Amazing Selling Machine 6 – It’s Official!

by admin on August 14, 2015

 Amazing Selling Machine Six


Alright, it’s time to break the silence…

In less than 5 days… it’s going to be the biggest, record-breaking ASM launch EVER.

Starting Tuesday, September 29th, 2015, they’ll be kicking off the sixth official launch of Amazing Selling Machine!

But this time it’s different. Over the past two years, they have beefed up their team, including adding a Director of E-Learning, an analytics expert, and more software engineers than you could imagine. All this brain power has allowed them to learn exactly where ASM members succeed and where they struggle. In this brand new release of Amazing Selling Machine, they have ramped up the speed and results for new ASM members. This is like nothing anyone has ever seen before. They’re probably the first company in history who is using data to help people build wildly successful businesses at this level.

Here are some of new features in ASM 6:

1. China Sourcing & Logistics: This is going to help you find the best sourcing options, clearer understanding of dealing with China and learn ways to get improved product options so you can make a better product then your competition.

2. Setting up a Shopify Store: This full module is going to teach you everything you need to know about setting up your primary e-commerce store with your first product. Getting going beyond Amazon, is not just a good idea… its the right thing to do to expand your physical products’ empire.

3. EU Expansion: This also is a full module, that will give you all the in’s and out’s of expanding into selling in the UK and EU. You will learn how to do it properly and this covers tax, business structure and so much more. Once you are starting to get good momentum on .com, the easiest way to multiply your revenue is global expansion, but you need to do it right. They got you covered!

4. Patent, Trademark, Copyright and Corp Set Up: This too is another full module that is going to give you all the info you need for not only ensuring you are clear on what to look for when starting out, but also how these systems can be leveraged to protect, expand and add HUGE value to your business.

5. More Traffic Strategies: You want more sales, then send more traffic to your listing. They are adding lots of good material that will help you get more traffic, so you can get more results!

…and that is not all, but with all these brand-new additions, the training is being expanded from eight modules to 12 and while any new member who wants to join when they open the doors will have to pay considerably more than you all did, you get these additions for free.

You will LOVE the brand new content and it’s amazing opportunity. They treat members like gold AND get results. It is ASM’s mission to give people freedom in this world through entrepreneurship.

ASM only opens up from Oct 7-15th this year.  Click here so you don’t miss this golden opportunity!



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Jacky Vincent September 23, 2015 at 3:29 pm

I purchased ASM3 and the learnings have been utterly invaluable in taking my very part time UK Amazon business from £500 per month to £10000 per month…well worth the investment, thank you!


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