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Hey friends,

Would you enjoy being among an exclusive group of successful, wealthy, happy Amazon sellers?

Don’t you think it’s finally time to stop living the way that you are…and start living the way you want without a boss, commute, or pressures of having less income than you’d like?

…If you answered yes to those questions, you need to drop all distractions and take just a few minutes of your time to read this entire page. It will literally change your life, just like it has for dozens of other savvy people just like you. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Please, take a second to breathe this in because you’ll one day look back on this very moment and be forever grateful for having discovered this page when you did.

Here’s a taste of what you’re about to discover

  • The 24 Money-Maximizing Bonuses that nearly force you to succeed with ASM (these are ONLY available on this page, you won’t find them anywhere else)
  • My very own secret to go from struggling, fed up, and ready to quit…to making $24,754 per month with just ONE single product (I wish I would have found this years ago!)
  • The simple tricks that’ll take you from wherever you are (corporate slave, business owner, stay-at-home parent, college dropout, etc.) to living your dream life in 12 months or less
  • So much more…

Before I dive in and share this incredible opportunity with you, I need to warn you that if you’re even THINKING about buying the ASM course …there’s something you NEED to know before spending one single penny;

Let me explain something to you…

You can buy the ASM course directly from the guys over at, sure.

However, what you won’t get from any of them are the “Fast Track To Success ” tools and bonuses that you’ll discover below. There’s nothing like this anywhere else, I guarantee it.

I have personally, and quite painstakingly, put together my very own tools, secrets, and resources that I personally use to generate five-figure profits each MONTH with my own Amazon business.

Why? It’s quite simple; I have had a great success with my Amazon business and it’s time to give back.  Now I want to help fellow hard-working folks just like you.

You see, I’m not in this to get rich and famous. If I was, I would just focus all my energy on my own thriving Amazon business and ‘rinse and repeat’ everything I’ve done before.

But, that’s not what really motivates me and gets me out of bed in the morning.

Instead, hearing my students say things like, “Thank you so much for all of your support!  I’m so glad I joined through you, because I would have never gotten the personal attention that you have given me. Now as a result, within a few weeks, I’m making over $5000. I’m so excited!”

That is why I’m sharing my secrets. That is the reason I’m offering these bonuses to you.


Skyrocket Your Success


The #1 ASM Bonus Package Ever Created!

With these bonuses, you CAN have your own highly profitable Amazon business…and you can start the process as soon as TODAY. Here’s what you’ll be getting:

Module 1: Finding the PERFECT Products…Your 3 Essential Software Tools to Find Red-Hot Products & Niches LONG Before Your Competitors (Could easily make you thousands more per product)

ASM Bonus #1

Amazon Profit Finder ($497 Value)

Find products that won’t cost you a fortune to start out with, aren’t already saturated with competitors, and can quickly rank on Amazon and get sales coming in immediately.

  • Pick the right products that can get launched to page 1 after just a few days and a few sales from your family or friends.
  • Weed out the products that aren’t highly profitable and spend your time/energy on the ones that will have huge profit margins.
  • See the estimated sale amount you’ll be making, find your suppliers in one click, and even forecast exactly what your costs will be instantly. NO other software does this for you as accurately! You won’t find this bonus anywhere else.
  • Don’t settle for making just 5-6 figures per year…make 7+ with this powerful, untapped software that is exclusive to YOU as a buyer of my bonus.

The process of finding the correct product to promote is critical.  So how do you find the right product? You use the Amazing Profit Finder. Here’s what it does:

ASM Bonus #2

Amazing Product Validator ($497)

  • NOT your typical conventional ‘Amazon product finder’ software…this automatically checks Amazon’s search volumes, analyzes supply and demand, and even compares this against your potential competition.
  • Take the guessing out of finding niches, don’t waste money on blind guessing, and limit your risk –this keeps more of your money where it belongs, in your pocket!
  • Allow this powerful software to automatically calculate the most profitable products that you can confidently sell on Amazon. You’ll even be given a suggested price to sell at to maximize your profits.
  • There’s truly nothing like this anywhere else; don’t miss it!

