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ASM5 – The 800lb. Gorilla Gets BIGGER


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This company is worth ten times what it was ten years ago.

This company just produced over $88 billion in revenue last year (after a staggering nearly 20% growth from the year before).

This company just invested $2 billion in India.

What this company provides, has been around for thousands of years.

Know who I’m talking about? Take a guess…

It’s, Inc.

If you’re interested in building a successful business now and long into the future, you need to be watching this company.

When was the last time you went online shopping in a non-USA country?

How was the experience? Not so good right.

Amazon is changing all that. It dominates the USA market, and is providing this same mass-availability value to other countries around the world (including with its $2B investment in India).

Amazon is constantly pushing innovation and growth, which is why it keeps growing at nearly 20% per year, even though it’s already one of the biggest companies in the world.

Here are just a few projects Amazon is working on that could change the way the world works (again):

  • Drone package delivery (a hoax? Nope, this is a REAL project)
  • Amazon app for the brand new Apple Watch Brand new online marketplace for products created by startups
  • New store on one of China’s largest eCommerce platforms, Tmall
  • The massive force created by Amazon is converging with something else that’s been developing for years..

In the past, if you had a product idea for a physical product and wanted to create that product and sell it, it was next to impossible if you didn’t have deep, deep pockets. The time, effort, and money you’d have to spend working with manufacturing middlemen was absolutely overwhelming for most people.

Not anymore.

Now, the multi-billion dollar Chinese conglomerate, Alibaba, has nearly singlehandedly changed that forever.

You can contact great suppliers right in China from Alibaba’s website within minutes. You can literally source a product for your new business within about 10 minutes now.

Better yet, these suppliers are getting more and more experienced dealing with helping people from other countries create and offer new products. It gets easier, faster, and cheaper every single day.

I have some really exciting news about Amazon and the future of this business to share with you, but it’s not quite ready yet.

Watch your email as you do not want to miss what’s coming…

For now, to learn more about this huge opportunity, check out these articles:

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