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by admin on February 25, 2017

launch evolution videos

Hopefully you’ve been following Matt Clark’s latest product Launch Evolution videos.  If not, you can find the link below.

If you have some products or services that you’ve been dying to release, his videos will absolutely inspire you to accomplish it successfully!  I can’t think of any better way to start your launch.

Each one of the three videos released touches critical points!

In video 1, you learn the three essential elements to crafting an irresistible offer and never struggling to sell a product again.

In video 2, you discover the exact model we’ve used to produce as much as $22M in sales in just 8 days. You can use this model to sell anything from a $1.99 app to a $10,000+ seminar.

In video 3, you find out the ONLY two traffic sources you need to pull off a massive 7-figure, or 8-figure, product launch. One takes just minutes to turn on and the other one costs you nothing, but can bring in nearly unlimited sales (it’s brought in as much as 95% of sales in some of our biggest launches).

Go watch every single one of those three videos ASAP. They may not be available for very long, so watch them while you still can.

This coming Tuesday, February 28th, we release the fourth and final video of the series.

In the final video, you discover how to access the complete BLUEPRINT to planning and executing record-breaking launches.

If you want to dramatically scale a business this year, then you absolutely must watch video 4 as soon as it’s released on Tuesday at 12PM Central Standard Time.

Get on my list and watch your email on Monday.  There’s something VERY SPECIAL about video #4 that you do NOT want to miss…Hint: It’s only available on Tuesday (after that, you’ll miss it for good).

I’ve created some amazing bonuses that you can’t dismiss (my irresistible offer).

Check it out below.

Also, if you haven’t, download all three Launch Evolution PDFs here.






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