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by admin on April 13, 2017

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Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback are two extremely famous marketers. Their new blueprint to getting from $0 to over $1M in sales on Amazon is literally rocking the world. Amazing Selling Machine, one of the most successful programs ever created, is now available with more features and benefits than ever before.

In this article, you will get to discover the biggest opportunity to build a real, long-term $100,000 per month business. This is the secret opportunity to financial freedom you’ve been looking for your entire life.


Before diving deeper into this amazing opportunity called Amazing Selling Machine (ASM), we have a question for you: Have you ever bought anything on Amazon? If the answer is no, which is unlikely, do you have friends who have bought at least once on Amazon?

What if we told you that there is a legit way to build a highly successful business of your own selling on Amazon? Today we will show you exactly how this unique system works. We are also going to show you why Matt and Jason have decided to come back and teach people about ASM after more than 18 months of running their own successful businesses.

Everything has Changed

If you’ve heard about selling on Amazon before, you need to know that nearly everything has changed. Matt and Jason have sold millions of dollars worth of products on Amazon. In fact, last year alone they managed to build highly successful businesses from scratch, making tens of millions of dollars by leveraging this online retailer.

In 2016, Amazon generated over $135 billion in sales. What you might not realize is that Amazon’s business is just getting started. There are two reasons for this:

1. After the widespread adoption of buying online led by tablets, smartphones and 1-click ordering, online sales are still just a fraction of total sales. People are still buying a lot of products in physical, brick-and-mortar stores, but not for long. According to a report from the US Department of Commerce, in 2016 e-commerce sales accounted for roughly 12% of total sales, twice as much as in 2010. By maintaining the same 100% growth rate over the following 12 years, online sales will get to account for more than 1/3 of all sales by the end of 2020.

Who wins from this massive increase in online sales? You guessed it – Amazon.  According to a secret report from Slice Intelligence, Amazon accounted for 43% of all online sales in 2016, which is 13% higher in market share than the year before. This means Amazon is the most profitable island of opportunity you can use to grow your business on.

Let’s put it in simple terms: online sales are growing at an astounding pace, and Amazon is also growing very fast. This means that if Amazon made over $135 billion in sales last year, it is completely realistic to believe that they will get to a whopping $300 to $400 billion per year by 2020.

2. Amazon is continually reinventing itself: the largest retailer in the world is also the smartest. This company is pushing the boundaries of what is possible by selling physical products, offering drone delivery, and automating the entire selling process. With the implementation of flying drone delivery, local store pickup, massive automated warehouses and even creating their own shipping company, it is absolutely mind-blowing what Amazon will be up to in the near future.

A Business Model Anybody Can Follow

With Amazing Selling Machine, you can get your own advertiser account on Amazon up and ready in less than 5 minutes. Matt and Jason have taught thousands of regular people just like you and me how to leverage a simple business model that anybody can follow. These two famous marketers estimate that the people they’ve taught are now selling over $150 million per month.

Due to Amazing Selling Machine’s success, Matt and Jason have been fortunate enough to meet a lot of famous people such as Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki and Russell Simmons. They have even been featured in Success Magazine, Forbes, and more.

With what you are about to learn, you can build a real, sustainable, highly profitable business starting today. There are just 4 primary steps you need to follow:

  1. Select the right product
  2. Find the right supplier for your product
  3. Use Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) to automate your business
  4. Launch your product and capitalize on marketing techniques to get your sales rolling

In this article, we will begin by teaching you how to easily select the right product to sell. Read the next articles to discover how to find a supplier, how to capitalize on Amazon FBA and how to enjoy a spectacular launch of your product.

There are millions of products on Amazon. By following the simple product selection process presented below, you’ll narrow it down to target only red-hot opportunities with high profit margins, low competition and easy profit-producing potential.

The Process of Selecting the Right Product to Sell

For starters, we recommend you begin with and then move forward to your specific country, such as Amazon Germany or Amazon Japan. Once you are on the services page (, feel free to read the information presented by Amazon for affiliates. After looking around, click the big “Start Selling” button, choose “Sell as a professional” and set up your account.

