Ezra Firestone Shopify Course

by admin on October 5, 2016

Learn How To Build, Launch & Grow An Online Business

If you’re a business owner and looking to build, scale and grow your ecommerce business, you came to the right place.

Ezra Firestone has been using Shopify to create multiple million dollar business with his skin care business.

Learn from the best to create your own money making machine using Shopify.

  1. Introduction: Beginners Guide to Content Marketing
  2. Introduction: Selling a Product With No Active Search Volume
  3. Introduction: Creating Your Content Marketing Plan
  4. Lesson 1: How Google Search Works & Content Marketing
  5. Lesson 1: The State of Search: SEO & Content Marketing
  6. Lesson 2: Introduction to Content Creation and Optimization
  7. Lesson 2: Types of Content to Create & The Tools to Create Them
  8. Lesson 2: How to Optimize Your Content for Marketing
  9. Lesson 3: Introduction to Content Syndication
  10. Lesson 3: How to Use Google URL Builder to Create UTM Codes
  11. Lesson 3: How to Syndicate Your Content
  12. Lesson 4: Introduction to Marketing Your Content
  13. Lesson 4: Introduction to Using Facebook Ads to Promote Content
  14. Lesson 4: Step By Step Facebook Advertising
  15. Lesson 4: Five Things You Need to Know to Grow Any Business


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