App Empire – The Opportunity Of A Lifetime

by admin on February 11, 2016

Chad Mureta and Carter Thomas are two simple marketers who have managed to exceed the expectations of all the other more famous marketers by designing one of the top business opportunities available on the market. This opportunity is called App Empire 2.0 and it leverages the power of the mobile app industry that is growing at an astounding pace.

Why Is This The Opportunity Of A Lifetime?

Chad and Carter have designed their best product launched in years. The first version of App Empire was launched a few years ago, and it had a huge impact on the global marketing community. People from all around the world have been able to create their own lifestyles and finally achieve financial freedom.

App Empire 2.0 is definitely the opportunity of a lifetime. In this business, you do not have to quit your job or stop practicing your favorite hobby or sport. Instead, you get to enjoy a whole new degree of freedom and you can finally go to that exotic destination in the Maldives or Indonesia that you’ve dreamed of for years.

With this business model, you even get to sleep while you work, because you can enjoy a recurring stream of revenue. So far, thousands of people have already accessed App Empire and have changed their lives forever. Thousands more are waiting to enroll in this program and follow in the footsteps of their predecessors.

You can now build your own app empire and take advantage of the dominant mobile market. Now that we’re talking about the mobile market, you need to understand that this is yet another reason why App Empire is the opportunity of a lifetime.  Here are some facts:

  • Over 7 million Chinese bought the iPhone 6 within just one month of its release.
  • Forbes reports that by the end of 2016 there will be more than 10 billion mobile devices in use globally.
  • There are more mobile users who access the internet daily than desktop users.
  • The mobile market had grown by 30% within just last year, while the app market skyrocketed by almost 100%.

Build Your App Empire Business

At the moment, there are over 1,000 people from all across the globe who have made millions of dollars using this system. They come from a wide variety of cultures, financial backgrounds, and ideologies. Most of them did not have any prior experience whatsoever.

Regardless of your social status, online experience, or revenue, you can start your own App Empire business right away. The reason this opportunity continues to work for so many people is that there is much more room to see what others are doing and experiment by yourself.

In addition, we’re talking about a digital product in a digitally increasing environment. This means you will never have to worry about packaging, transportation, printing, or liability.

Why App Empire 2.0?

This program is actually quite unique and it’s able to stand out of the crowd because it offers something new that is not found anywhere else in the market. Because the mobile niche is fairly new, there aren’t many reliable sources of information online.

Most mobile marketers prefer to keep the so-called “mobile secrets” to themselves. However, most mobile entrepreneurs are also not experienced enough to teach others how to make money in this niche.

On the other hand, Chad and Carter have discovered how to make real money and enjoy a recurring stream of revenue while working in the mobile niche. They have learned from the best and have also practiced what they’ve learned over the years, so now their combined experience is huge.

This program is the advanced version of the original App Empire course published by Chad Mureta on his own. Since then, Chad has been helping all of his students while building his own app empire. One of his apps is worth a whooping $65 million, which only adds to his credibility and fame.

What’s Included?

It consists of 8 modules, each containing follow-up video lessons. This is where you learn every step of building your business. The modules are perfectly structured to help you build a business from the ground up with no prior experience necessary.

You will cover one module per week, starting with the first module right after you sign up. Each module builds on what you’ve learned in the previous ones.

The creators of App Empire are right there with you, every single step along the way. Their main goal is to help you get a revenue producing business. Once you complete the course, you will know everything you need to know on how to build a stable business for as long as you live.

Here is what the course contains:

Module 1 – Mobile Mindset Mastery

This is one of the most important modules in the series, as it contains precious info about the psychology of buyers while revealing the system you need to adapt to in order to succeed.

In Module 1 you also discover the first steps to get your developer account up and running. This module will point you in the right direction to build a limitless app business. Some of the lessons in this module include:

  • Welcome
  • The Vision
  • Tools required
  • The Millionaire Success System
  • How to create your own developer account

All of these lessons in Module 1 will help you clarify your motivations and goals so that you have a clear purpose in mind and always know what you’re working for. Additionally, you will learn how to become a registered developer. After the completion of this course, you will already be a registered app developer and will be able to sell your own apps in the App Store.

Module 2 – Top-Ranking App Ideas on Demand

This is where you will learn how to identify the right ideas and business opportunities and use them to your advantage. Here you will discover:

  • The 10/30 rule
  • Market research uncovered
  • Creating hit apps
  • The art of emulation
  • Using the auto app sniper software
  • Choosing your app business plan

In this second module, you are going to learn how to use the custom software tool created by Chad to easily identify winning opportunities, immediately and repeatedly. You can automate your app idea-finding process using the Sniper App software.

Module 2 will also teach you how to capitalize on trends over and over again using a proven system. By the end of this module, you will have developed your own, customized business plan which serves as your personal guide for profitability in the surging app market.

