How to Rank Any Product at the Top of Amazon in 5 Days or Less

by admin on October 18, 2017

how to rank on amazon
Amazon is all the rave. You can now follow in the footsteps of thousands of people worldwide and build your own automated business leveraging the power of this $170 billion retailer. In this third article of the ASM series, you will discover the exact process Amazing Selling Machine members have used to sell millions of dollars of their own products on Amazon.

Right now it’s the best time in history to build a physical product business leveraging the power of Amazon. Amazon’s company value and sales are at all-time high, with the company heavily investing in technology and in other companies, scaling faster than ever before. To top it all, Jeff Bezos, the company owner, just overtook Bill Gates in July to become the richest person on the planet. If that isn’t enough, Amazon is expanding like crazy internationally, establishing its footprint as THE PRIME place to buy products online.

In order to be highly successful as an Amazon business owner, you need to know how to outrank your competitors. Below, you will discover how to dramatically boost your Amazon business and compete with all the big brands out there.

How to Rank High in Amazon Search Listings

There are 2 parts in ranking high on Amazon. First, you need to create a well-optimized listing that converts a high percentage of Amazon customers who check out your product into buyers. Second, you need a professional system to launch your new product and start producing sales immediately.

  1. How to Create a Well-Optimized Product Listing

To rank high, you need to look at some points. For starters, the images must be crisp, high-quality, with good description. You also need to use all image slots where you should present the features, options and details of the product you are selling. The images should be on a plain, white background, except for when you are selling a white product. You should also include at least one image that shows the product being used.

Next, you need to focus on optimizing the title. Add your keywords in the title and make sure it includes all the main features of the product. Do not waste keywords, but use only the main ones. In the description, you need to offer as many information as possible, preferably in bullet point format. Also include all the important information about the product to provide the value to the buyer.

When it comes to reviews, it is imperative to ensure that you have a good product that gets solid reviews. A product that does its job will definitely get its share of fair reviews.

When it comes to photos, you can easily find a photographer online. It is as cheap as $25 for a couple of professional photos for your product. With your images, you want to give users the experience of sensing the product.

To find the right keywords for your title, you need to select your target audience, choose the right search terms, select the subject matter and style your keywords. The whole process is explained in detail in the ASM course.

As for reviews, you need to start by getting 5-10 reviews for your new product. To get those, simply talk to your family and friends and offer them the product for free in exchange for a fair review.

  1. Leveraging the Rapid Ranking System

Once you have all the details set in place, including images, title, description and reviews, you can either wait until your product ranks by its own, or give it a little boost and move on the fast lane. You can capitalize on Amazon’s own rapid ranking system and advertise your product through Amazon Seller Central campaign advertising.

With as little as $1 a day, you can create your first campaign that gets your product in front of thousands of potential customers. In case you’ve never created an ad campaign online, do not worry. Inside the Amazing Selling Machine program you will discover in a step-by-step process how to set up the campaign and optimize it to get the best bid per click and make the most out of your investment.

You can also create a discount or a percentage-off promotion to convince buyers to buy your product. You won’t have to use a discount every time you create an ad campaign. However, it is wise to use it when you launch your product in order to scale up faster.

You can also capitalize on Facebook’s advertising system and promote your Amazon product on a targeted niche on Facebook and Instagram. Again, the whole advertising process is explained for you step-by-step inside the ASM program.

A Powerful System that Works

With the rapid ranking system, you can go from knowing nothing about Amazon to producing tens of thousands of dollars in sales. To produce even more, you simply have to repeat the process. Re-launch your product and invest more money into advertising.

With Amazing Selling Machine, you learn how to build and scale your online physical product business on Amazon. This business opportunity is backed by thousands of successful members who have managed to achieve life-changing results. They all started right where you are right now, watching a video presentation or reading an article about Amazon advertising. Then they took action and entered Amazing Selling Machine, which changed their lives forever.

Fortunately for you, right now it is the best time to start this business. Since Amazon is growing like crazy and as you have thousands of people to back you up, this Amazon opportunity is better than ever before. Leveraging the power of a refined ASM system and more advanced advertising campaigns, you can scale your business faster than any time before.

By entering Amazing Selling Machine, you will gain access to all its amazing components, including the Online Private Community & Private Resource Vault. Moreover, you will have access to numerous bonuses most ASM members have never had access to.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity and get your own slice out of Amazon’s $170 billion revenue. Now it is the best time to start.  Enroll here and change your life forever.

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