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by admin on January 5, 2013

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Course Name: Experts Academy Elite Online

Course Creator: Brendon Burchard

Price: $1997.00

Refund Policy: Unconditional 30 Days.


Brendon Burchard has been teaching Experts Academy as a LIVE seminar for six years, and for the last four years it has sold out time and time again. Experts Academy has traditionally been a 4-day advanced training for authors, speakers, coaches, seminar leaders, and online marketers. It’s a deep-dive training event where they teach people how to start from scratch and become the new guru in their industry. He teaches the entire program and in the past have brought in elite guests like Tony Robbins, John Gray, David Bach, Debbie Ford, Wayne Dyer, Frank Kern, Jeff Walker and other big name gurus to reveal their secrets.

Because they keep selling out the live Experts Academy event they know there is a huge demand to access the information from home and online at a lower price. That’s why he created Experts Academy Elite Online.

His story is probably a lot like your story.  It’s a story of wondering, “How do I get my message out to the world in a big way?”

And over the last seven years, He ha has figured out how to do that… through writing, speaking, seminars, coaching/masterminds, and online marketing.

He started from nothing and went from bankruptcy to earning over $4,000,000 in my first 24 months in the “experts industry” offering his how-to information and advice. These days, he’s doing $10,000,000 in 12 months.

But what he’s MORE PROUD OF are the incredible accomplishments of his students. See what they say about Experts Academy here:

Now he’s sharing all my strategies, marketing secrets, resources and swipe files through Experts Academy Elite Online.

Here’s what you get:

1. Experts Academy 20-Disc DVD Home Study System. This training is the most comprehensive and well-known system for authors, speakers, coaches, seminar leaders, and online information marketers available in the world from someone who has done it all. The course includes 20 DVDs, transcripts, resource guides with FULL multi-million-dollar marketing campaigns, and world-exclusive videos from legends in the guru industry sharing how they built their empires or mastered their domains. This is a HUGE box of INCREDIBLE HD training sent to your customers door upon signing up!

2. Experts Academy Marketing Mastery Modules (Online). 4-Week Online Video Modules detailing his best money-making marketing campaigns for authors, speakers, coaches, seminar leaders and online information marketers. Each week, He send a video that shows the proven campaigns they use to make millions of dollars. These are fully outlined and replicable campaigns that have succeeded in the real world.

3. Experts Academy Promotional Partnership Crash Course (Online). 4-Week Online Modules that teach you how to get affiliates, JVs, Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, and major organizations to promote their brand and business. This has NEVER before been taught in our industry by someone who has done millions with each of these types of partners.

4. Two Tickets to Experts Academy LIVE! As he’s sure you’ve heard by now, Experts Academy is a legendary live event. Our last had 800 people from over 42 countries. The tuition for EA Live is usually $1,000-4,995, but Elite Online members get TWO tickets for FREE. This bonus alone causes a TON of customers to buy Elite Online!

Experts Academy Elite Online enrollment registration is $1,997. 



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