Amazing Selling Machine 8 – How To Sell On Amazon

by admin on April 19, 2017

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Amazon is growing like crazy! In fact, it is growing faster than any other company on the market in 2017.  There’s no greater time than now to take advantage of the Amazon platform and start a real business.

Online retail is still just 20% of all retail sales. Offline shopping is still much bigger than online. However, we are all aware of the trend moving towards online shopping. Each year, more people are choosing to buy online over buying offline. And who benefits the most from this trend? You guessed well:  Amazon. However, Amazon isn’t sitting idly by and waiting for growth to happen. Amazon is capitalizing on this unstoppable trend of buying online and it’s growing like crazy. This is creating even faster growth for the digital industry.

ASM – The Most Viable Opportunity of the Decade

With drones and a massive collection of warehouses, even local stores to pick up products, plus expanding internationally like never before, in countries like Germany, India, Japan and now Australia, Amazon is offering a huge opportunity to learn and leverage the power of online buying. However, we can’t guarantee that this opportunity will be available much longer. Whether it’s one year from now or five years from now, no one knows when partnering up with Amazon will become unavailable. What we know for sure is that at the moment Amazing Selling Machine is the best way to build a fast-growing real business on Amazon.

To do this, you need someone by your side to really understand the platform. Fortunately, Matt and Jason are here with you right now to be your guides. So far they’ve sold millions of dollars worth of products on Amazon and have taught thousands of people worldwide how to start from scratch and build businesses that are incredibly successful. People have made anywhere from $100k to over $10 million in just two years. Matt and Jason have taught thousands of people how to build a successful $100k a month business from the comfort of their homes.

For example, Peter and Adina, two regular guys from Romania, have managed to build a $1 million business from scratch by selling products in the USA. What’s really amazing is that they didn’t even speak English when they started. Another good example of people who capitalized on this system are Sarah and Andrew, former marketing musicians who were able to build a constant stream of income anywhere they were performing live. Their products were so successful that Amazon is now buying directly from them.

Is ASM For You?

Knowing all this, we can state that ASM is the most viable opportunity of the decade. The good news is that you can also capitalize on this opportunity. ASM is especially created for you.

Right now you might be stuck in a boring 9 to 5 job, wondering if you’ll ever achieve financial freedom. You’re likely worried that you might be working this job just trying to reach the retirement and maybe save some money to finally take that trip to Hawaii. Maybe you have tried to handle a business before but unfortunately you have been unsuccessful. You might even sell on Amazon, but you just haven’t figured out yet how to really make it work like the top sellers. Whatever your situation is, Matt and Jason have helped people just like you to change their lives and achieve TRUE FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

It all starts with taking action an learning the real way to build this business. While in the first article of this series you discovered the easiest way to find red-hot product opportunities on Amazon, in the second article you understood how easy is to find high-quality suppliers and how to nearly automate this entire business so you can run it from anywhere in the world with just a laptop and an internet connection.

In this article, you will discover a step-by-step process for launching a product on Amazon so you produce sales incredibly fast, even with zero experience. One question everybody is asking: “How do I compete with the big name brands?” We’ll explain how below.

When you’re selling on Amazon, you are actually selling on a level playing field. When an Amazon customer is looking to buy a product, they don’t start by digging around on the Internet looking up in-depth product research in order to determine the best place to buy. They just type a general product into Amazon’s search box and buy whatever they see. You can compete with the big brands because you will learn how to get your product to show on the first page when someone is searching for your keyword on Amazon.

Amazon currently gets over 95 million unique visitors each month, so what you are about to learn is incredibly powerful and could help you compete with the biggest brands out there. There are two parts in ranking high in Amazon search results:

1. Create a Well-Optimized Listing
2. Design a System to Launch your Product

Creating a Well-Optimized Amazon Listing

Amazon productTo show you what creating a well-optimized Amazon listing really means, let’s check out some examples on Amazon. Here is an example of a properly optimized product on Amazon: Brieftons-5-Blade-Spiralizer-Strongest-Heaviest.

As you can see, they have a great product image that shows you how to use the product, plus additional images that show you the product features. The white background and the clean images are perfect for helping customers understand what this product is all about. The title has good keywords in it, it describes exactly what the product is all about, while the description is in form of bullet points that touch all the pros and features of the product.

As you scroll down, you can see that the description is really well laid out, with bold text to highlight features for potential customers. They are trying to give you as much information as possible as to why to buy the product. The rating is very high and the saving people get is 40%, which is quite nice.

On the other hand, here is a product with a poor description. Dexter 13463 12-Inch Silver Sani-Safe Scalloped Roast Slicer Knife

This product has just one simple image that doesn’t show you what this knife is good for. In terms of title and bullet points, it scarcely contains any information. Everything is generic, and the product description at the bottom is inexistent.

Here are the steps for creating a well-optimized Amazon listing:

1. Adding high-quality photos: nowadays it is best to hire a professional photographer to take high-quality photos of your products. You can find these photographers online with ease. For just $25, you can get several high-quality photos for your Amazon products.

As a rule of thumb, the first image needs to have a completely white background in order to abide by Amazon’s rules. The other images should highlight other features and uses of your product. Your images should give people the sensory experience they are missing by deciding to shop online.

2. Know what keywords to target: the vast majority of purchases on Amazon happen because people type in certain keywords in the search box. You want your product to appear on the first page for as many keywords as possible. Your customers will type in a lot of keywords, many of which you don’t even think of, so you want to ensure that you use the most relevant keywords in order to get as many users to your products.