Once your Amazon Seller account is up and ready, you need to follow these 5 criteria in order to select a red-hot product opportunity:

1. Selling Price: you want to find products selling between $20 and $70. Matt and Jason have found this to be the sweet spot when it comes to product price, as there is enough profit margin in there for you to build a great business, plus inventory is not very expensive.

For most products on Amazon, you will find that there is a sale price much lower than the original price. Similarly, some products have a higher list price than the actual price. Either way, the buyer saves anywhere between 5% and 50%. One thing to remember here, in addition to raising your price a bit and then offering a sale, is that Amazon offers free shipping for products that cost more than $35. In case you are selling a product for less than $35, make sure you add this phrase: “Free Shipping for orders over $35.”

2. Best Seller Rank: for red-hot opportunities, you want to choose a best seller rank of between 500 and 5,000. One of the most amazing parts about selling on Amazon is that it tells you exactly which products are the most popular. Products with the lowest best seller rank are those selling the best. Once you are in Amazon, a trick is to type [] and then select a category. For instance, once you select the baby products category using the open and closed bracket, you will get a list of baby products that are sorted by best seller rank. Once you select a product and scroll down to the product information section, you can see the best seller rank of that product.

This is basically the process you need to use in order to find products with a best seller rank of between 500 and 5,000 (in the main category). Do not worry about subcategories, but only pay attention to the top level category. Dig deeper and deeper until you start finding good products with a rank between 500 and 5,000. Of course, once inside ASM, you will get constant help on how to find these products and how to automate the entire process using advanced tools created by the ASM team.

3. Weight: you want a product that is as small and light as possible. This makes the entire shipping process easier, cheaper and faster. Matt and Jason recommend you to sell solid products that are no more than 3 pounds in weight. To determine the weight of a potential product, simply go to the Product Information section and look at the product weight.

In addition to the weight, look at the product dimensions. The smaller the product, the more you can ship to a customer, and the lower your shipping fee is.

4. Number of Reviews: the number of reviews is an indicator of social proof. The more reviews, the better the customer thinks the product is. You want to look for product opportunities with less than 500 reviews. This means that it is still easy for you to come up with a similar product and be an option for potential buyers. As a rule of thumb, products with more than 500 reviews are highly competitive and it is hard to win against them, even if you use the best marketing techniques.

Once you get on a product page, you can see the number of reviews right under the title. A product with a lower Best Seller Rank and with fewer reviews is an ideal choice for you.

5. Private Label Potential: this enables you to make your own branded products and put your own name on the product labels. To build a real long-term, highly profitable business, you absolutely have to sell your own product. You don’t want to be at the mercy of what other brands dictate you to do. Fortunately, it is extremely easy to create your own brand today. You can do this with literally any type of product.

amazon products

For instance, this product, it’s just a simple bath kneeler with the branded name Aquatopia on it. You can get a similar product from the manufacturer with some branded packaging options. Plus, they can put your brand logo right on the product. The options are literally endless when it comes to private labeling.

How Much Can You Make?

So how much can one of these product opportunities make you? With over $135 billion a year in  revenue on Amazon, there are a crazy amount of sales every single day. Some products even sell more than $50k per day on Amazon alone. An average product can produce anywhere from $15k to $40k per month in sales. Typically, your profit margins will be anywhere from 30% to 40%. This means that once you get rolling, you can make up to $16,000 a month from one single product!

Each opportunity is different, and trends come and go. With several products, you can start making around $10k in pure profit in just a couple of months. After 6 months, you can make more than $200k in profit. After one year, you can follow in the footsteps of other ASM users and make more than $1 million each month.

Take Advantage of this Opportunity Now

Amazing Selling Machine could be exactly what you need in order to transform your life and reach financial freedom. Thousands of people from all over the world are already leveraging this huge opportunitiy and are shaping their lives around the world’s biggest retailer, Amazon. By capitalizing on Amazon’s vast pool of resources, you can automate all of your orders and can literally run your business from your couch at home, a coffee shop in Paris, or a beach in Thailand.

Stay tuned for the following articles in this series and prepare to learn more.

By the way, Matt and Jason want to inspire people to join, so they are giving away for FREE a list of 100 red-hot products on Amazon. They have literally done the research for you, and are handing you all of these keywords on a platter. This is their gift for you to get you started on this incredible journey towards online success.

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