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by admin on February 24, 2017

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In this article, you will discover the exact system used by Matt Clark and his team from to generate over $82 million in sales for their top program, Amazing Selling Machine. So regardless of you selling an informational product, a physical product, software, service or anything else, this system is guaranteed to work for you.

Below, you will discover the entire step-by-step model. I will walk you through the exact steps and processes used by the creators of Launch Evolution to make millions of dollars in just a week. I will also reveal the four models you can use to build up huge demand for your launch offer and how to turn that into the biggest 7-figure event you’ve ever had.

A launch is all about producing and nurturing demand with content. You use specific pieces of content to lead people down to certain pages in order to purchase from you. So whether you have a list of potential buyers or you are still working to create one, you can use the Launch Evolution system to take someone who has never heard of you before all the way to buying your product or service during the launch.

The Launch Evolution Funnel

First off, you have seed content, which than moves into four unique pieces of content. The second one is opportunity, followed by proof, transformation and ultimately sales content. All of these pieces of content can be in either text or video format. By following this funnel, you led people to an “open doors” period. You got let’s say 7 or 8 days until the doors will close, during which you use the last piece of content called alternate angle.

Launch Evolution uses strategically produced and released pieces of content in order to help you accomplish your goals. You can use this model to sell any product you want, at any price point. Here is a complete detailing of the whole funnel process:

1. Seed Content

This early piece of content is similar to planting a seed for your launch. When you get people to check this piece of content, they will be much more receptive to your offer when the sales content phase arrives, as they are already thinking of the problem you want to solve.

Normally, the seed content is delivered in the form of a blog post, text-based, video-based or a combination of both. You can also put the content on dedicated web pages in case you don’t use a blog. As a rule of thumb, you want this content to be easily digested, so it should not take more than 10 minutes to consume. Moreover, you need to offer real value to your customers, not just fluff information you can find on other sites.

As an example, let’s say that you are selling an online program that teaches people how to improve their oratory skills and become better public speakers. You can create a great piece of seed content in a form of a blog post that covers a simple 5-step preparation process you use before going to stage. This content provides immediate value to the reader and establishes you as a credible source of information.

Your seed content should have an attention-grabbing title that should be honest and accurate. Moreover, it should contain informative content and useful information that serve a purpose of establishing yourself as an authority in your niche.

2. Opportunity

The more value you offer, the bigger your launch will be. With the opportunity piece, you want to present the unique opportunity your prospects have. You want to reveal the big problem people are facing and show yourself as a solution. For instance, for the public speaking example, it is likely that most people are nervous before a speech and thus they are not performing well. In this case, tell them how you’ve been in their shoes and come up with a list of things you have done to overcome this limitation.

3. Proof

With this piece of content you can accomplish much more than with the rest. Instead of focusing on the problem, which is obvious in many cases, you are now focusing on the proof. People need proof that you are genuine and that your solution is the real-deal. You want to share any results that you have. Ideally, you have your own results and your past customers’ results that you can share as part of the proof content.

Relate with your audience. Tell them that you can solve their problem and that you have proof that it works. To convince them, try to share stories, results and also share as many concrete facts as possible. Regarding the content, you want to ensure that each piece of content continually reinforces that you and your business can solve people’s problems.

4. Transformation

The fourth piece of main content should focus on transformation. Now that people have realized that they have a problem, they have read your seed content, discovered the opportunity and were convinced by the proof you’re shared, they want to know how this entire process can help them achieve their own results. For instance, people who want to learn how to speak in public should understand that your course can help them overcome their fears and have success when speaking in public.

You should tie this part with the proof. For the public speaking example, maybe you now get paid $50k for a single seminar. Show them the results and stress the importance of the transformation they can undergo by choosing you.

This piece should take up to 15 minutes to consume, whether it’s text, video, images or a combination.

5. Sales

After you have created your opportunity, proof and transformation pieces, it is time to close the sale with the fourth piece of main content, the sales piece. This carefully crafted piece of content turns a prospect who is highly interested in solving his problem into a paying customer.

The goal of the sales process is to justify people’s decision to make a sale. This will result in an explosive event. Remember, you don’t need to be a marketing genius to make people buy. You only need to use 13 specific drivers in order to make sales an convince people to purchase from you.

Here is a formula for writing an effective sales letter for your product:

  • Get attention: use an attention-grabber in the first part of the letter. This can be a surprising fact, a bold statement, a big claim or simply something that speaks directly to your customers’ specific problems and desires.
  • Connect with the big problem your prospects face: this is a core step for making sure you are talking about them and not about you
  • You need to let them know that you have a solution that caters to their needs
  • Share the proof that this works: hopefully you have success stories and testimonials from other people. If so, use those. If not, use your own success to demonstrate that your product works. Use whatever you can to let people know that the product does what it’s supposed to do. At the end of the day, your success is entirely dependent on selling a great product. This is what gives you maximum efficiency and reach. With ASM, Matt has done the exact same thing – created a top-notch product and then got it through the formula of writing an effective sales letter.
  • Establish credibility: if you have any facts about where you or your business have been featured, or maybe awards you have won or reviews you’ve received, use them all during the sales process to make people know that you are perfectly qualified to solve the needs of your clientele.
  • Spell out the benefits they will experience after trying out your product: people buy for emotional reasons, so you need to leverage that in your favor. Let them know how they will feel after trying your product. Tell them about all the things that will get better in their lives once they get results with what you have to offer.
  • Tell them about the features of your product: now it is time to raise the bar and promote the features of your product or service. Give them as many reasons as possible to choose your product over your competitors’ products.
  • Make the offer: by now, your prospects are probably highly interested in what you have to offer, so it is time to let them know the price your product has. It is a smart thing to compare the price of your product with something more expensive but with less features.
  • Remove all the risks by offering a guarantee: now that your potential clients have all the information needed to make a purchase, remove as much possible risk for your buyers so that your chances of landing a purchase increase considerably. You should make your guarantee really easy to understand.
  • Use scarcity in your advantage: you need to outline the reasons as to why your prospects should buy from you now and not later. A large portion of people will never buy if they don’t buy now. In order to maximize your sales and create a memorable launch event, you want to get as many people as possible to buy immediately. Scarcity can come in the form of not allowing people to buy after a certain date, increasing the price, removing the bonus or anything else that might make them buy now.
  • Give them a warning: the 11th sales driver you need to keep in mind is a sales warning. Let your prospects know what will happen if they don’t take action now. Make them understand that the negative side effects for not choosing your product will negatively affect them in the future.
  • Wrap up your offer with a final reminder: this helps to clarify the most important parts of your unique offer
  • Tell them exactly what to do with your call to action: and finally, do not assume that your prospects will know what to do once they land on your site. Tell them specifically how to acquire what you have to offer.

Cover these 13 sales drivers and you will get an incredibly powerful message that will help you sale like crazy.

Stay tuned for the next video in this series where I will show you the best two traffic sources you have for your successful launch.


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