How Much Does Amazing Selling Machine Cost In 2017?

by admin on April 3, 2015

Amazing Selling Machine Cost – Is It Disappointing To See The Price?

Are there any affordable ASM alternatives that DOESN’T cost $3997, and your first-born child?

Well, some claim that “Proven Amazon Course” does the same thing as ASM.
But does it really?

Most folks who say that Amazing Selling Machine is too expensive are PAC affiliates have no clue about what Amazing Selling Machine is about and how successful ASM students are. I saw the forum post this morning. It goes like this:

“Amazing Selling Machine is going to cost you $3,500!!! This is way too much. Especially if they don’t offer a money back guarantee. I was going to buy if the product was going to be $1,000 or so like their last product. But there is no WAY most people can come up with that much cash (also to top it off, the offer opens March 12, 2013 and closes on March 18, 2013. Guess I could sell my car, then use the money to buy this thing! LOL! Just cause they are raking in the cash, it’s like money is no object. I am just really upset about this. For days and days I have been waiting for them to come out and actually say how much the product was, I check ,my email inbox like every hour. Only to find out on some other website the astronomical cost. UGH ;-/

Well, first of all, the cost for ASM 2015 is going to be $4,997, not $3,997, and you can keep your first-born. Secondly, ASM offer a generous ‘no question asked’ money back guarantee. In other words, it’s idiot-proof.

The New price for ASM 8 in 2017 is $3,997.00


We need to compare Apples to Apples – not the phones, the fruit. Can we really compare Amazing Selling Machine to Proven Amazon Course? Does Sir Richard Brunson AND Robert Kiyosaki come to their seminar too? You would have a better chance stapling Jell-O to a waterfall.

The revenue produced by ASM students is $150 million a month. But what about Proven Amazon course? There is a reason you don’t hear that often.

Just because the price for the course is cheaper does not necessarily make it a better buy.

Personally, I would like to learn this business from the best of the best even if I have to pay little more, rather than learn from the inferior course that doesn’t make you money. Does that make me a monetary racist?

To me, it’s not just a $100 loss to buy Proven Amazon Course, but you’ll be wasting time and potential income that you could have earned.

If you are truly serious about learning how to sell on Amazon, there’s nothing better than Matt Clark’s Amazing Selling Machine. And yes, it does come with the idiot-proof 30-day money back guarantee.


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