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How To Make Money in 2018 and Beyond

Hey hey hey!  Nick Sasaki here. I have been an Internet Marketer for over 10 years. I was making decent money – enough to splurge on vacations to different countries with my wife and five awesome kids – until a few years ago.

In the beginning, making money online was as easy as taking candy from a baby – but do not try this baby-larceny. Trust me, this is an arrestable offense. Anyway, all I had to do at that time was find good offers and use Google Adwords to advertise and sell stuff.

However, in 2011, Google decided to ban all 800,000 Adwords accounts. Most Internet Marketers were banned forever from their platform overnight. So was I. After making $70,000 a month, month after month, my profits went to ZERO! Isn’t that a swift kick in the shorts?

Since I could not advertise any longer, I tried to resurrect my business using SEO in Google. Slowly I started to make money again. I began to relax. Then, all of a sudden, the “Big G” (Google) started the “Google Dance” again… and they pulled the rug out from under me by changing their algorithms again and again. As Google continued to improve their search engine, ranking high was harder than nailing pudding to a tree.

These experiences taught me that I could not depend on Google to create a stable residual income for my business.

As an Internet Marketer, I had been thinking a lot about the following question:

What is the best way to make money online?

I knew I needed something that would work now AND for many years to come. It had to be something that did not take long to build. Something I could work on in my spare time.

I definitely was NOT interested in something that generated a low income and offered no way of escaping the rat race. I was looking to earn good money that would allow me to enjoy my lifestyle and support my family – legally of course.

Then I heard about the Amazing Selling Machine.

Amazing Selling Machine – Is This For Real?

My first thought was: “Oh yeah, great! Yet another fly-by-night scam”

Initially what caught my attention was its price tag: $4,997. I’ve bought cars for less than that! I thought, “What kind of program charges $5k in this economy?” Prices for most Internet marketing programs are going down to $27 – $37 – maybe $397, if it’s really good.

I figured this thing must be either a complete make-me-poorer scam, or a FANTASTIC product that people are desperate to buy. I watched all the ASM videos. Just like ObamaCare, it sounded too good to be true. It seemed too easy to find products and suppliers using ASM and to start making incredible sales with Amazon.

Was this for real? There was only one way to find out!

Why I Decided To Give It A Try

Matt Clark & Jason Katzenback the ASM

The basic idea of this program is that you find products that are already selling well on Amazon, private label them so you don’t have to compete, and use FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) to do the rest. No need to take an order, ship it, or even take care of a refund. This sounded so simple that even one of The Three Stooges could probably do it.

What sounded good to me was that, if I went with ASM, I wouldn’t have to do battle with Google any more. It was getting harder and harder to make money online, especially to make residual income.

Sure, I was making money with affiliate marketing. I was doing launch after launch, but each lasted one-week, and that was it. Sometimes I would prepare a website for a whole month and end up making only a few thousand dollars. Let me tell you: I really missed those big launches that snagged me $250k in a single month.

My Experience With ASM

So I decided to join the Amazing Selling Machine in October 2013. I thought it would not be a big deal, because ASM has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The first thing I noticed after joining ASM was that their private Facebook communities were like nothing I had seen before. It was like having 3,000 friends encouraging and helping you on a daily basis. Actually, you would get help in seconds! Sometimes when I had a question, I asked the Facebook ASM group and within a few moments, I would hear that familiar ping of the Facebook notification, alerting me that someone had answered the question I had asked a second ago! It was like magic. The quality of support there is overwhelming.  Normally people quit programs because they have to do everything themselves and cannot expect much help from anybody.

ASM was totally worth it. I was able to recoup my investment within the first month – and I have enjoyed double-digit sales growth ever since.

Unreal Experience With ASM

I have seen many so-called “newbies”; turn into “Jedis” overnight. For example, I know a guy who was asking how to do this and that. I do not exactly remember what he said, but to me it sounded like a “how do you hold a pen, so I can draw?” kind of question. I was surprised to see that, last month, he posted on Facebook that he was making $9,000 a month!

Another example: At the ASM live event, I met a nice Chinese woman who did not know much about Internet Marketing. It took her only two months to get her product going on Amazon with this program, and I recently noticed on Facebook that she is making $8,000 a month!

I mean, where else can you make this kind of money?

I truly believe that this is the best business model for Internet Marketers in 2016.

The Cost Of ASM – ROI Is Everything!

The only “bad” thing about ASM is that it costs $4,997.

Normally, if you ask me whether $3,497 is “too expensive” for an Internet Marketing program, I would say YES. If you were asking whether putting $3,497 towards ASM is too expensive, I would say NO – as long as you use it.

Here is the best part of the deal…

You can *TRY* ASM for THIRTY DAYS before you decide to keep it or not.

That’s right. You have a full 30 DAYS to try it for FREE if you want.

Therefore, even if you are one of those people who do not end up DOING anything, you will not be ‘out’ any money. But if you DO make money with it—like all the sharp marketers are—then I would say that $4,997 is extremely cheap.

You see, I know many ASM members who are making tens of thousands a month (see amazing PROOF below). I know of one member who is raking in $1 million a month.

You get EVERYTHING with this program. No hidden costs. It’s all about ROI: if you invest $1 and make $2, how much do you want to invest and scale? Truckloads of it, I’d say!

Amazing Selling Machine Bonus

One crucial part of joining ASM that NOBODY is talking about is that the bonus package you choose is super important.  I know you’re probably bombarded with emails about ASM from different affiliates, but if you don’t pick the right bonus package, you won’t be very successful.

