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by admin on October 1, 2015

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Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) leverages Amazon’s $100 billion opportunity that enables people worldwide to build their own fast-growing business from scratch. Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback, the founders of, have unveiled precious information on how to make money online using their simple system. ASM is all about selling branded physical products to a market that loves to buy these products and needs them.

Everyday products you see around your home, office, car and everywhere else, have the potential to bring you a fortune. With ASM, you can turn any regular physical product into a profitable cash generating business for yourself. Thousands of people from all around the world, most of whom have never been entrepreneurs before or have no advertising experience, have managed to build highly successful businesses in a very short span of time using this proven system.

With ASM, you can build your entire business in just a few weeks, starting today. On top of that, the creators of ASM are making a special video series showing everything you need in order to build your business today. Each video contains powerful information and insights about creating and managing your own online business from the comfort of your home.

Make sure you watch all three videos available until October 7, because when the fourth video is released, you will get a very special offer. This program is a unique in which Matt and Jason work side-by-side with you to help you build your own successful business. Success is guaranteed this way, because you are getting 24/7 mentorship.

This program has not been available for the past six months, so when the fourth video is released, make sure to watch it, as you will have a limited window of opportunity.

The ASM Business – Basics

The information included in this program is a gold mine. ASM has been designed by some of the best marketers in the US, and only members have access to their valuable insights. Thousands of regular people just like you and me from all around the world have already built their own successful business empires on this platform.

No matter what country you’re from, regardless of your social status, income or skills, ASM is open for you. What’s really great about this system is that you can build your entire business system with as little as two hours a day. All you need is an internet connection and the desire to succeed.

Where will you sell your products?

There is one online retailer which has grown to become one of the biggest companies on the planet. According to the latest statistics, Amazon is bigger than even Walmart. Amazon has surpassed $100 billion in sales this year, becoming the first company to reach this staggering amount. Anyone can sell and buy on Amazon, regardless of the location.

Only Amazon gives you the opportunity to put your own brand of physical products in front of millions of customers worldwide. Because of its massive reach and ease set up, Amazon is the place where you will sell your products. Something very few people know about Amazon is that this network offers huge untapped opportunities on its International platforms, such as Amazon UK, Amazon Germany and Amazon Japan. Each one of these international platforms produces billions in sales. Now is the best time to tap into this opportunity and change your life. Do not wait, because these opportunities come once in a lifetime.

Now that you know that you are going to sell your products on Amazon, let’s have a look at the actual products you will sell.

Fortunately, choosing the right products to sell is made easy by Amazon. But before looking at the products, let’s have a look at the first step of building your business on Amazon.

Steps To Build a Long-Lasting Business on Amazon

Here are the 8 steps to build your business on Amazon:

1. Create your Amazon Seller Account

To set up your Amazon Seller Central account, all you have to do is to go to . Once you are on this page, simply click “Register now” under the sign in tab. There are two types of accounts: Professional account and Individual account. While the professional account has several great features that will prove invaluable once you start selling on Amazon, for starters you should choose the individual account.

If you are from outside of the US, you can still sign up from any country, with one slight difference. You need a bank account in a country in the Euro Zone or in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong or India. Even if you don’t live in one of these countries, the guys from the Amazing Selling Machine have a business partnership with a payment processing institution that can help you set up your free bank account and receive payments in any area of the world.

When you start selling on ASM, it is recommended to start selling on, the US version of the site. This is by far the most profitable and easy to use platform. Later on, you can move to an international site such as Amazon Japan or Amazon UK.

2. Choose a product to sell

The best part about choosing a product is that you can take advantage of Amazon’s tools and resources to find the right product for you. Things have never been easier. Amazon makes it super simple for you in choosing a product, as they literally tell which product is profitable and which one is not.

Simply search on Google for “Amazon bestsellers” and you will find a link right on Amazon, on their best selling category page. Instead of picking out the products you want to sell manually, you can use the software that comes in the ASM package. Called Profit Spotlight 3.0, this unique tool pulls tens of thousands of best selling products on Amazon and gives you the right ones for you to sell. You will learn more about this software in the following videos.

3. Find a supplier

Globalization and the vast reach of the Internet have made finding suppliers for any product incredibly simple. You can reach suppliers from across the globe with a few clicks of your mouse.

Finding a supplier for any product you sell on Amazon is super simple. For instance, if you choose to sell selfie sticks, search on Google for “selfie stick supplier” or “selfie stick manufacturer”. A lot of your results are found on Once you click a link, you will find a list of suppliers related to your selfie stick product. To make sure you find the best suppliers out there, ensure you check all the boxes related to your search. These are: “Assessed supplier”, “Gold supplier” and “Trade assurance”.

Once you find a few suppliers, write them a private message and contact each one of them personally. You might need to set up an Alibaba account to contact them, but that’s totally free. ASM offers you a sample email to contact the supplier.

4. Create your unique product brand

With ASM, you don’t need to sell someone else’s brand. You can create your own unique product brand and never compete with any other competitors selling the same brand. With ASM, you will learn how to create your own brand using a logo, a personalized design and unique packaging.

5. Launch your product on Amazon

After you create your unique product brand and your supplier has your products ready, it is time to launch your product on Amazon. Since you have already set up your Amazon Seller Central account, this step is as easy as pie. Log into your account, go to the Inventory, Add a Product and then go to Create a New Product. Next choose the most appropriate category and subcategory of products and then you will be able to enter all the information about your product, including pricing, images, title, description, features, keywords and extras.

6. Boost your Amazon sales using the special technique developed by Matt and Jason

On Amazon, there are many ways you get sales. Some of the best used by the creators of ASM are keyword optimization, featured areas and more. All of these valuable techniques are available inside the Amazing Selling Machine.

7. Automate your business with FBA

Automating your business is the latest, cutting-edge tactic developed by Amazon. This program is called Fulfillment by Amazon. To learn more about this outstanding system, watch the next two videos.

8. Scale your product empire by adding additional products to your brand.

Lastly, you will be able to enjoy financial security by expanding your empire. With ASM, you can earn anywhere from $1000 to $100k a month. You can build this business as big as you want. All you have to do is to scale your business bigger and bigger by adding more products to your brand.

ASM is a real business, a proven opportunity that has helped tens of thousands of people worldwide. Stay tuned for more articles and videos for additional information on how to seize the biggest opportunity of your life.



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