ASM Bonus #3

Amazon FreshKey Analyzer Spy software ($49.95 Value)


  • Internet mastermind Ryan Deiss’ famous keyword ‘spy software’ that’ll instantly spit out the most profitable keywords from not just Amazon but also Google & Bing.
  • Instantly tap into the latest Google trends so you can find unexploited, red-hot markets.
  • Double and triple check to make sure your product isn’t headed into the next dying market (could save you literally thousands of dollars and tons of hassle).
Module 2: Securing Your Inventory Quickly & Efficiently…My 3 Secret Tricks to Finding the Best Suppliers, Negotiating the Best Deals, and Getting Your Products to Amazon Quickly (You’ll thank me for this later)

ASM Bonus #4

A Copy of Perry Belcher’s “How to Import from China Using O.P.M. -Other People’s Money” (Priceless!)

importing exporting book

  • Discover the secrets and strategies of the famous import-export expert Perry Belcher
  • Master the unique, proven trick that allows you to get your product from.
  • China using other people’s money –I’m not kidding it actually works!
  • Not able to buy tons of inventory in high volumes? Build your Amazon business quickly and efficiently with Perry’s secret methods…and don’t put a dime of your own money on the line.
  • Perry isn’t some ‘Teacher but not doer’, his business is going to hit $100 million this year following this simple formula…don’t miss it!

ASM Bonus #5

My Own Rolodex of ‘Top Secret’ Health Suppliers ($197 Value)

rolodex top secret health suppliers

  • Cash-in on my 15 years of experience as a health expert in retail distribution within the health/vitamin market (one of the most highly profitable markets in the world!).
  • I have been collecting the who’s who in this field and where to get red-hot, untapped QUALITY products from the most reliable sources at fantastic prices.
  • You will NEVER find any of this information anywhere else because I have personally built this with my years of relationships with suppliers in my past job and by going to the Health Expo every year.
  • There’s literally nothing else like this on the planet; this alone could be your ticket to insane success.

ASM Bonus #6

My Proven Supplier Negotiation Tactics That’ll Increase Your Profits Up To 30% ($97 Value)

supplier negotiation

  • Take out the fear, guessing, and uncertainty when dealing with Chinese suppliers. It’s SUPER simple to work with them, I’ll show you.
  • Want to secure a 10, 20, or even 30% discount on your product without offending them or blowing the deal? I’ve got the secret trick that I use that works EVERY time…and you’ll be able to master it in 15 minutes or less.
  • Save thousands of dollars over time by negotiating like a pro; this will pay for itself many times over.
Module 3: Setting Up Your Listings…The 3 Best Resources To Get Your Listing Set Up So It Becomes A Sales-Dispensing Machine (I Wish I Would Have Found These Years Ago)

ASM Bonus #7

How to Write Your Own ‘Killer’, Sales-Maximized Product Listing from Top to Bottom (Priceless)

Amzon Product Description

  • I KNOW this is the best book on writing your Amazon listings ever created.
  • You’ll become an expert writer (even if you hate writing) and will pump out the most sales-maximized title, bullet points, and description possible.
  • Attract more organic traffic, max out your conversion rate, and maximize your sales –this will easily pay for the whole bonus and then some.
  • This is likely the most important aspect to separate you from the other sellers and will be the difference between making just $100 per day and $1,000 per day.

I wish I would have known about her long ago! You’ll find out who after you’ve completed your purchase.

ASM Bonus #8

Name Branding by a Professional ($197 Value)

brand building

  • My professional brand naming expert will give you the best, most professional name for your business that’ll instantly give you the edge over 90% of your competition.
  • Snag up a catchy, well thought out name that gives your brand the professionalism and differentiation it needs for long-term success.
  • Instantly position your brand above all with the authority brand you’ll have created for you –you won’t have to lift a finger.

ASM Bonus #9

Professional, Quality Logo Design Done-For-You ($300 Value)

logo design

  • Give your product the differentiation and face it needs for success!
  • This isn’t a quality logo from some kid in their basement…this is the real deal.
  • You’ll have your own impressive, beautiful logo that’ll make your product and brand come to life and be recognized by customers to maximize your repeat business.

ASM Bonus #10

Professionalism-Maximizing Product Images Done-For-You ($50 Value)

product images

  • Take the stress and hassle out of one of the most difficult and frustrating tasks –product images.
  • Maximize your conversions and appeal with these well planned, stunning product images laid out in an order that makes your listing the best it can possibly be.
  • Snag up those impulsive buyers and reduce your ad costs with your own high-converting images!
Module 4: Launching Your Product The Right Way…The 7 Easiest & Most Cost Effective Ways To Get Traffic To Your Listing & Start Selling Right Now (Creating Buzz Without You Lifting A Finger)

ASM Bonus #11

High Quality Press Release Content Done-For-You ($200 Value)

Press Release

  • Take advantage of the most powerful and scalable tool to spread the word about your product quickly.
  • Succeed where many people fail because this press release writer uses a proven, specific formula to create newsworthy content to spread your product launch like wildfire.
  • Have exclusive access to my very own writer up to 3 times!

