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by admin on April 16, 2014

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The two biggest components of being successful on Amazon are your people and your processes. The truth is that Amazon has built their business out of social proof, which is where the people come in.  Social proof on Amazon is in the form of reviews. Complementing this aspect, you also need a process in order to launch a product to the top of the charts. If you discover how to use a model to dominate your competition, you are already way ahead of your direct competitors.


The first component required to launch your product on Amazon are the fundamentals. These include your product title, description, images and other extra items. The second major component is your feedback (reviews). The more reviews your product has, the higher the changes to outsell your competition. The next component is your focus. Most businesses fail to succeed because they cannot focus on what’s really important or they try to sell more products at once. However, the truth is that you can be absolutely dominante with only one product.

Flow of traffic is another major component of your model. This means that every single marketing course you have done in the past can be added onto this model in order to make it even better and much more potent. The best part is that you don’t necessarily need that, because the first three components will suffice: fundamentals, feedback and focus.

How to Launch your Product

Before you start placing your product at the top of Amazon for the highest value keywords with massive traffic, it is imperative to have the fundamentals in place, because you want to have insane conversion rates. You can reach conversion rates of up to 24% on Amazon compared to typical conversion rates on regular eShops which will not exceed 3% at their best.

For starters, you need to make sure you have the fundamentals of a top notch product listing in place. These are high quality product images, a strategically-crafted product title and a captivating product description. You need to have all these three things in place to really dominate on Amazon.

1. Keywords in Title: you need to include keywords you want to rank for. If you have keywords in your product title, you will be most likely ranked higher than other products that do not have keywords. Moreover, try to write for conversions. Upgrade your product title in order to drive more traffic & sales to your webpage.
2. Captivating Product Description: in order to write a captivating product description, try using the following tips:

  • Include a headline.
  • Mention the problem your product solves.
  • Outline your product’s benefits.
  • Include proof – facts, statistics.
  • Add a bonus.
  • Tell your customers what to do.

Useful Promotional Strategies

Now that you have the fundamentals in place, which alone will give you an advantage of over 99% over other Amazon sellers, it is time to tap into the power of some simple but extremely effective sales strategies.

1. Reviews: one of the best things you can do in order to get an edge in your niche is to make sure your customers write reviews for you. The easiest way to make this happen is by sending an email to every single customer who orders from your Amazon account. Ask the customer if he or she has received the product, if he is happy with it and whether or not he would like to write a review. No one on Amazon is doing this, so this will allow you to dominate your niche.

We have a tool that will completely automate this process, but in order to get that you need to watch the last video of the Amazing Selling Machine series which will hit the mainstream in a couple of days.

2. Take Advantage of the Amazing Selling Machine “Builder’s Kit”: this marketing tool includes everything you need to build a successful business on Amazon. Hence, whether you are creating your first business or you are looking for an extra source of income, ASM’s Builder Kit is exactly what you need. This tool includes four components which work wonders when used together: 8-week training class, Software Tool Suite, private and exclusive community and private 3-day live workshop.

Final Words

Amazing Selling Machine is simply amazing, because not only allow you to learn extremely powerful marketing techniques, but acquire financial independence in a matter of months. Learn to leverage this amazing tool’s benefits. In the last video, you will learn even more amazing facts, so stay tuned!

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