App Empire 2.0 Review

by admin on December 27, 2015

There is an industry that is rocking the entrepreneur world right now. It’s an industry that is a gold mine bigger than the entire Hollywood film industry. Tens of thousands of entrepreneurs are already making lots of money in this industry.

If you are reading this article, you probably already know which kind of industry it is that we’re talking about right now. As you’ve guessed , it is the mobile app industry. Chad Muretta and Carter Thomas, the guys behind App Empire 2.0, discovered that this industry could rock their world, and that they could grow exponentially by launching a new app in the mobile apps industry.

Together, these two famous entrepreneurs have made a name for themselves by helping people from all around the world build profitable app businesses that provide substantial income for the long term. To take things to the next level, they are now partnering up with another company that is a leader in the entrepreneurial leadership niche –’s mission is to help regular people like you and me enjoy a whole new degree of freedom by delivering results focused on online business education and technology. They already have thousands of successful members.

The team behind App Empire 2.0 shares’s values and commitment in entrepreneurship. Thus, they will be able to deliver an exceptional value to the tens of thousands of entrepreneurs from all across the globe who use’s system.

Speaking of incredible value, it is worth outlining the unique benefits offered by App Empire 2.0. Before looking at this outstanding app, let’s look at who actually is behind this product.

The Creators

Chad Muretta and Carter Thomas have managed to build over 7 app businesses so far, each of them with a net worth of over $1,000,000. Their secret is simple. If we consider that the Apple App Store’s revenue in 2014 was at $14 billion and that the developers who built the apps raked in $10 billion, it should be obvious to state that the mobile apps industry is a gold mine.

These two entrepreneurs took advantage of the booming app economy to build flourishing businesses and to design App Empire 2.0. There are no signs that the mobile app industry will be slowing down in the near future. As a matter of fact, it is projected that this industry will top $70 billion by 2017.

However, the downside of this industry reaching these massive proportions is the sheer amount of information you can find online about mobile apps, yet at the same time the lack of secrets revealed by top app developers. Chad Muretta and Carter Thomas decided to share their knowledge with you and help you leverage the true power of this industry.

App Empire 2.0

There is nothing out there like this app empire course, which will be released in February of 2016 and will only be available on This program is focused on helping you create highly profitable apps. In this course, you will discover all the strategies that are necessary to help you stay ahead of the app market and how to launch apps that consistently put money in your bank account.

To create this powerful course, Chad Muretta and Carter Thomas spent a great deal of time getting industry-related information. They have turned this wealth of information into action plans, templates, launch checklists, tech assistance, tips & strategies, and interviews with successful entrepreneurs.

App Empire 2.0 can be the difference between quitting your day job and becoming a successful entrepreneur as an app builder.

As this industry keeps growing, getting the right information is going to become increasingly difficult. Despite the common conception that you can do it on your own, the mobile apps industry is extremely hard to understand and use. However, with App Empire 2.0, you don’t have to worry about falling behind or doing it all by yourself.

App Empire 2.0 will you get the best information that is proven to help you build a highly rewarding and successful business. Best of all, there are no risks to give this app course a try, especially as you have a 30 days money back guarantee. Why wait any longer?  The app industry is becoming more and more profitable, so hop in and become a truly successful appreneur starting from today.




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