ASM Bonus #12

High-Traffic Press Release Distribution Done-For-You ($200 Value)

press release distribution

  • You’ll have your on-fire press release sent out to 45 of the most famous, news-spreading sites guaranteed.
  • Gain traction and start a frenzy of buzz about your new product without lifting a finger…you just sit back and watch the traffic come in!

ASM Bonus #13

Ultra-High Quality, Stunning Video Done-For-You ($250 Value)

stunning video

  • This isn’t that 5 minute computer voiceover video…this is the real deal. You’ll have a stunning, irresistible video that perfectly portrays your product as the solution to a burning problem – maximizing the likelihood that your viewers will become customers.
  • Your video will be highly engaging and targeted specifically to those who are predisposed to buying your product – increasing the likelihood that they’ll buy from you without a ton of ‘hard selling’.

ASM Bonus #14

‘Viral-Bound’ Video Distribution Done-For-You ($200 Value)

video distribution

  • Think publishing to YouTube is enough to get noticed anymore? Think again… You’ll get instant distribution to hundreds of other popular sites (like Dailymotion and Vimeo) that’ll help you gain popularity and get shared more and more on social media.
  • Don’t settle for outdated tactics that worked back then but don’t now; take claim to the best video distribution to put your video to use!

ASM Bonus #15

‘Blast Your Sales’ Campaign To Launch You From The Bottom To Selling Consistently, Done-For-You ($300 Value)

blast your sales

  • After spending thousands of dollars and countless hours in private, closed-door mastermind groups…I’ve discovered that they all have one thing in common: they know how to manipulate Amazon’s algorithm and ranking to maximize sales quickly.
  • Discover these masterminds’ secret tactic to blast your launch campaign from zero to profit in right around a week.
  • Get a FREE blast to spike your ranking and sales using this proven, undiscovered-and-highly-protected secret.

ASM Bonus #16

Share Worthy, Social Marketing Facebook Fan Page Done-For-You ($200 Value)

facebook fanfage

  • Save yourself the time and the hassle of building your Facebook fan page…let the expert do it for you the right way!
  • Don’t just set up a boring page that won’t generate any traffic or create any buzz…have your page set up with the perfect description, the most beautiful cover, and share-worthy avatar.
Module 5: Going From Zero To Hero…How To Get As Many 5-Star, Sales-And-Ranking-Boosting Reviews As Humanly Possible And As Fast As You Possibly Can (Without Risking Your Account or Using ‘Shady’ Tactics)

ASM Bonus #17

The Crazy-Simple Trick To Getting 5-Star Reviews, Every Day –And Works From Anywhere In The World! ($97 Value)

amazon automatic review secrets

  • You already know how critical reviews are to your success. With this trick, you won’t find yourself struggling to get 5-star reviews…you’ll have an automatic system that does the work for you.
  • Even if you live outside the US, these reviews will come from legitimate US accounts and will propel your listings to the top quickly.
  • Build up as many as 30-50 reviews from your first week! There’s nothing like this anywhere else.

ASM Bonus #18

Proven, Sales-Boosting 5-Star Review Script ($97 Value)

5 stars review

  • Instantly double, triple, or even quadruple your organic 5-star reviews with this proven script! Best of all, it does the work for you!
  • I twisted the arms of many ASM sellers to find out exactly what they were writing in their email follow-ups and discovered the ‘secret’ formula and am passing it along to you…don’t tell them I’m giving you this!
Module 6: Personal, 1-On-1 ‘Force You To Succeed’ Attention & Mentorship…Get ALL Of Your Qauestions Answered AND Get 1-On-1 Coaching By Me, A PROVEN Amazon Selling Expert (You Won’t Find This With Any Other Bonus)

ASM Bonus #19

Get ALL Of Your Questions Answered By Me In 24-48 Hours Or Less ($497 Value)

questions answered

  • I will personally take you by the hand and walk the journey with you to success. I am available via email to answer ALL of your questions. Remember, I’ve been there and done it.
  • Claim the extra assurance that you’ll have an expert on your side doing everything he can to help you succeed. You will NEVER get this kind of personal attention from other ASM affiliates, they simply don’t have the time.
  • I routinely get emails from customers thanking me for the personal support, or saying that they regret joining from a BIG affiliate who doesn’t offer personal support. This is ideal for those who may not be the most tech-savvy.

