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by admin on April 14, 2015

Amazing Business Opportunity

Matt Clark & Jason Katzenback just released the first in the much-anticipated ASM training video series, “The Opportunity & Choosing a Product.”

This is their 5th launch, and they’re getting smarter every time. What you’ll be watching depends on which option you choose:An eCommerce business, a different kind of business, or different countries.

The video is free, but if you would rather skim through the main points, I’ve written a summary. Let me know what you think by commenting at the bottom!

The Business Opportunity of the Century

This may be the biggest opportunity you’ve ever encountered to build a real long-term business. Amazing Selling Machine takes advantage of a million-dollar online retailer you probably already use – Amazon. This new business opportunity hit the market in October 2014 and has already generated over $472,141 in product sales, along with a healthy 40% profit margin.

Amazon – The Promoter of a Huge Market

ASM5 is based on an innovative idea that capitalizes on one of the biggest markets available today – Amazon is the largest online retailer in the United States, with profits over $40 billion each year. Amazon has grown rapidly since it was founded in 1994. Only last year, they sold over $88 billion through their online platforms and affiliates. In 2015, experts estimate that Amazon will exceed $100 billion in sales.

The primary source of Amazon’s skyrocketing sales is the physical products we use in our everyday lives. Most of the things in your home can be found on Amazon. Hence, Amazon will never run out of customers. This, in turn, means you will never run out of customers if you choose to team up with this huge retailer.

And, thanks to ASM 5, getting started with Amazon is easier than ever. Here’s what you should know.

Getting Started with ASM in 2015

Amazing Selling Machine provides thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners all around the world the tools they need to attain financial freedom in less than a year. This program has been featured on platforms ranging from Forbes to Under 30 CEO to Killer Startups. It’s a powerful business model that is guaranteed to work if followed step by step.

Plus, it’s extremely simple:

  1. Pick a product to sell.
  2. Find a supplier.
  3. Start selling on Amazon.
  4. Use promotional strategies to rank higher on Amazon.
  5. Expand the number of products to sell.

Amazon handles all your company operations, including processing customers’ orders, packaging, and shipping. With ASM, you are building a long-term business that will withstand the test of time and will enable you to enjoy a new type of freedom you’ve never experienced before.

Set up an Account on Amazon Seller Central

Amazon Seller Central is your operations HQ. This is where you manage your entire Amazon business. To set up your account, simply go to and choose your favorite option. The “Sell as individual” option is a great place to start. Next, enter your email address and continue with the registration process.

Once your Amazon Seller Central account is set up, it’s time to pick a product to sell. And here’s the amazing part: Amazon tells you which product to sell in order to be successful. When you navigate to a category on Amazon, there is a tab called “Best Seller.” Here, you can find all the products that are already selling well. By choosing a product from this category, you are guaranteed to have a constant flow of clients. But that’s not the only way to find hot products on Amazon.

Amazon Seller Ranking

The most important criteria when choosing a product to sell is its seller rating. Be sure to choose a product in the top 1000, so you can be sure it’s selling well. To find out if a certain product is in the top 1000, simply Google “Amazon best sellers.” The first link will bring you to a page that lists the top 100 top products in each category. To find the rest, go into each subcategory, and you’ll find all 1000 stacked up.

For instance, under the “Kitchen Utensils” category, you could scroll down and choose a product you might want to sell. Let’s say you pick some stainless steel cups. You can find the seller ranking under the product details section. This particular product has a best seller rank of #51 in the top category of Kitchen & Dining. (Note: When looking for the best seller rank, focus on the top category. Avoid subcategories when taking this aspect into account.)

Price Range

The second criteria is the price of the product, which should be between $10 and $60. The price represents how much money you get for each sale you make. For instance, if the product is selling for $15, and you sell 100 pieces, you make $1500. Selecting the appropriate price range is important because the price has to be high enough to make a profit, but it can’t be too high, otherwise it could be costly to get your business started.

Unique Branding Potential

The third criteria is unique branding potential. The best way to make money online is to sell your own brand. In the next video of the series, you will discover how to create your own brand of products that will take your new ASM business to a whole new level.

You need to look at products that have a unique branding potential. You want to look for products that cost between $10 and $60, are lightweight, small, and are obviously easy to use. The more complicated a product is, the greater the chance it will be difficult to sell.

Competing with the Big Brands

With the ASM system, selling your products on Amazon is breeze, even while competing with larger brands.  People will buy your products because Amazon gives you all the credibility you need. The trick is simple – people trust you and your products because they trust Amazon. Even better, using the tips & techniques presented in the ASM will help you find exactly what customers really want in a product and how you can deliver it to them without huge costs to you.

Take advantage of this opportunity today and start building your own brand that is bound for success!

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