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by admin on August 24, 2013

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Digital Publishing Blueprint
Official Website:
Program Name: Digital Publishing Blueprint
Program Creator: Ed Dale
Price: $2997. You save $585 when you order from my special link here. (hurry, because this price may not be up for too long.)
Refund Policy: Unconditional 30 Days.


What Is Digital Publishing Blueprint?

It is a proven fact that publishing in digital form has taken over regular publishing. An increasing number of famous marketers, including Seth Godin, are promoting digital publishing as a safer and more cost effective option than normal publishing. When we are talking about magazines, things are a little bit more complicated, according to some people. However, with Digital Publishing Blueprint, creating and publishing your own digital magazine has never been easier.

According to Ed Dale, the creator of this unique course called Digital Publishing Blueprint, you can now get in front of over 600 million hot prospects. All you need to do is to understand how this system works and how to make the most out of the features offered by it.

Why Digital Publishing?

If you are an excellent writer who is creative enough to come up with something new in each article/post, digital publishing might be your springboard towards success. Even if you have an amazing writing style, you won’t be able to monetize your skills if you can’t build a huge customer database. This is where Digital Publishing Blueprint comes in, allowing you to promote your eBook or online magazine with ease, to a huge customer database.

Is Digital Publishing Blueprint the Right Choice?

Digital Publishing Blueprint is an advanced tool specially designed to help you improve the appearance of your eBook, adding a unique, charming stroke of elegance to your eBooks and magazines. Moreover, it allows you to promote your eBooks on many powerful international platforms. One year ago, when this system was first introduced in the market, it literally broke new ground. In less than 72 hours from launch, this app was completely sold out.

Why is Digital Publishing Blueprint the right choice for you? First of all, it is specially designed to work for both novice and experienced writers and marketers. If you have never published your magazine before and you need some extra help, this tool is exactly what you need. Whenever you want more leads, more customers and an increased exposure for your business, you can learn how to publish your own digital magazine. If 350 of Dale’s closest friends managed to generate over 1 million loyal customers over a period of one year, you can do it too. This is huge, especially when we consider the fact that these customers were not only from the US or UK, but they originated from the whole world.

Program Features

Digital Publishing Blueprint is all about positioning yourself as an authority in your niche and maximizing your revenues using various tips & tricks. With this system, you can get multiple streams of income, including ClickBank affiliate commissions, Amazon affiliate commissions, Paypal revenue, advertising income from ad networks & magazine ads, plus various other JV deals, marketing campaigns and long-term partnerships. The reason Dale created Digital Publishing Blueprint is because he wants to prove that the more digital publishers are on the market, the better it will be for the system to grow, and of course the more money people will make. Moreover, online publishing comes with additional benefits over traditional magazines, because they can be shared with ease on all social networks, while traditional magazines can be read only by a person at a time.

This 7-week module teaches you how to create beautiful magazines that come with cool new features; you will also learn how to market them effectively, building an enduring influence in your niche market. All the strategies and tactics are using Apple’s Newsstand, which is the safest and easier to use platform for this system.

The program consist of 6 modules which work together to help you maximize your potential.

Module 1- Getting Started Fast

Here you will discover how to get started with Apple in order to open your account and start your business. Moreover, you will learn about the money niches, the rule of 78 and also how to maximize your publications.

Module 2- Content Getting Mastery

You will have complete access a wide variety of templates. Also, you will discover some precious outsourcing tips that will enable your business to find the best freelancers without spending a fortune.

If you want to find out more about Digital Publishing Blueprint, to study the other modules and to learn how to capitalize on this system, click here.

It will change your life!



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