ASM Bonus #20

1-On-1 Personal Coaching With An Expert: Pick My Brain & Cash-In on My Proven Secrets ($497 Value)

1-on-1 personal coaching

  • This is NOT group coaching, it’s private, 1-on-1 coaching with me where I’ll personally be there for you every step of the way. This is my ‘Jump in and enjoy my success’ program.
  • Receive up to 5 coaching calls to propel yourself to success.
  • When is the last time you had an opportunity to meet with a six figure marketer privately and uncover their secrets to success?
Module 7: The Top 2 Online Tools That Will Propel You To Success Fast…Get 2 Months Free & Start Building Your Business The Right Way (You Can’t Pass This Up)

ASM Bonus #21 To Fine-Tune Your Products, Niches, & Keywords ($60 Value, You Get 2 Months FREE)

  • This is an absolute must-have for any serious Amazon seller. Instantly and accurately estimate Amazon search volume so you know how many sales to expect from particular searches.
  • Uncover unused keywords and drive even more traffic to your listings without spending a dime more.

ASM Bonus #22 To Take Your Amazon Business To The Next Level ($60 Value, You Get 2 Months FREE)

  • This secret tool is used by many of the top ASMers that unlocks a suite of must-have Amazon seller tools.
  • Tap into the ultra-powerful toolkit that’ll take your business to the next level for FREE for 2 months.

Buy Amazing Selling Machine Bonus Now!

Here’s why you absolutely cannot pass this up:

You can get ALL of my own personal tools & resources that have propelled me to a quarter million dollars in annual income…for a fraction of what you’d pay on your own. No more guessing or trusting that the other affiliates will make good on their wild, outrageous promises.

You can achieve your own success much faster than doing this on your own or with other bonuses. I have put together the ONLY bonus package that has been painstakingly tested and proven by me…not some list of random software tools that I don’t use. Everything in this package is 100% trusted and used by me.

You can enjoy working on a stress-free, lucrative business with a pro walking along your journey with you. Not only do you get access to my own private tools and secrets, you’ll also get me as a resource to almost force you to find your success. This is something you won’t find anywhere else.

You can finally have the income you’ve always wanted to pay off debts and put away for retirement (and have some spending money along the way!). Wouldn’t it be nice to have double or triple the income than what you have now? What’s stopping you? If I did it, you can too.

You can ditch that job, boss, commute, and stressful lifestyle for good. I mean it. One of the best feelings you’ll ever feel is waking up in the morning knowing that YOU determine how your day will go. Don’t like to commute? Work from home. Not a morning person? Work at night when you want to. Have a family event going on? Head out early and don’t worry about never hearing the end of it from your boss. You truly are in control of your life and it feels darn good.

You can claim the most trustworthy, valuable ASM bonus in the world from the most genuine ASM mastermind on the planet. I mean it when I say I’m the most trustworthy person you may ever meet. I have put countless hours into putting this together for you –you won’t be disappointed!

You can love the freedom of being your own boss, setting your own schedule, and spending time doing the things you love. Ready to finally do what you want when you want? You really can. Find out what you’ve been missing out on.

You will build a legitimate, tangible business that will be around for years and that won’t fade out. This isn’t one of those ‘Get rich’ internet schemes. This is a legitimate, lucrative business that holds value and becomes an asset that won’t go anywhere.

Your life will finally have the clarity and peace of mind knowing you’re in charge of your life and everything will work itself out. Ready for the feeling of comfort knowing you’ll be financially stable and secure? There’s no better feeling, trust me.

…So, if you’re like me and are ready to take back control of your routine and enjoy the life-changing opportunity that ASM has to offer…then this is definitely for you.

Buy Amazing Selling Machine Bonus Now!

…That’s like getting $4993.89 worth of sales-boosting tools, resources, and exclusive bonuses for FREE!

And…if that isn’t enough…I’m going to throw in a special little secret bonus that I have never revealed to ANYONE before to you via email…for FREE! 

