eCom Success Academy

In the video case study showcased above, Adrian is talking about his $44k day, and how he managed to get from $1,000 a month to over $100,000 a month, using a turnkey platform. He owns multiple stores and is able to create new ones every other hour. His business is literally skyrocketing.

The secret behind Adrian’s success lies in his offerings. He offers only select products. Adrian does not sell a thousand different products, but instead he focuses on finding select products that are huge sellers. This has enabled him to build a $3 million brand that is continually growing.

The Core/Engine of the $44k Day

The $44k day program is entirely built on a proven, successful platform. You’ve probably already heard of it before. Shopify is the engine that runs all the $44k day campaigns, but the fuel is Facebook Ads. Combining these ads in a successful manner is called “Facebook Intelligence” and is something you will discover by diving more deeply into this program.

Keep reading to find out how you can make $44k in a single day and change your life forever.

Drop Shipping

E-commerce is done with drop shipping. You will not be using a warehouse to store your products, as with Amazon FBA. Instead, every single product is dropshipped directly to the customer by the manufacturer. You never see or touch the products. Everything regarding shipping is taken care of.

No Investment Upfront

You will never have to pay for inventory up front. Once your customers buy a product, you will only pay after your account has been credited with the sale. You can pick from tens of thousands of products to sell, all of which have been proven to sell like crazy. This means zero risk and huge profits.

Since you have no investment upfront, you gain the ability to test multiple products and boost your profits. If you want to hear more about these amazing benefits, including the no investment method and drop shipping, register for the live workshop here.


With the $40k day program you will not waste time on stuff that doesn’t work and doesn’t sell. You are always selling products that are hot and trending at the moment. This way, your profits are guaranteed. You don’t have to sell a bunch of junk that used to work in the past, but you should be focusing on what is working right now. You have to sell products that your customers are passionate about.

Just imagine that you are selling camping equipment. If you want to grow your business, there is only so much camping stuff that you can sell. Let’s say that a few years after opening your store, camping stuff is not hot anymore. At that moment, you are left with two choices: go bankrupt or be flexible and move into another niche that is hot at the moment.

The same is true when selling online. You mustn’t get stuck in just a single niche, but make use of several flexible types of products. Allow yourself the flexibility to always pivot to whatever is working right now. If whatever you are selling is fizzling out, you can start selling something else that is working. However, if you are selling a product that is evergreen and is never out of fashion, you have just found yourself a goldmine.

Here are some flex products that sell on every niche and represent a great choice of product choice when starting out with $40k Day.

Improved Focus

Another important part of the program is to focus on what really matters and to sell fewer products. It’s that simple. Put some creative ads on Facebook, force feed buyers to your page, and let the whole process do its thing. The idea is to sell fewer products but to make more money.

By having an improved focus and targeting those products that really sell, you ensure success for your business.

Go Broad or Go Home

This principle was applied by Adrian for years. His success in this program is due to applying this principle in all the aspects and facets of his business. 7-figure marketers come and ask him how he is capable of making so much money with so little effort. The secret behind Adrian’s success lies in his capacity to focus on products that don’t just fizzle out. He sells something that works, no matter what. To find out how to spot these products and leverage their potential, make sure to watch the live webinar.

Adrian has set his own business account in a very unique way that gave him the flexibility to sell anything and everything, pivoting on whatever is working at the moment, without having to flood his store with a thousand different gadgets.

A good example of a business that goes broad is Walmart. On you can buy anything from groceries and baby stuff to appliances, electronics and high-tech gadgets. Conversely, Radio Shack sells just one type of product – electronics. Radio Shack did well for a period, but then they got outstripped by Walmart or Best Buy that sold a wide range of products. Add Amazon into the equation and you’ve got yourself a winning formula.

Stores like Amazon and Walmart have that “go broad or go home” strategy, selling whatever is working right now. They have the flexibility to pivot to whatever is needed by the market. You can follow in their footsteps and sell certain products that scale and sell like crazy.

In the webinar, you will discover how to set up your store, how to create your own strategy, how to promote your products leveraging the power of Facebook Ads, and ultimately how to gain longevity, stability and security. You will also find out how Adrian started his first store one year ago and how he managed to get from $1,000 in the first month to over $100k a month in less than a year.

