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90 day year videos

Here are the 90 Day Year video links:

Video #1 – Entrepreneurial Success Mindset 

Video #2 – The 90 Day Achievement Engine 

Video #3 – Your 8 Phase Plan

Video #4 – The 90 Day Year 

The Eight Phases of the 90 Day Year System

It is not enough just to use a winning system for your business. You have to learn how to actually achieve your goals and reap the real benefits of using the 90 Day Year system. Using this system could prove to be an outstanding experience for you, especially as it has been specifically designed and developed to cater to the needs of the average business owner.

The 90 Day Year System – A Powerful Business Model

The 90 Day Year system is comprised of eight unique phases that form the foundation of this powerful tool. Incorporating these phases into your business can double, or even triple, your sales in just three months, while still allowing you to create systems to automate your business and help you save a great deal of precious time.

By strictly following this powerful business model, you will discover how to easily structure your day so that progress and growth are always happening. This business model is particularly effective for regular business owners who struggle with the “S.L.O.W.,” disease: Stagnant growth, Long days, missed Opportunities and Weak strategy.

Assessing Your Ability To Create And Execute Goals

Your ability to create new goals, and execute them, is greatly influenced by the number of tasks you target for completion on a daily basis. According to a group of researchers from the University of San Diego, CA, it takes twice as much time to work through two tasks at once instead of just one.

Trying to juggle more than one task simultaneously will actually create a cognitive bottleneck. No matter how much some people might boast they are good at multitasking, studies and research do not back them up. The naked truth is that the human brain is wired to focus on only one thing at any one time. As a result, too many business people suffer from, “dual task interference,” and fail to achieve the vital productivity levels needed to survive, and thrive, in the marketplace.

How Does This Apply to You?

Let’s just imagine that you have five unique goals or projects you’re working on. These could be anything from new products and new marketing campaigns to new, powerful, systems and training courses for staff. As an example, let’s assume it takes five units of time to complete each goal.

To achieve their goals, most business owners will start working on project A, only to switch to project B before project A is complete. Then something convinces them that project C is even more important, so they switch once more. This project merry-go-round might go on and on indefinitely. At the end of the day, they look back to realize they did, indeed, manage to focus on each goal, but failed to reach any of them successfully. The bottom line is zero goal completion and no results worthy of the name whatsoever.

As an entrepreneur, you are exposed to so many opportunities, an endless number of projects and goals, and, of course, many threats, every day. You have been extremely busy, and working hard, but, unfortunately, perhaps because of the factors we have just discussed, no real goals have been attained, no projects completed, and no meaningful results have been achieved.

Because of this, you question your entrepreneurial abilities, your competence as a business person. This, however, is the wrong question. You are not broken, you’re not incompetent or lacking ability. The fact is you are simply using the wrong system. By adopting and implementing the 90 Day Year system, you too can start producing real results, both in your life and business.

The power of the 90 Day Year business model lies in its coordination. The eight phases of this system are not simply a bunch of random ideas thrown together. They are the result of over 19 years of working, in private, with a number of high performing individuals, combined with neuroscientific research and change management. Used together, in one elegant framework, these eight phases produce high-level achievements and outstanding results.

Phases 1-3

The first three phases of the 90 Day Year program are part of the, “Zone of Awareness.”

  1. The Data Lens. One of the reasons people struggle to achieve anything meaningful is because they fail to get any real level of insight into their results. This lack of insight means they are compelled to continue the struggle to achieve their target. The Data Lens phase provides a unique approach to gaining these necessary insights, opening the door for you to step into the world of being a professional who knows how to make change happen.

During this phase, you will learn how to empower everyone in your company, so they too can make the changes necessary to generate long-lasting results.

  1. The Why Compressor. This phase of the 90 Day Year system is all about helping you mind your motivation. A big mistake people often make, is of having the common misconception that a deep meaning driving what you are doing is imperative for success. However, this mentality frequently causes people to stop taking action because they focus too much on finding meaning before momentum.

If you are just starting, you will discover that vision does not mean as much to your business success as people have led you to believe. However, as you scale up, vision becomes increasingly important.

  1. The Paragon of Priority. While in the first two phases you will learn to pinpoint the obstacles that might stop you dead in your tracks, this third phase will reveal how to unpack opportunities, goals, and projects on a huge scale. You will also discover how to use the big five to your advantage. These are; time, money, skills required, people power, and difficulty of execution.

Once you get this phase right, it sets you on the right track to capitalize on the many potential opportunities you will have. In turn, this will make the next phase of the 90 Day Year program have a huge impact on your future.

Phases 4-8 

The next two phases are combined into what is called, “The Zone of Performance.”

  1. Outline Outcome. Also known as the OPP frame, this is the engine behind the 90 Day Year program. In a nutshell, the outcomes and objectives become your target.
  2. Performance Based Projects. This is the phase in which you will discover the two critical forces that drive the achievement of your outcomes.
  3. Massive Action Plan. The integration of a MAP into your business creates the changes, delivers the results, and builds momentum.
  4. MAP Analysis. This two-week sprint helps you gain precious insights into the improvements needed to take your business to the next level.
  5. 75 Day Retro. If you are at all familiar with team retrospectives, this phase should be exactly what you need in order for you to thrive in your niche.

Zone of Mastery

When you have completed these eight phases, spread over a 90 day period, the 90 Day Year system takes you to the next level, which is the “Zone of Mastery.” During the next 90 days, you simply run the eight phases again and become an elite in your niche. Then you will be able to start teaching others how to use this powerful system to their advantage.
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