…You’ll have to find out what that is on the other side. You don’t want to miss all this.

Plus, this purchase is backed by a 100% money back guarantee. So, you really can’t lose!

Amazing Selling Machine 30 days money back guarantee

So just remember…
This isn’t a purchase, it’s an investment.

An investment in yourself to finally get your life to an enjoyable, stress-free lifestyle that allows you to live the way YOU want.

Just make sure you take action right now.

You don’t want to look back a few weeks later and wish you would have done something today… wishing how your life could have been transformed.

So, go ahead. It really is your turn to become ASM’s next success story…my bonuses get you there that much faster.

  • YES Nick!I want to try ASM and your bonuses absolutely risk free! I qualify for the 100% risk free offer, plus ALL of the above exclusive bonuses ($4993.89 Value), AND get a chance to work 1-on-1 with you (an Amazon selling expert) if I claim this today. If I give it a try and don’t like it, I can get a FULL refund within 30 days.
  • YES Nick!I understand that I will be getting my hands on the #1 ASM bonus on the entire planet that’s literally revolutionizing the way people sell on Amazon and is propelling them to success faster than any other program. I am ready to experience this for myself!
  • YES Nick!I understand that my request will be processed on a totally secure server, and, once it is processed, I will have access to EVERYTHING and start my journey to living my new lifestyle in just minutes!
  • YES Nick!I know that by taking action today, I only pay the $5,000 ASM5 fee. There are no renewals, no recurring fees, and no other charges. This is a 1-time offer and I’m getting $9,993.89 worth of value. I cannot receive this anywhere else and if I leave it may be gone for good.
  • YES Nick!I’m ready to stop dealing with living life the way I am and am ready to take back control –starting NOW!
  • YES Nick!I understand that there are only 5 spots available and I must claim this NOW to reserve my spot. If I wait it may be full and this opportunity will be gone forever.

It’s Time…

The timing could NOT be more perfect. Don’t pass up this very special opportunity!

The #1 ASM Bonus

Your Ticket to a Life Free from a Commute, Boss, and Financial Insecurity!

It’s Your Time to Try this Complete, Proven, Easy-to-Use System


Here's what you get

  • The FULL 8-week program designed to quickly build you a profitable business selling REAL products on Amazon to REAL people who buy them every day
  • 8 weekly LIVE group coaching calls to make sure you’re on-track and building your amazing business and are on-track to living your dream lifestyle
  • Lifetime membership to the world’s most elite community of entrepreneurs doing this business model to interact, grow, and partner with for incredibly fast and lucrative results
  • Access to the 7 proprietary tools Matt & Jason spent over $175,000 to create that build and grow your business AUTOMATICALLY
  • Exclusive admission to the private, members-only 3-day Amazing Selling Machine Workshop Event


It’s time you start living life the way you should be. My ASM Bonus is your answer, and it’s time to prove it. Give it a try at absolutely no risk to you. If you try it and it hasn’t given you noticeable results, tell me within 30 days for a 100% refund. 

I am going to do everything in my power to make sure you succeed with ASM. This business has changed the lives of myself, my friends, and my family and I know that it can do the same for you.

I absolutely refuse to overwhelm you with over-the-top bonuses or hyped up promises. My ONLY goal is for you to have success with ASM…and that’s why I have spent the last year lining up the tools and resources to make sure you succeed.


I know you want to buy Amazing Selling Machine. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t still be on this page. What you’re trying to do right now is decide if you should buy through my link or someone else’s.

Tell you what…

Ask yourself this question…

What kind of person am I?

Not the person you pretend to be when other people are around, but who you are at the core of your soul?

Are you the kind of person who follows the crowd because you feel more secure doing what everyone else is doing even if you won’t get the same results?

Or, are you the kind of person who is a maverick, an innovator, and an independent thinker?

Are you someone who wants the freedom of making their own decisions as well as the acceptance and safety of aligning yourself with those who think like you do?

Draw a line in the sand. Make your decision.

I know that you’re an individualist at heart. And you do, too.

I don’t need to tell you to make the decision that you know you should make.

Buy ASM through my link. Join my team of free spirits who are prepared to live life on their own terms. I promise if you do that your life will NEVER be the same.

Don’t wait around for something to happen, your answer is right in front of you.

I’ll be there every step of the way on your journey. See you on the other side.