Get your Free Spot Now

If you are excited to find out how to turn a simple eCommerce website into a successful 7-figure business, sign up below to attend the live webinar. It is 100% free and works for everyone. Moreover, Adrian is poised to give away $5,000 in cash to a random attendee. Click here and get your spot.






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What is operation physical products?

Amazing Selling Machine vs. Operation Physical Products

Today, I have SUPER exciting news!

Are you ready?

But before I get to that in a moment, I need to tell you the BAD news first.

That is… ASM 7 won’t be available anytime soon, if at all.

The good news is that something really BIG and exciting is coming soon instead!

Let me explain.

When I joined Amazing Selling  Machine a few years ago, I joined through their official direct link because I didn’t see any cool bonuses.  Then the following year, I happened to watch a video by a guy named Jason Fladlien.

He looked like a young Steve Jobs in his early 30’s, and was talking very passionately about selling on Amazon. When I listened to more of this ex-monk/rapper, I realized that what he was saying was very profound.  I mean he was not just talking about a theory but the most practical game plan that was impossible to fail…

Then he started talking about his ASM bonus offer that we could get if we joined through his link.

In short, the bonus was so ridiculously CRAZY and no-brainer that I decided to re-join ASM just to get his bonuses.  So I paid $3,497 for first the ASM and then paid another $3,497 again just to get his bonuses because he wasn’t allowing people to just buy his bonuses.

It turned out that it was not just me who bought ASM again just to get his bonuses.  More than a hundred people bought ASM twice just to join his group called ASM Masters.   Some of the people who joined were ASM mentors who were already successfully selling on Amazon and were respected in ASM communities.

Why would I, and several ASM mentors have done such a crazy thing as buying ASM twice to join his group?

Well, you have to watch his video to find out.

Anyway, the great news is that I just found out that Jason Fladlien and Ezra Firestone are releasing their version of ASM!

Of course this was done with the permission of Matt and Jason.

So if you’ve been waiting for Amazing Selling Machine, this is a perfect time to start your Amazon business because ASM may no longer be accepting future members.

So who is teaching this brand new course?   It’s none other than Ezra Firestone.  He is one of the most successful and respected Amazon sellers out there.  He’s running an 8 figure business but still love to share and teach in a step by step, very easy to understand style.  He was also the main speaker at The ASM 10k Mastermind in Aruba that many elite ASM members attended.  Best of all, the insight for the structure and depth of this course was inspired by Jason Fladlien, so we can expect the usual top of the line content that he always delivers.

Now here’s the best part.  He is still giving away all the mind blowing bonuses that he included in the past AND brand new bonuses!  I’ve been with ASM Masters for about 3 years now and they keep on ADDING awesome, never-seen-before bonuses for free.  Their bonuses are not something that other people can easily steal the idea and re-create.  In fact, they’re about 2-3 years AHEAD of most savvy marketers.

Here are some of their jaw-dropping bonuses.

So, if you were waiting for ASM, wait no more and invest in this new course, Operation Physical Products or OPP.

Ezra Firestone OPP

It’s the BEST course for selling on Amazon on the planet, guaranteed. You’ll get just the right amount of information to make money fast, and you won’t be learning overwhelming information that you don’t actually need to make money, like some of other courses.  I’ve already gone through Module 1 of OPP and I can honestly say that I have had several Aha moments already.  Ezra shot the first part of his videos in a beautiful setting in Hawaii so you feel like you’re in the private mastermind group with him in a very relaxing resort.

In short, you’ll be getting two amazing stuff!  One is brand new, the best Amazon course on the planet called Operation Physical Products and other one is awesome community, ninja tools and training called OPP Bonus (formerly known as ASM Master Bonus that people paid additional $3,497- $4,979 to get it).

Just look at this page for more details.

If you’re serious about building your Amazon business, here’s your chance.  Be warned that this course will open only for a very short time. If you miss it,  you will kicking yourself and you have to painfully wait for 6-12 months before it opens again.

So Join OPP Now While You Can and live the life that you always dreamed of.


Join OPP Now!




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