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by admin on January 10, 2016

Chad Mureta App Empire

App millionaire Chad Mureta has created one of the best and most effective systems for building a real business by designing and selling mobile apps. Every single time Chad speaks at an event, he is bombarded by countless questions. It’s like he is a real rock star of mobile apps.

Chad shared the stage with Tony Robbins, Steve Wozniak, and other world-renowned motivational speakers from all around the globe. Chad has been featured on Mashable, Techcrunch, Entrepreneur, and The 4-Hour Workweek. His popularity has surged lately, and all for good reason. Chad Mureta is the creator of App Empire.

Why Is Chad Muretta So Popular?

You might wonder why I am promoting Chad Mureta so much. You might have never heard of him before, but this guy is a mastermind who has developed the best business for people who want to capitalize on the mobile app trend.

This new business opportunity has nothing to do with affiliate marketing and has no loop holes or gimmicks. You also do not need to be technically inclined in order to get started.

Why is Chad so popular? He designed a system that enables practically enables anyone to make money by creating and selling mobile apps. Chad showed his system to a handful of Internet marketers, showing them why his creation is the best. Of course, some of them decided to work with Chad and even support him both financially and morally.

Chad’s popularity went through the roof as more and more entrepreneurs began to understand the true power of this program.

What Is App Empire?

It is a whole new approach to making money online, from the comfort of your home. This system is based on the crazy growth of the mobile industry. In the latest press release, Apple stated that there are more than 315 million app store compatible devices in the world. By dividing the total number of downloads by the total number of devices compatible worldwide, we get an astounding statistic – the average Apple user downloads at least 80 apps per device.

Since January 2011, the number of app downloads has grown by more than 18%. More than 65% of those are paid apps which bring real profit. Here is where App Empire rules. Chad Mureta and his worldwide team of app business owners are bringing an average of 23 cents per app. That’s 23% revenue out of an app download of $1. Just imagine how much you could make out of 1,000 sales from a single $1 app, combined with sales of various other apps that are more expensive.

There is a huge island of opportunity to capitalize on, especially as the number of app demand and consumption far outpaces the number of apps available and the number of app creators serving the market. Thus, the amount of apps being created is not even coming close to the number of apps requested by the users.

A big part of this trend is that places like China, India, African countries are bringing in a lot of new users who are downloading apps like crazy. This is an enormous opportunity and there is no doubt most of the people who try this business opportunity will be able to build their own app business in almost no time at all.

Myths Debunked

Despite all of these amazing facts, there are still a lot of myths surrounding the app market. Here are some of the main myths surrounding the app industry, debunked by Chad.

Myth 1 – You have to be a Tech Genius to Enter this Market

You don’t need to be super smart to get into this business. For instance, Chad is far from the smartest guy around. He does not even come close to Steve Jobs or Matt Cutts. However with relatively low research, Chad managed to enter the market and make a lot of money.

Even thought he doesn’t know how to update or upload his apps, this is a technical aspect that is of little importance, as his business is about keeping the processes  under control and not getting involved in the details.

Myth 2 – You Need a Lot of Money to Get Started

You can start in this business with no money at all, just with a great idea that targets the app market. Even though you can use some money to take your business to the next level, you can enter the App Empire business with no financial investment whatsoever.

Myth 3 – There is Too Much Competition

Many people believe that, due to the huge expansion of this niche and because of the multitude of reports about apps, there is not much opportunity to grow. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just like Amazon, the app market offers real opportunities to people who want to make their own businesses and invest in a growing market.

Myth 4 – Getting Started Takes Way too Much Time

Most people out there will say that they do not have time to do anything, let alone start an app company. Chad, the creator of this amazing business opportunity, started it from a hospital bed. You can literally start with just one hour a day: half an hour researching the market and another half an hour coming up with your own unique ideas.

Once you start to make a lot of money with this business, you can replace your job completely and invest all of your time into App Empire. You can scale it as big as you want. It all comes down to how much money you want to make.

Myth 5 – I have to Live in a Tech Town

Some people believe that they must live in a city like San Francisco or London in order to enjoy this opportunity. Bluntly speaking, you can live anywhere in the world, even a poor village, and still make the most out of it.

All you need is a good Internet connection and your success is guaranteed.

How to Get Traffic?

There are tons of ways to get traffic to your apps and to let them grow so that more and more people get to hear about what you have to offer. However, when it comes to getting traffic, you need to understand that the Internet marketing realm is completely different from the app marketing one.

Of course, there are some techniques that work amazingly well in the app market too. This means that if you have real online marketing experience, things will be extremely easy for you. Still, there are some hidden marketing tips that work best only in the app market.

Using the techniques and tips discovered by Chad Mureta, you will be able to skyrocket your app business and outsmart your competitors. There are other opportunities online that promise this dream of being financially free. However, none of them compares to the App Empire for the simple reason that you can practically carry this business in your pocket.

Contrary to all those businesses that are constantly thrown at you, with this program you can dive into a new mobile lifestyle which you can carry with you wherever you go. This business is completely wide open. You can do it anywhere in the world.

As time goes on, more and more people will start to capitalize on this unique opportunity. You should start right now and take advantage of it. Why now? The number of mobile devices that use apps has grown exponentially lately, especially in developing countries. For instance, in many African countries people have skipped computers and have gone directly to smartphones.

This phenomenon is growing like never before. That’s why you should take advantage of this program now. After you upload your app, you have access to millions of users from over 165 countries worldwide in less than 7 days. Right now is the best time to get into this opportunity and enjoy your own app business.

Here are REAL Examples of What You’ll Discover Inside This Secret “App Empire” System.. and a LOT more.




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