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by admin on October 10, 2013

Amazing Selling Machine Review

What is the Amazing Selling Machine?

Thousands of internet marketers are discovering the Amazing Selling Machine.  It is a unique system to harness the huge power of Amazon and earn a lifetime’s income online.  While in the first video, the creators of the Amazing Selling Machine explained the “7 Step” system, in the second video Matt and Jason present the 5 key lessons to finding the best products to sell and also the highest quality suppliers.

The wrong question many people are asking when involved in this business is “How do I find products to sell?”.  However, the right question they should be asking is “What products are selling well right now?”.  You have to realize that in the end your success is directly dependent on market trends.  That’s where all the money is. Instead of looking for products to sell on your own, it’s much better to go through best selling products.

How to Find the Best Sellers

Finding the best sellers can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know where to start. The good news is that the Amazing Selling Machine teaches you how to do that. All you need to do is go to Amazon and search for Amazon best sellers. There, you will find a list with all the categories of products and the 100 best-selling products available in each category. Then you need to narrow down your search, because you don’t want to compete against other sellers. If you come up with a new brand, you will have no competition, because you will be the only seller of this brand.

How to Choose what to Sell

The Amazing Selling Machine uses three distinct criteria to guide you in this process.

  1. Has a selling price of between $7 and $40
  2. Has private label potential
  3. Is light and small

When selling on Amazon, you need to consider the potentially huge shipping costs.  This is why it is worth selling a product with a selling price of between $7 and $40 in order to maximize your profit.  Very profitable products can easily be created on your own. For example, a universal car mount holder, which is a basic holder for your iPhone, has high profit potential, because it can be made manually.  On the other hand, an iPhone itself is made in a huge factory and is the result of hours of extensive research, but doesn’t have high potential for internet marketers to sell on Amazon.

Why sell complicated, expensive products when you can keep it simple by selling light, small products?  This is the philosophy behind the Amazing Selling Machine. For example, if you target the health niche, instead of selling a dumbbell, which is certainly a heavy weight product that can eat up a lot of space and can inhibit your success online, you could go with a gripping device. A gripmaster hand exerciser meets all your criteria: has a selling price of between $7 and $40, it’s light and also small. This means shipping will be inexpensive, storage will be easy and the whole process will be smoothed out.

What’s Next?

After you have found your product, what is the next step?  Obviously, this is a very important matter.  The answer is very simple – find a supplier.  All you have to do is go to Google and conduct a few searches. Type in the name of the product you want to sell and simply add “private label” after that.  Another search you can do is type in the same product followed by “wholesale”.  In order to find the right supplier, don’t be satisfied only with the results on the first page.  Skim through the next 10 pages and try to find a supplier that can meet your needs.

The following 5 Takeaways are all extremely important, because they can help you maximize your impact on Amazon and extend your influence in your niche.

  • Takeaway #1 – Digging through a generic supplier listing is a waste of time
  • Takeaway #2 – Don’t sell other people’s products
  • Takeaway #3 – Sell what’s already selling, but sell your own brand
  • Takeaway #4 – Sell a product with a $7 – $40 selling price, has private label potential and is small & light.
  • Takeaway #5 – Find high quality and inexpensive label and packaging designers on or

If you want to build residual income, you can take advantage of the whole course by accessing this link and downloading the special PDF eBook below. With the Amazing Selling Machine, you can start earning up to $100k each month, so what are you waiting for?

Amazing Sellin gMachine

The big opportunity what to sell how to scale ASM Build it

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