – A Complete Guide

After you install the app, you can access it right on your Shopify Plus menu. Click on the Zipify Pages in the Apps section. Once inside, you can literally scroll down and select your preferred template from the dozens of templates available. You can select from email landing page, anniversary landing page, holiday page, free plus shipping page and more. Ezra and his team are constantly adding new types of templates to the list, so you can always try something new.

You can copy the template from scratch and then make small modifications directly in your editor. Once ready, the new template will be published directly on your Shopify Store. There is no WordPress or pixels necessary to create amazing Shopify landing pages. All you need is to be open about the advice and tips Ezra has to offer.

Elements of Zipify Pages

Zipify Pages is a modern app that comes with a lot of embedded elements. In the Settings section, you can use your native themes, headers and footers. This means that you can build drag-and-drop landing pages that look exactly like any other page on your Shopify store. Of course, you can also choose from the wide variety of headers and footers available in the tool.

You can also create sticky headers. As you scroll down, the header remains stuck to the top of your page. This type of header works exceptionally well for product pages that convert really well, as it gives users access to the call-to-action button which is constantly available.

Building a Page from Scratch

When building a page from scratch, you want to create a custom page by adding a name and a couple of tags. One of the coolest elements when building pages with Zipify Pages is the possibility to integrate dynamic product blocks. This enables you to work right with your Shopify product catalog, never having to connect it with anything else. You can basically choose your favorite product block and pull products from your store. The app will dynamically pull the price, variants, images and description from your store.

You can then customize the product blocks by using your preferred fonts, sizes, colors and gradients.

When building your page, you can also include other types of blocks, such as CTA blocks, dividers, plugins, timers, images, and the list goes on. You can also create anchors in the text and in the buttons to link to other pages of your site or other sections on your page.

Another thing you can do is to create button elements that link you to light button popups. This means you can collect email opt-ins with any CRM. You can choose from a wide range of buttons and can leverage them to link to various sections across your site in order to improve the customer buyer journey.

One of the best things about Zipify Pages is the ability to do multiple specific offer pages for desktop, mobile and tablet. In other words, you can stop certain elements that appear on desktop from appearing on mobile, and vice-versa. You can basically personalize your page for each device without using an additional template. By creating lighter mobile pages with fewer elements, you can boost conversions by up to 900 percent.

Features and Benefits

A great feature part of the Zipify Pages app is the statistics section. Leverage the benefits of this section to keep tabs on how much money you are making and boost your conversion rate. On the statistics section you can also split test each page, similar to Optimizely.

Ezra and his team are always adding new templates to Zipify Pages. All of these pages are high-converting and have been tested numerous times by Ezra. You get the assurance that they will convert extremely well for you too.

On Zipify Pages you can also create your own blog and capitalize on the power of blogging to interact with your clients. You can also integrate your special offers into your blogs and convert even more visitors.

Another exceptional feature of Zipify Pages you can use are timers & dividers. You can easily add countdown timers and add dividers to split your page for easier navigation. To top it all, each page has live chat built right into it.

Here’s What You Get

With Zipify Pages, everything that is working for Ezra and his team is also available for you. This is a proven conversion system that is helping Ezra Firestone sell over $20 million each year in physical products.

If you take advantage of this offer now and you buy Zipify Pages, you gain access to 3 huge bonuses:

  1. 4 Weeks Live with Ezra: this amazing guy will guide you step-by-step on how to become successful in the eCommerce niche
  2. Two Free New Templates Each Month: you will get access to everything new Ezra and his team are innovating
  3. Discounted Price for Zipify Pages Plus Suite: this improved version helps you gain access to unlimited published pages, 2 monthly office hours sessions, all stars recordings, 4 live classes, 1-click light boxes, native Shopify header integration and more.

There’s never been an easier way to build ecommerce landing pages and funnels until now. Now you can create expert landing pages and funnels in no time without paying a designer or developer.  Ezra is out there testing new pages and strategies every day, and he puts all of his best ideas into this application.

With Zipify Pages, you can:

  • Copy all of the most profitable templates from Ezra’s 8-figure ecommerce store
  • Build your own pages with a drag and drop builder designed specifically for ecommerce
  • Publish all your pages right to your Shopify store without any pixels, plugins or subdomains.

Using Zipify Pages is like plugging your store into one most innovative minds in ecommerce!  And when you buy during Ezra’s big launch, you get a 67% DISCOUNT, plus:

  • Free upgrade to Zipify Pages Plus, with new features like split testing, blogging, and contest/quiz functionality
  • Live training calls with Ezra on how to build profitable pages and campaigns
  • Live training with the Zipify Pages Champion Michael Jackness
  • And more.

1000s of Shopify stores are already using Zipify Pages to take the cost and strain out of building their landing pages…  After Tuesday 9/27, you won’t ever be able to get it at this discount again with these bonuses.

Check out Ezra’s new video for a tour of his powerful new page builder and what it can do… It includes everything you get by purchasing during this launch, and how to buy.

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