Zipify One Click Upsell By Ezra Firestone

Ezra Firestone runs one of the biggest Shopify stores in the world. He makes over $300k a week, and around $1.2 million every single month. He is a well-known e-commerce guru who has helped thousands of marketers like you and me from all over the world, to attain financial success.

How The Heck Does He Do It?

He increases his sales from every single order on his Shopify store by “upselling”. According to the latest statistics, 49% of Disney’s revenue comes from upsells. Only half of their revenue comes from their initial ticket sale. Upselling is nothing new and it’s already been tested and proven to be successful, but how has Ezra been using it differently?

Ezra has a secret weapon called “Post-Purchase One Click Upselling”. With this wicked smart app, he has the ability to make an additional offer to his customers after they have already purchased an item, giving them the opportunity to easily add an item to their order. It’s this secret weapon that allows him to make considerably more sales per order than his competitors.

Most store owners make the mistake of giving an additional offer before the customer has checked out, which can scare the customer away and make the store owner lose the sale altogether. With Ezra’s method, you learn how to make an offer after the customer has made a purchase, so you don’t have to worry about losing any sale. This enables you to maximize the value of each order, while your customers get the most out of their deals. A good upsell is always a win-win situation.

Here’s How One Click Upsell Works.

Someone comes to your Shopify Store and they make a purchase. Immediately after the purchase, instead of being directed to a Thank You page, they are directed to a one-time offer page where you can offer a special deal on an additional product. They can say yes or no with a click of a button. If they click yes, this second product is seamlessly added to their shopping cart. If they click no, they are either taken to another offer page or to a post-purchase Thank You page.

Adding this simple tool to his checkout process has allowed Ezra to make considerably more sales per order than his competitors, and transform his shop into one of the biggest on Shopify. Every store owner Ezra has shown this tool to had the same response: “Hey Ez, can I also have this tool?”. This is how he ended up creating a personalized One Click Upsell version, a tool you can use to add upselling to your Shopify store.

This tool gives you the ability to add post-purchase one-click upsell capabilities to your Shopify store, giving you more sales, more revenue and no added hassle.

Once you are inside the tool, you will notice that you have a bunch of different options easily laid out for you. One Click Upsell is based on tagging, enabling you to create a separate upsell offer for each type of product you have. Once you click a tag, you can create a funnel to add your own offer. Choose a product right from your store, hit “Create product tag” and your upsell has just been created.

You can now edit your offer using the easy to use editor. You can monitor what this upsell page looks like in real time. You can change the page color, button text & design, discount amount and even add a video. Once you click the Preview button, you will get to see how your page looks in real time.

You have complete flexibility over the content on your upsell page. You can use your creativity to come up with unique ideas in order to spike your customers’ attention and improve your upsell results.

You can add an additional product to the funnel and label it as either an upsell or downsell. An upsell is shown if the reply was yes, and a downsell appears if the answer was negative. You can have a tree of up to three upsells and downsells on any given order process.

One of the best features that I like about Ezra’s One Click Upsell is the statistics tab, where you can easily see how many orders came through your system, how many of them said yes to the upsell, your most popular upsells, etc. You can also see how each one of your products is performing in each type of upsell.

You get access to a full help section that walks you through the process of configuring and setting up your upsells. These videos are extremely useful, especially for beginners. If you have any questions about anything, you can instantly click the message box in the lower right corner and start a conversation with Ezra’s professional team.

Also, when you order this amazing app today, Ezra is giving away some cool bonuses!  It’s called 10X profit customer email automation sequence!  The exact email sequences he used to generate millions of dollars.

Believe me, your revenue will double overnight with this app!   THIS will increase your sales, improve the satisfaction of your customers, increase customer retention and more!

My advise: WATCH THIS DEMO ( You won’ be disappointed)






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Brand Genesis by

We live in a world where out of ten businesses that hit the market, only one thrives and continues to stay strong for more than five years. To achieve success in this highly competitive business world, we need to establish what it really takes to launch a new business. Matt Clark from has something new to eliminate all the fears and doubts you have about building your own financially successful company.

The Secret to Building a Successful Business

It doesn’t matter where you live in the world, or how much experience you have, building a successful business is now, literally, at your fingertips, and within the grasp of everyone.

Obviously, there will be new skills to learn and use – after all, no one achieves anything without effort – but the good news is these skills are not hard to learn or complicated to put into practice once you know what they are and, more importantly, where to find them.

