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by admin on March 27, 2015

Amazing Selling Machine 5 – The New and Improved

Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback structured the previous Amazing Selling Machine offer package, the “Builder’s Kit”, over two years ago and didn’t change it much over four launches that produced nearly $50MM in sales.

Based off experience, in-depth conversations with students, and brainstorming with top affiliates, they’ve refreshed the offer to make it tighter, more compelling, and easier to understand to help increase conversions (and student results).

They’ve broken the new ASM5 offer down into four components, the “Four T’s”:

ASM5 Component #1: Training

The first and primary component of the new Amazing Selling Machine is the training. This is the brand new eight-week online web class.

For the first time since releasing ASM back in early 2013, they’ve completely redone the entire training from the ground up (there isn’t a single old lesson that is in the new web class).

They’ve spent months working with an Advisory Board of ASM members doing a total of more than $1.2MM per month in sales RIGHT NOW on Amazon to create the new ASM web class.

The new web class is built to get ASM members results as fast as possible. In the past, the course ramped up relatively slowly in the first two modules, then got really heavy and time-consuming in module 3.

Now, They have balanced the workload to get members taking the right actions to grow their business when their motivation is at its highest (right at the beginning).

Also, the new web class includes the newest, most cutting-edge strategies and tactics for increasing sales. This stuff is brand new and is working better than ever for anyone selling on Amazon :)

Here’s a quick rundown of the new module structure:

  • Welcome Module: Welcomes new members to Amazing Selling Machine
  • Module 1: Getting Set Up and Finding Hot Product Opportunities
  • Module 2: Choosing Your Product and Finding Suppliers
  • Module 3: Amazon Listing Setup and Your First Inventory Order
  • Module 4: The Listing Jump Start System
  • Module 5: The Listing Launch Formula 2.0
  • Module 6: Seller Operations and Brand Enhancement
  • Module 7: The Ultimate Sales Accelerator
  • Module 8: Outsourcing and Scaling

When ASM members join during the April 2015 launch, they get access to the Welcome module immediately. Then, members get started with Module 1 the very next day (Friday, May 1st). This minimizes the waiting around time for new members and gets them started building momentum as quickly as possible.

Amazing Selling Machine 5 Component #2: Technology

The second component of the new Amazing Selling Machine is the Technology Suite. This includes multiple software tools, including many of the ones already available with ASM.

One of the biggest differences this time is that they have completely re-built the email tool, now called ActiveLoop. It’s faster, more stable, and we’re about to roll out a Phase 2 of this new tool with lots of cool new features.
They’re also rebuilding all the other tools right now, improving the user interface and functionality of each tool.
Additionally, they’re working on a special new tool that we can’t reveal just yet (don’t want to promise it until it’s ready), but new members will get complimentary access and will absolutely LOVE what the new tool does to help manage and grow a business selling on Amazon.

ASM5 Component #3: The Community

The third component of Amazing Selling Machine has been and still is the community – but there’s something different this time…

Starting about four months ago, our development team began building a brand new, completely custom private community for our members. Our goal was to create a new community that combines the best of our forum and the Facebook group, but better.

They have built the most active online community of entrepreneurs building businesses with Amazon with ASM. Now it’s about to get even better :)

Starting next month, they’re releasing the brand new community to both existing ASM members and new members who join during the launch.

This community is fast, easy-to-use, and built specifically for our courses. It’s going to help members build their businesses faster because of the ease of access to cutting-edge information and better communication with other members.

Plus, shortly after, in May, they’re releasing5 a native iOS (Apple) and Android app that members can download to have the community within thumb’s reach at all times!

ASM5 Component #4: Team

The fourth component of Amazing Selling Machine is something They have never fully emphasized appropriately in the marketing process.

When we first released ASM in 2013, a group of incredible individuals began to emerge as leaders in the online community. They later gave these members a title, the ASM Mentors.

This group of highly successful ASMers is active in the community every single day, helping people one-on-one.

They have since built more structure with the ASM Mentors group to guarantee it continues providing its incredible value to the ASM community.

As I’m sure you know, building a new business can be a lonely journey, filled with fear and uncertainty. The ASM Mentors and our support team help minimize this for new members.

ASM launch starts on April 13th, 2015.


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