How Does Ezra Firestone Make $20 Million A Year

by admin on September 19, 2017

Zipify Pages Ezra Firestone

Your product pages are the most important pages of your online store. Once they consume the content on a product page, your site visitors can make an actual purchase that brings you profit. The problem is that many customers bounce in less than 10 seconds. That’s why Ezra Firestone decided to innovate and created long-form product pages that convert up to 2.5 times better than traditional product pages.

The secret to creating highly-converting product pages is to stuff as much content as possible above the fold. According to the statistics, almost 40% of a product page visitors do not scroll below the fold. In order to showcase your product to all those who do not scroll, it is important to include a call to action above the fold together with a video, an image, and a short description

The Anatomy of a Successful Product Offer Page

According to Ezra, one of today’s most proficient and experienced online marketers and e-commerce gurus, a product page needs to embed certain elements in order to convert better and enjoy an increased engagement rate. Each one of these elements work together to increase the satisfaction of your site visitors and to convince them to buy from you.

Without further ado, here are the elements you should include on all your product offer pages:

1. Multiple high quality product images: You want people to get a sense of your product, so it is recommended to include at least 9 images.

2. Well done product description: Make sure to have a headline, bullets, and other important information to entice customers to buy your product.

3. Product sales video: Highlight the benefits of the product. This video must be done in-house to reduce costs, while third party pitch videos should be done using external influencers.

4. Third party pitch videos or press releases: Of course you know you are awesome, but remember that most of your prospects do not know that. To convince them to buy from you, you want to have a third-party video that demonstrates the features and benefits of your product and presents usage options. A third party that is endorsing your product could help you win huge in the long term.

5. Add to Cart button above the fold on mobile: This alone can increase your conversion rates by 2%.

6. Unique selling proposition in image format: Here you need to highlight what you do well. Whether you are offering the best price, the fastest shipping around, or a great return policy, make sure to highlight that in an image format right under the CTA button.

7. Image zoom: This makes it easier for both desktop and mobile users to understand what your product is all about.

8. Traditional user reviews: 78% of people shopping online said that eCommerce stores could use more reviews. On desktop, make sure to use a lot of video reviews. On mobile, stick to standard text reviews. To get the reviews, you can send an email to your buyer list, offering them a $20 coupon or a 50% discount on their next purchase by shooting a video with them reviewing the product. You can also incentivize people to promote your products on their social media channels and get additional benefits.

9. Cross sells: Cross selling is amazing. It allows you to promote an extra product in addition to the one your customer is already buying.

Pre-Purchase Order Bumps

Leveraging pre-purchase order bumps can increase your order value by as much as 25%. This unique strategy enables your customers to personalize their purchase and to add additional products at a lower cost. Being slightly different than cross selling, pre-purchase lets you go one step further in the buying journey and create personalized bundles that your customers might be interested in.

You can also use pre-purchase order bumps in the form of pricing tiers. For instance, you can offer 3 bundles: Buy one save 10%, Buy 2 save 25%, Buy 3 save 35%. You are actually incentivizing the people to get a higher amount of the product they like by saving more money.

Ezra Firestone’s Secret Weapon

All of the above strategies have been successfully implemented by Ezra and his team, allowing them to get to a whopping $20 million this year alone. They’ve been doubling their sales every month using their secret weapon called Zipify pages.  Learn how you can do the same by watching this video.








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