Amazing Selling Machine Review – An Honest Review Of The Amazon FBA System

by admin on March 26, 2014

The Best FBA Course

In this Amazing Selling Machine Review we will take a look at the most important questions people have about this system. The Amazing Selling Machine is promoted as being the best Amazon FBA course when it comes to making money on Amazon, but does it really work? You will discover this by reading the following review.

The Answer to the #1 Question

The first question many people interested in this Amazing Selling Machine ask is “How can you compete against big brands?”.  The answer is simple – Amazon totally levels the playing field. In other words, competing with big brands is not an issue anymore, because they do not have any edge over their competition. Moreover, with the strategies and techniques used by the creators of the Amazon Selling Machine, we’re talking about a completely even playing field. This means you can easily private label your own brand and expand as much as you want without any competition.

On Amazon, a considerable amount of people do not buy based on brands, but based on the price and keywords. This is exactly what you learn to focus on when following this amazing course. When it comes to typical retail stores, people are very brand loyal, but things are completely different on Amazon. The fact is that people who buy from Amazon trust this giant retailer, so they think that if a product ranks at the top of a category or a keyword, it is an authentic and genuine product made by a top-quality brand. With Amazon, you can become a very popular major brand pretty easily.

The 3 Models for Selling Physical Products

Many people who get into this opportunity are either affiliate marketers or internet marketing entrepreneurs, so most were never required to deal with physical products whatsoever. However, learning to make money from selling real physical products is so much easier than digital marketing once you learn a few ground rules. There are 3 big models for selling these types of products:

1. Drop Shipping

With this method, you can either make your customers buy directly from your store or buy from your Amazon business. Whenever those customers buy your products, you are basically getting their name, shipping address and product order. In the drop shipping model, you send all this information to a supplier who will ship an individual inventory item directly to the customer. With this model, you do not need to hold any inventory; that’s one big advantage.

This might sound very good for people who hate the stress that comes with dealing with customers, and for people who don’t have have enough money to keep inventory. However, the only problem is that the margins are not that big in this model as in the others. First off, there is a lot of cost involved in this shipping mode, because you are selling other people’s products and you are also charged extra by the supplier.

2. Private Label

The really amazing thing with this model for selling physical products is that you can generate huge revenue. In order to get to this point, you need to find a product out there that the manufacturer is willing to put your own brand name on. With a private label, you can create a separate Amazon page for each product you own.

3. Custom Manufacturing

Custom manufacturing means that you can make a few minor small modifications to a certain existing product in order to make it fit in the market better. You can add a few valuable extras to make the product better. The trick to make money using custom manufacturing is to add value to each product. You can simply add a certain offer or a bonus that costs you almost nothing, while bumping up the original price by over 50%. By adding something extra to a certain product, you can set yourself apart from your competitors. Even if this might be a little intimidating because you think you might have to pay a little more for your product, the end result is hugely in your favor.

Amazing Selling Machine & Affiliate Marketing

The most amazing thing is that this Amazing Selling Machine by Matt Clark  has nothing to do with affiliate marketing. This means it does not matter whether you live in the US or anywhere else in the world, because you will be able to fully capitalize on the benefits offered by By implementing what you read in this Amazon Selling Machine review, you can earn up to 70% more by selling physical products. This is a very rare opportunity where you can tap into this amazing money machine and start taking control of your life!

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