To Living Life YOUR Way,

Nick Sasaki

Nick Sasaki
ASM Success Story, Coach & Mentor to Aspiring ASM’ers

P.S. Remember, this generous $9,993.89 $5,000 offer is ONLY guaranteed as you read this. Claim your spot now while everything is in front of you (and it’s not sold out) to experience this for yourself!

P.P.S. I believe with everything in my heart that this system truly works. If my students didn’t have crazy success just like me, this wouldn’t exist. Please take my sincere word that this is an investment that you won’t regret.


You must ACT really fast in order to claim our ASM Bonus packages. There are only 5 spots left and we may pull this bonus at anytime. To claim your bonuses, please follow these simple instructions:

STEP 1: Clear Your Cookies.

STEP 2: Order Amazing Selling Machines through this link :Amazing Selling Machine 7

STEP 3: Email your receipt to nicksasakibonus @ with the SUBJECT LINE: Amazing Selling Machine Bonuses. You will be receiving a confirmation within 24 hours of your email.

Nick Sasaki
Samurai Marketing LLC



{ 15 comments… read them below or add one }

Janiera Eldridge April 2, 2015 at 8:30 pm

Really hope this isn't one of those get rich quick scams. ;) It really doesn't seem like it as I've heard people making good money using this method before. It sounds like a really good model for making money this way. I wonder though do you offer any trial with your package so I could see if it truly works?


Geanie Marie April 2, 2015 at 9:50 pm

Did you say this opportunity comes and goes? How do I know when it opens up again? This kind of sounds too good to be true, but I've read some good reviews and it sounds legit. I hate to sound like a paid advertisement but . . . how can I learn more?


Nick Sasaki April 2, 2015 at 10:04 pm

ASM comes with 30 days money back guarantee, so if you're not happy with it, you will get 100% money back right away.


Kelly Sheldrick April 3, 2015 at 2:01 am

How long are doors open for? What is the cap on new members? It sounds very tempting, but I do have my doubts. I guess I'll have to give it a try and find out. The 30 day money back guarantee definitely makes me feel more secure.


Nick Sasaki April 3, 2015 at 2:15 am

Hi Kelly, the registration for ASM5 starts on April 22 and closes on April 30th. I think they're expecting about 5000-8000 new members this time. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain!


Elizabeth Griffin April 4, 2015 at 4:40 pm

It's awesome to see a guarantee behind something like this from someone who has actually made money using a program. I am going to give the ASM free trial a go, and it is my hope that I will be able to see some profits using your ASM Bonus. Then I'll be able to validate any reasoning that I have if/when I go for the full membership. Thank you.


Audrey Innerst April 4, 2015 at 8:43 pm

I am really glad I found out about the Amazon Selling Machine, so thanks for posting it! I have tried to make money online before, but nothing really worked. This seems like a really good plan. These bonuses would be great, especially that your copywriter gives his first gig for free!! I will definitely keep looking into this!


Kemi Ayeni April 17, 2015 at 11:08 am

Fantastic is the word to describe this software. Also looking at all the bonuses you have on offer is mind blowing. Good job man!


Nick Sasaki April 19, 2015 at 6:47 pm

Thanks Kemi. Trying hard to give you the best ASM bonus :-) I'm developing a new software right now and it's going to be even better. You deserve the best.


Vernell Rolle April 22, 2015 at 2:58 pm

this is a great business . great products . am thinking about it I wish you the best. may god bless.


Suman Das April 22, 2015 at 3:34 pm

Hi Nick! I read all the way from beginning to End. It's a revolutionary and a life changing ASM bonuses by you. I have read all your post and email last year. I was so repent I could not get entrance to ASM. Hope this year.


Suman Das April 22, 2015 at 3:36 pm

Hi Nick! I read all the way from beginning to End. It's a revolutionary and a life changing ASM bonuses by you. I have read all your post and email last year. I was so repent that I could not get entrance to ASM. Hope this year. Thank you so much for great resources :)


Nick Sasaki April 22, 2015 at 9:56 pm

Hi Suman, Thank you. I hope you can join ASM this time. I heard again today that this is the last one. Good luck!


Nick Sasaki April 22, 2015 at 9:58 pm

Thank you. It's definitely not for everybody, but I hope you can join ASM this time!


Suman Das April 22, 2015 at 10:31 pm

Nick Sasaki Thank you Nick. See you soon :)