There is one elite group within ASM that all the ASM members know about it.  They usually find out about this group after they have already have joined ASM and it’s too late to join their group. They have the highest rate of success and even ASM mentors PAY to join this elite group. I’m going reveal about this elite group a little later.

When ASM has annual meetings, this one group always stands out.  They’re the most enthusiastic members of all, and usually they’re very proud that they’re in this group because they’re the most successful ones.  They have some secret software that others can only dream of, and they have access to the most advanced training.  In short, they’re way ahead of everybody else.

If you’re interested in finding out the name of this group.  Just click here and I will direct you where to join them.

An Opportunity Of A Lifetime

I am so glad that I invested in ASM. This is the most solid, profitable business you can find in 2017. The sky is the limit: this is the way I feel right now. To tell you the truth, I even quit my day job because I am making more online – and I was doing pretty well at my old job. I now have the freedom that I always wanted, and I spend more time with the people I care about. I cannot even describe this feeling of freedom!

Now I can finally control my life.

ASM will be opening for only a week or so. If you miss this opportunity, you will need to wait until next year for “Class 2017.” It is also possible that they might not even open their doors again. So take action while you can.

ASM 7 Review

Join ASM 7 Now!


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The 90 Day Year™ by Todd Herman

by admin on December 1, 2017

90 Day Year Fast Action Bonuses

Todd Herman has invested over $62,400 and 23 weeks of his time just to create the bonuses for The 90 Day Year program. These incredibly valuable bonuses provide no doubt that Todd is committed to your successes.

In his video presentations, Todd offers some light education to give viewers a taste of his ability to break down the complex systems and problems that business people face. In the first video, Todd introduces people to the Next Level Business Navigator, explaining how to easily move through each of the five stages of business. He also highlights the most common pitfalls that people experience at each of these levels.

In the second video, Todd shows how the business world can be organized into just three main areas. Additionally, he reveals one of the most interesting aspects of his life’s work, a secret that has helped many entrepreneurs and world-class athletes succeed: The Performance Maxing Protocol. This 5-day approach teaches you how to perform at peak level. In the third video, Todd reveals a secret way to better structure your daily activities.

The Importance of Setting Up Goals

For obvious reasons, the very word “goals” causes many people to cringe. Most people realize that goals are important, they are afraid to set them. Goal-setting reminds them of all their failed attempts in the past. That’s a sad thing because most of these people were never given a proven model to build their goals on. Both men and women often struggle to achieve goals and fail to find a good implementation system.

Proven Results with the 90 Day Year Business Opportunity

As part of the 90 Day Year business opportunity, you will not only have a role model in Todd, who will guide you step-by-step as you set and achieve your goals.  You’ll will also learn to have more confidence in yourself and in your capacity to thrive in your niche. To top it all, you’ll be sustained in your efforts by all those regular men and women just like you and me who have managed to make a fortune and build up their own businesses.

All of the components of this program have been designed to ensure results and create an environment where people can learn to be successful. Over the years, Todd and his team have helped over 56 unique types of businesses ranging from pizza restaurants, auto repair shops and real estate agencies to fitness professionals and business consultants.

What is the 90 Day Year?

The 90 Day Year is an 8-phase cycle for achieving major goals in short bursts of focused action. The system was primarily designed to help athletes gain measurable improvements in their mental, emotional, and physical skills in a short time so they could win at upcoming tournaments or tryouts.  After seeing this system work so successfully, Todd thought of bringing it into the business world. And that’s where it all started.

The program is designed to model how the brain actually works and the attributes of high-performance individuals who achieve great things. The 90 Day Year follows a scientifically proven method of achieving continuous growth that works 100% of the time.

There is a hard way to attain success, and a proven smart way called the 90 Day Year. Before presenting the features of this program, let’s look at what the 90 Day Year business opportunity is not. It’s not about hours and hours of continuous and strenuous work. It’s not about self-help methods that were used decades ago. Lastly, it’s not about untested theories that have never worked. Instead, the program is about finding the right path to success for every individual. That’s what makes it unique – personalization and efficiency.

In this system, you’ll discover what to avoid and what to work on at each phase of your business growth. The 90 Day Year gives you a blueprint for scaling your business past each of the five stages of business evolution.

What’s Inside the 90 Day Year

What’s waiting for you right now is the 90 Day Year Playbook & Strategic Action Plan (both videos & downloads). The Phase 1, also called “Operation Unpack”, provides a step-by-step approach to clarifying why you’re preventing growth from naturally occurring. In this phase, you’ll get a clear vision of what’s working and what’s not working in your company. This knowledge is what separates the business pros from the amateurs.

The main catalyst for success in your business will be you starting the 90 Day Year training with your eyes wide open. You’ll learn how to detect mental tripwires and how to elude successfully. You’ll also learn to develop the key mindset that most entrepreneurs possess.

The second Module, or Phase 2, will be released two weeks into the program and is called the “Entrepreneurial Scorecard”. This is the ultimate guide to managing your activities and saving valuable time. The average entrepreneur can double their revenues by using this system. Some have even tripled their revenues in less than 90 days.

Module 3 is the “Prada Protocol”, which is all about simplicity.

The program’s final module is the “ROAR of High Performance”, which helps you discover how a pro approaches his day in comparison to an amateur. If you struggle with inconsistency and mental inactivity, you can use this system to pull yourself out from under heavy weight of self-criticism, judgment, and low self-esteem.

The 90 Day Year is a unique transformation & implementation program that any business professional can use to finally find business success. In addition to these modules, you also get several bonuses that will coach you toward success. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – so don’t let it pass you by!

Enroll The 90 Day Year


>>>>If you’re interested in Todd’s PERSONAL coaching program, click here to claim to the spot!<<<<<



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