You need to include your keywords in certain places: title, bullet points and description. Now we’re getting to the tricky part. Finding the right keywords to include requires you to use Google Keyword Planner. To find it, simply to go Google and type in Google Keyword Planner. If you’ve done AdWords advertising before or search engine optimization, you are quite acquainted with this free tool.

If you haven’t used it before, you need to create a Google Adwords account before logging into the tool. Once you are inside the tool, go to the “Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category”, enter your keyword in the top box and then get ideas. Once Google runs through its database, click the “add all” and then download the ideas in a Excel CSV file.

Once inside the file, sort the keywords by average monthly searches and select the highest volume words. Do not just copy those keywords and paste into your Amazon keyword list, but ensure that each keyword is relevant to what you have to offer. Remove any keywords that clearly doesn’t make sense for your product.

You can create a long title that includes multiple good keywords with high search volume. Put your highest value keyword at the beginning of the title and spread the rest throughout the title, the description and the bullet points.

Most people selling on Amazon know just the basics. You are now using more advanced strategies that give you a headstart over your competitors. Your success is more than guaranteed this way.

Designing a System to Launch your Product

Now that you have optimized your product page, you are ready for the big product launch. Here is how to do that.

1. Get 5 to 10 Reviews on Amazon
You don’t want to start having a lot of traffic to your Amazon product pages without a few reviews. The easiest way to get your first 5 to 10 reviews is to ask your friends and family members. You can offer the product for free in order to allow them to test its effectiveness. Once they have used it for a few days, kindly ask them to leave a positive review.

Once you have your first 5 to 10 reviews, you are ready to start producing sales and maximizing your business. Next, you should capitalize on the Listing Launch Formula 4.0.

2. The Listing Launch Formula 4.0
Remember, before you actually launch your product, it is imperative to optimize your product listing, focusing on the title, description, images and backend search terms. Once you do that, the launch process is fairly simple and only involves 3 steps:

– Taking advantage of Amazon’s 95 million unique visitors per month: you can do that by using Amazon Sponsored Ads. To get there, log into your Amazon Seller Central account, click on Advertising and then on Campaign Manager.

Create a new campaign by filling in all the details, from campaign name to daily budget and start/end date. Choose manual targeting and add your own keywords or go with automatic targeting and let Amazon do all the job in your place.

On the next page, give your Ad Group a name, choose the product to advertise and select the bid. Now your product will begin showing on Amazon related searches.

– Creating a coupon/promotion: go to Advertising and then to Promotions. Create a Money Off promotion and then fill in the details, typing in the percent off, start/end date, and coupon code. Customize the message and make sure to uncheck the “detail page display text”. Once you click submit, the coupon will be live within 4 hours or less.

– Launching your product: there are three simple ways to launch your product: emailing your friends and family, posting the product and coupon code on your personal social media accounts and ultimately using Facebook Advertising. For that, you need to create a Facebook page named by your product. Create a post on your page and simply advertise your product. Of course, you can go deeper and use Facebook’s advanced Power Editor and Audience Insights for creating high-quality ads and audiences.

The Listing Launch Formula 4.0 allows you to take any product and get it in front of thousands of people who are interested in what you have to offer or who shop on Amazon on a regular basis.

Becoming an Expert on Amazon

This is how you can go from knowing nothing on Amazon to producing tons of sales just by letting someone who know what they are doing show you the way. To continually produce more and more sales, you simply repeat this process. By leveraging the power of social media platforms and digital advertising, you keep pushing your product higher and higher for more sales and an extended reach.

The most amazing part about ASM is how easy you can grow by simply repeating the same process. This is how you can go from having zero experience in the digital environment to having your own business that produces hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.

There are thousands of people who just like you started with no experience on Amazon and have managed to change their lives with ASM. You can too become an expert on Amazon and see your dream of achieving financial freedom come true.

Scratching the Tip of the Iceberg

What you have learned today just scratches the tip of the iceberg. The entire potency of Amazing Selling Machine can leave you astounded. This opportunity is like nothing ever released before. However, if you’re trying to figure it all on your own or with ineffective or misleading help, it’s likely that your results will suffer for years and your business will never take off.

Matt and Jason, together with the entire team from ASM, are a team of experts who can take you through your journey with Amazon much faster and smoother than any other route possible. They know what it takes to reach your destination because they have done it so many times and with so many people.

ASM includes all the details you need to know in order to build a fast-growing business right from the comfort of your sofa. Thousands of successful people have gone through it and have achieved life-changing results. All of them started just like you right now, reading an article or watching a video series about marketing on Amazon. Then they took action and set their life course on a new path.

ASM gives you everything you need in order to start growing your business and become successful on Amazon. In the next and last article, we will dive deeper into what ASM has to offer. For now, let’s take a quick glance at the main components of Amazing Selling Machine:

  1. 1. Online web class: complete step-by-step online training program that show you how to build this business from scratch. The web class includes 8 different modules.
  2. The ASM community: an extremely precious community where you have at least one mentor eager to answer your questions as they arise and to guide you towards success
  3. Private community: this is where you can find connections for building your business with ease
  4. Private resource vault: this is only available to ASM members. The private resource vault includes tons of templates, contact details and exclusive discounts

Stay tuned for the final article in this series where you will discover the full details of ASM components. Also, with the release of the fourth video, Matt and Jason are opening the doors for the new revamped Amazing Selling Machine for a very limited time. This is your chance to get into this life-changing business opportunity.


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