Enter Brand Genesis

One of the best online business training courses ever created, it has been specially devised to teach regular people, just like you, how to become successful entrepreneurs. This is a whole new kind of training, one where you experience, first hand, what it’s really like to build a successful business. Matt recently started to build a business from the ground up, and he recorded every single step. He named this step-by-step system, Brand Genesis.

This new business training format works like nothing ever has done before. In just the past few months, Brand Genesis has been producing thousands of dollars in sales. And thousands of people are already taking advantage of this unique business model to start and grow their very own companies exponentially.

Brand Genesis is an extremely successful business model that leverages the power and reach of the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon. Now, thanks to Brand Genesis, like thousands of other ordinary people, you can grab your own piece of the $100 billion Amazon pie. There are a number of ways to earn from Amazon, but only one has been found to be really effective in building a stable, long-lasting business. And after operating this business model for more than four years on Amazon, and helping tens of thousands of entrepreneurs to emulate his success, Matt Clark knows this method is more reliable and more sustainable than all the rest. This unique method involves simply creating your own brand.

Create Your Own Brand – The Pathway to Success

The process is deceptively simple. First, find a product that’s selling well on Amazon and arrange your own custom branding for it. Second, find a supplier who will put your brand name labelling on the product. Third, have the supplier send your product directly to Amazon. Think about that. You have no direct involvement in the process. In other words, you never have to touch a single box of inventory as Amazon receives your product from the supplier, stores it, and then takes care of shipping it to your customer for you.

Logistics are not a problem for you either, as Amazon also takes care of processing refunds, servicing your customers and providing them with more advanced services. Then, every two weeks, Amazon deposits your profits right into your bank account. To scale this business, you simply add more products to your inventory. And remember, Amazon is just your starting point. You can ultimately sell your products anywhere online or offline, and enjoy a tremendous level of success.

Matt Clark’s Experience

This model is exactly the same as the one used by Matt Clark when he started his own e-commerce business a few months ago. The only problem Matt faced was a lack of time. Running his other established business,, with lots of changes being made, was definitely a huge time eater. So he decided he would spend only one hour a day running this new, Brand Genesis, business.

Just like most of you who have a job or a company to run or a family to care for, Matt was really short of time, but he managed to start his new business and make it successful in just one hour a day. He didn’t start out with a huge inventory investment, just three products in fact, and soon hit his first hurdle as he quickly ran out of inventory. He realized he had made a mistake starting with three products and not concentrating on just the one.

Immediately changing his approach to focus on a single product, he started to experience a crazy amount of success, making profits of thousands of dollars each day. Best of all, thanks to learning from his initial error, he was able to ensure he would never run out of inventory again.

The bottom line is that Matt made his new business successful in less than three months using his predetermined business model, and working just one hour a day. And now you can succeed too.

Brand Genesis – A Proven Business Model

Brand Genesis is the simplest, most effective, business model you’ll ever find. This system will provide you with the tools and confidence you need to build a highly successful business that will change your life. It is broken down into several easily digestible episodes, each one containing a live portion of the business being built.

After each episode, you are provided with an action plan detailing the very specific steps you need to carry out to build your own business. By the end of the program, you will have a real, thriving, profitable business of your own. You can run this entire business with just a laptop and an internet connection – which means you can operate from anywhere in the world.

Matt Clark and his expert team have, to date, helped people from over 100 different countries start their own businesses using the Brand Genesis model. Brand Genesis gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your financial future is secure, and that you are in good hands. You are no longer dependent on someone else for your financial security, but on your own efforts combined with the efficiency of this unique and powerful system.

What You Get

Matt and the team behind are committed to helping you succeed. In addition to the live step-by-step training and action plans, you also get access to the private community forum. This is where you can connect with other members, discover new business opportunities, and find reliable answers to your questions.

Additionally, inside this system, you will also be offered a huge collection of discounts on the very same software tools Matt used to take his business from nothing to a highly-profitable success. You will also gain access to over 100 courses on the platform, all offering great discounts.

Change Your Life Now

Brand Genesis is a proven business model that can literally transform your life. Make a smart choice and join this program – thousands have done this before you and have experienced tremendous success.

If you are not yet convinced, Try Brand Genesis totally FREE for 30 days. There is no doubt that Brand Genesis is the single best business opportunity available – anywhere!

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