Module 3 – Automatic Outsourcing Network

With your business plan fully developed, you will move on to Module 3, where you will learn how to get your apps built in no time at all, and without breaking the bank. In this module you will find out what the best hiring processes are and what mistakes you need to avoid.

The lessons in Module are 3 are:

  • Hiring fast and hiring slow
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Customizing an app template
  • How to hire the best developers out there

These are the exact same processes Chad and Carter have used in the past to develop hundreds of apps. They’ve also helped all of their students to enjoy huge success.

Module 4 – Tweak Like a Freak

This is where you will learn how to create a polished app, ready to be launched in the app store. The name of this module is quite funny, however, it truly represents the reality of this step. As the name suggests, you will be refining and optimizing your apps like a freak.

In this module you will discover the exact method to get your app published in the app store- the right way- from the first try. This pillar is critical to your success, because it is one of the most overlooked parts in the entire app business. Here are some of the main lessons in Module 4:

  • Designing your App (part 1 and 2)
  • Understanding the future market
  • Testing your app
  • Working with iTunes connect
  • Uploading your app

After you finish this module, your first app is already published. Now you can start focusing on promoting your app and learning some sweet marketing secrets.

Module 5 – Profitable App Optimization

This module is all about marketing. In addition to being critical for the success of your business, this module is really fun and lets you experience what it’s all about on your own. The lessons are:

  • Marketing principles and strategies
  • Tips on how to promote your first app
  • Icons and screenshots
  • App description and support
  • Keyword and app store optimization

This module only contains strategies that have been proven to work and that have been tested time and time again by students from App Empire version 1.

Module 6 – Actions and Insights done for you

You are now going to set a new pillar of your business. Module 6 is all about data driven success. Lessons include:

  • Tweaking your apps
  • Gathering data
  • Optimization and moving on
  • Reviews
  • Retention

These lessons work together to show you how to continually improve your apps in order to create loyal customers who will give you great reviews. The next module builds on that, showing you how to multiply your revenue exponentially.

Module 7 – Shotgun System for Explosive Scaling

Here are the most important lessons:

  • The importance of free
  • App pricing tips
  • The power of the app network
  • Monetization ninja tricks
  • Your first update

This module is the key to graduating from a regular student to a professional app business owner. By following the steps in this module, you will be able to effectively grow your business every month.

Module 8 – Monetization Monsoon

In this module you will learn all about monetizing your app business. Monetizing your apps is of paramount importance in this industry, especially because many developers are unaware of how to get rich by promoting their apps the right way.

The lessons in the last module are:

  • How to make an awesome game app
  • Monetizing your apps
  • Upping your game
  • How to sell an app business
  • Advanced monetization
  • How to buy an app business


To integrate you even more in this rewarding lifestyle, the creators of App Empire 2.0 will give you an entire bonus module. This bonus module helps you to live every single day to its fullest and make the most out of each moment of your life.

In this module, you will learn more about:

  • State and presence
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Get moving
  • Gratitude
  • Language

Extra Items to Build your Empire

With this program you will get much more than just video lessons spread across 8 modules and a bonus module. In order to construct an empire, you need more than just pillars. Thus, in addition to the lessons, you will get the App Empire Suitcase.

1. App Empire Suitcase

The App Empire Suitcase contains checklists, copy and paste scripts, worksheets, templates, and many other extra items and resources that can help you enjoy success in this market.

2. The Community

Additionally, you get access to the App Empire 2.0 community, an amazing place where you can find long-term allies in this business. The community consists of the appreneurs from the first course, plus all the new students who are taking this new 2.0 course, just like you.

This community is extremely interactive, allowing you to find the answers to your most pressing questions or helping others succeed by offering legit advice. This is one of the advantages of being part of the platform. On this platform, each course needs to have a strong community in order to be accepted.

3. Weekly Coaching Calls

In addition to the lifetime access to this amazing community of people, you will also get weekly coaching calls. The creators of App Empire 2.0 will be live every week, answering questions and giving further instructions on how people can be successful in this business.

These coaching calls are simply amazing for everyone that needs constant support and wants to be reassured that this program is legitimate.

4. Auto App Sniper

This tool has been customized specifically for new App Empire 2.0 students to help ease their work. You won’t be able to find this tool anywhere else. You are getting the Auto App Sniper free and you can use it to pick the best app ideas over and over again. With this software, you will always stay ahead of your competition, because you will know which trends to use and how to make the most out of them.

Step on the Path of True Financial Independence

The value behind App Empire is huge. All the items and courses combined cost roughly $25k. However, you will only have to pay $2,500. This is not just an investment in yourself, but a lifetime investment in your financial freedom.

What’s amazing about this business opportunity is that you actually have 30 days to get a full refund. And it works. The very few people who were not satisfied got their money back.

This program is definitely the opportunity of a lifetime, and will continue to enable thousands of lucky men and women to change their lives for the better. Take advantage of this opportunity and become one of the first appreueurs who can enjoy a recurring stream of income in the huge mobile app industry.





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